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Zimbabwe Visa

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The Zimbabwe tourist visa allows the travelers to enter into the country coming for tourism. Zimbabwe’s alluring landscapes, bizarre wildlife and the fascinating art and culture makes it the favorite destination spot of the Africa for most of the travelers across the world. One would never like to miss the chance of having the visual of the Victoria falls from Zimbabwe. Connect with us for Zimbabwe visa on arrival for Indian, Zimbabwe visa requirements, Zimbabwe visa application form, Zimbabwe visa cost, Zimbabwe visa renewal, Zimbabwe visa online.

Zimbabwe Visa Requirements

  • Original Passport [Current and Previous if applicable].
  • The Photograph must be 35 mm wide and 45 mm high. Face zoom of 70-80% is required, in white background.
  • Financials:
  • Original personal bank statements of last 06 months with sufficient balance in account with bank seal & sign.
  • Hotel Booking: Hotel Confirmation on Hotel’s Letter Head
  • Please note : Hotel’s address and phone number should be clearly mentioned on the letter head.
  • Ticket: Confirmed Air Ticket with ticket number.
  • Medical : Yellow Fever Certificate
  • Please Note : Please be informed that applicant seeking Zimbabwe short stay visa can now avail visa on arrival at the port of entry in Zimbabwe.

PS. Please contact our consultants for further details on Zimbabwe Tourist Visa.

Sanctum Consulting Zimbabwe Visa Process and Services

  • We will submit the completed and processed application to the embassy.
  • Sanctum agents will provide all information on the documents to submit as per Zimbabwe visa requirement.
  • We will provide all the required letter formats for the visa .
  • We’ll provide you with refundable/free cancellation/book now pay later hotel itinerary links for Zimbabwe visa application.
  • Same day courier*.
  • The Zimbabwe Embassy generally takes the decision within a time period of 10-15 business days. The processing time starts post the documents submitted at the respective embassy. Also, individuals can apply for the visa within 30 days from the travel date. 
  • Sanctum Processing time would be 12-16 business days.
  • We aim to provide you with the best services to ensure that you qualify and apply in a manner that results in visa approval.
  • We understand that every case is different; so we treat each case individually.
  • Same day issuance of travel insurance on actual policy cost.
  • Save Time & Effort at minimal cost.
  • Periodic Visa Updates.
  • You’re documents are safe, secure, confidential and our process is transparent!
  • Collect all essential documents and submit at embassy*.
Frequently asked questions

What is the procedure to receive a visa for Zimbabwe?
One has to apply for the visa following the procedure correctly in order to get the visa. The applicant needs to gather the requirements as per the case and submit the same at the embassy. After verifying the documents, the embassy issues the visa.

How much is the cost for the visa for Zimbabwe?
The application cost for the Zimbabwe tourist visa is about INR 2300 per individual. This is the fee for single entry. For more details, contact Sanctum consultants.

How much time I need to wait for me receive the Zimbabwe visa?
It takes about 1-2 weeks for the processing of an application. Better apply for the visa 3 weeks prior o the travel date.

Can I get a visa on arrival in Zimbabwe?
Yes, Indian nationals can get an on arrival visa in Zimbabwe, if they are planning for a short duration trip.

Are there any Vaccination certificates Required for Zimbabwe visa?
The yellow fever certificate is mandatory for the applicant to provide for the processing of his/her application for Zimbabwe tourist visa.

For what duration, is the Zimbabwe e-Visa valid for?
The visa is valid for 90 days’ maximum. It could be single entry or multiple entry visa. One has to request for the multiple entry visa if required and pay the fee accordingly.

What are the conditions that the applicant’s passport should meet for the Zimbabwe e-Visa?
The applicant’s passport should be having a validity of 6 months more from the date of applying for the visa.

How much time prior to my travel to Zimbabwe should I be applying for the visa?
It is advisable to apply for the Zimbabwe visa at least 2-3 weeks prior to the application.