UK Tourist Visa for Indian Nationals – How to Apply

Conjecturing a trip to the UK on a UK Tourist visa! Get your UK visa done to unwind yourself on a tranquil vacation. A country so beautifully hemmed with history, culture, iconic architectures and the football madness topped as a cherry on the cake, the United Kingdom makes us wonder is it for real or in our dreams. There is a lot the country can offer than people expect. Spend your vacation relaxing in the cozy countryside or a vibrant town full of travel gems to be explored. Feel the pace of local lifestyle in the traditional pubs and the local cuisines. These are some of the best ways to indulge yourself in a joyful vacation in the UK. The UK visa is all you need to get going.

A small country as the UK houses such awe-inspiring place to explore, spectacular countryside, perfect lakes, and rolling verdant hills. If you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, the United Kingdom can paint a perfect portrait of a holiday for you at the heart of nature. Seeing the UK vis application as a threat to your travel plan! Yes, indeed the process at times gives you nail-biting situations. But it can be dealt perfectly with the correct knowledge of documentation and the visa application process. Get the ball rolling now and buckle up to apply for the UK tourist visa process. Wondering how and where to start? This blog is loaded with a wide spectrum of information about the UK Visa. If you are planning for the trip, make use of this guide book to apply for the visa.

UK Standard Visitor Visa

What is a UK Standard Visitor Visa?

The UK tourist visa that also falls under UK standard visitor visa allows a traveler to visit the UK on various occasions such as tourism, visiting friends and family members in the country, medical treatment, etc. Indian Nationals must apply for a UK tourist visa to be able to enter the country. The visa is generally issued by the UK Embassy in India for a duration of 6 months with multiple entries facility. A holder of the UK visa must exit the country before the expiry of the visa validity.

Eligibility Requirements for UK Tourist Visa

  • Decided to apply for a UK Tourist visa? Learn more about the visa eligibility requirements and whether you meet those criteria. Applicants of the visa must
  • Have sufficient funds to support their complete trip to the UK. The funds must be maintained in the account.
  • Leave the UK after their travel before the expiry of the visa
  • Prove that they have enough ties to their home country
  • Demonstrate a fair intention to not engage in any employment-related activities and leave the country after their travel purpose is served. 

UK Visa Document Checklist

Coming to the documentation, an application for UK standard visitor visa involves a bunch of paper works. The process itself is known to create great hurdles at every stage. Adding to that is the fact that applying for the visa from India brings in the painstaking task of assembling the documents. There is no way you can get rid of it. Think of the amazing spectacle you can behold and put on the courage to start the visa process. In here we have documented the bundle of paper works you must amass to proceed with your visa application. Take a sneak peek through the list:-

Applicant’s Document

  • Current Passport accompanied by all the old passports if any
  • 2 Photographs according to the Embassy specification [Photos are taken at the VFS center. You can carry it just to be on a safer side]
  • UK visa application form
  • A detailed personal covering letter explaining all the important points
  • Personal and Salary Bank statements for the last 6 months with adequate balance authenticated by the bank
  • Pay slips for the last 6 months
  • Income Tax Returns with the computation pages
  • Leave approval letter on company letterhead approved by the HR with signature and stamp
  • Proof of accommodation covering the complete duration of the stay
  • Round trip flight reservation copies if any
  • Marriage Certificate for applicants who are married 

Inviter’s Documents

  • Copies of passport first, last and visa pages
  • Resident permit card copy
  • Invitation Letter from the inviter mentioning the invitation purpose, the relationship to the applicant, the duration of stay, etc
  • Utility bills for address proof
  • Pay stubs and bank statements if sponsoring.
  • Tax statements if sponsoring 

How to Apply for UK Standard Visitor Visa?

  • Visit the UKBA website and create an account with your email ID and the other required details
  • After the registration, start filling up the online visa application form. Be cautious while filling up the form as there are quite a lot of complicated details. You can save the form if all the information is not available and log in later to complete the form.
  • After completing the form submit it and sign the declaration.
  • Book an appointment for document submission and biometrics at the nearest VFS center.
  • Make the visa fee payment online.
  • Download the visa application form and the appointment confirmation and print it.
  • Submit all the documents at the VFS center on the appointment day. If you wish to opt for Express services, you can make the additional payment at the center.
  • Receive the passport either at your address or the VFS center after the processing at the UK Embassy in India. 

Is it mandatory to book the flight ticket and travel insurance for UK visa application?

To apply for the UK visa, it is generally not required to book the flight tickets and travel insurance. However, if the Embassy asks for those documents during the process, you must provide it.

How long does it take to process the UK visa?

On average the UK visa is processed within 15 to 20 working days at the Embassy. If you opt for priority visa services, the process may be completed within 4-5 working days. There are, however, situations that may trigger a delay in the application processing like an interview call or request for additional documents.