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Turkey Tourist Visa & Visitor Visa

Chockablock with ancient monuments, well preserved Roman and Greek ruins, temples, theatres and endowed with remarkable scenic views, Turkey is an amazing tourist destination bestriding Asia and Europe. Applicants who wish to travel to Turkey for vacationing or visiting relatives must make a Turkey tourist visa or visit visa application at Turkey Embassy.Besides the surreal Turkish settings and lavish mosques, the local food is something to die for. Embark on a sojourn to Turkey away from the humdrum of the city life, the relentless buzz of social media. Here you will get a quick guide of the tourist visa application process and the visa requirements.

Turkey Tourist Visa Document Checklist

The most important point to consider while applying Turkey tourist visa should be organising the documents according to the Embassy requirement list. The documents depend chiefly on the profile and financial condition of every applicant and a person must take care of the tiniest details while gathering the documents for the visa application.

Turkey Tourist Visa Checklist
  1. Original passport (with at least 6 months validity)
    • Previous passport needs to be submitted if current passport is issued after 2015
  2. copy of your passport’s first & last page 
  3. 2 Photographs, not older than 6 months (Photo Specifications – size 2.5 Inches x 2.5 Inches, white background, Height of the head between 25 mm * 35 mm)
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. Personal covering letter
  6. Travel Itinerary
  7. Round trip flight bookings (Confirmed)
  8. Hotel bookings (Confirmed)
  9. For Minors:
    • If travelling accompanied/unaccompanied by parents , then 100 rs stamp paper with notary signed by both the parents needs to be provided
    • Application form signed by any of the parents
    • Copy of the parent(s)’ passports first & last page
  10. Leave letter from the company stating your designation, period of work, salary, Purpose of visit and duration of travel (if employed)
  11. No-objection certificate of school or university (if student)          
  12. Proof of financial status:
    1. If employed: Pay slips of last 3 months (with Co. seal) / employment contract
      • Income tax returns (ITR) or form 16 with signature for last three years
      • Personal bank statement of last Six months with Original Bank Seal and with sufficient funds (1 Lac and above)
    2. If the applicant has his own business/partner/proprieter/director, please provide incorporation certificate/memorandum of association/partnership deed/proprietorship proof and applicants’s name should be mentioned. Original Notary needs to be done for each applicant irrespective of whether the applicant is travelling in a group or not.
  • Company profile on company letter head (seal and signature is mandatory)
  • ITR for last 3 years
  • Personal bank statement of last Six months with Original Bank Seal and with sufficient funds (1 Lac and above)
  1. Proof of civil status: marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse.

Note: Additional documents needs to be submitted, if requested by the Consulate.



Our Services for Turkey Visa
  • Filling Turkey Visa Application Forms.

  • Customizing Document Checklist as per the applicant’s case.

  • Providing letter formats if required

    • Cover Letter Draft ​
    • Invitation Letter Draft [If Invited]
  • Preparing the complete fixed day wise travel Itinerary.

  • We would suggest you on Fund maintenance.

  • We would suggest you on sponsorship and documents related to that.

  • Mock Interview preparation [If invited for interview].

  • Keeping the documents in order as per the checklist on receipt of all documents from client.

  • We help you search for 100% refundable hotel booking links and provide flight itinerary for Visa purpose*

  • We can help you with travel insurance at additional cost for visa purpose

  • Following up with the Embassy if required.

  • PS. The Information provided in checklist is partial and we request the applicant to take case specific customized checklist from Sanctum Consulting Consultant.

    * Please contact our consultants for the same

Frequently Asked Questions – Turkey Visa

Turkey visa is granted in the form of stamping visa. To know about the process and the requirements for both the visa types contact our visa agents.

To gather information about withdrawal of Turkey visa application and its chances after having lodged the visa with the Embassy, contact us.

No, one has to acquire a stamping visa to enter Turkey.

Your visa application will be processed and decided by Turkey Embassy. Contact us for more information about Turkey visa application process.

It is mandatory to provide original passport when you apply for Turkey visa.

No. Tourist visas for Turkey are generally granted only for single or double entry.