Tips to Prepare for US B1 /B2 Visa Interview – Step by Step Guidance

The USA is a grand mishmash of several iconic landmarks and spectacular natural phenomenon beautifully decking up the country. Enjoy these incredible sites with a USA B1 /B2 visa. Travelers on USA B1/ B2 visa visit the country for myriad reasons such as tourism, visiting relatives, attend business meetings, medical treatment, etc.

The massive country jumbles up a wide array of travel hotspots for vacationers to spend a fun-filled holiday. The USA visa process comes as an obvious barrier here. Planning for a USA vacation brings one face to face with one of the most hazardous tasks – applying for the visa and attending the USA visa interview. Added to it are the fears triggered by the dismal stories of the difficulties, visa rejection, etc. that is invariably disturbing. Rather than being scared, drown yourself in getting the best information about how the process works and how to crack the most nail-biting part of it – the USA Visa interview. Here’s a good post for interested people willing to learn about the tips and tricks to apply for a USA visa and attend the visa interview.

USA B1 /B2 Interview Questions

USA B1 / B2 Visa Application and Appointment

Any person who wants to visit the USA must apply for a USA B1/ B2 Visa.  The visa application can be completed through a number of steps that is mentioned in the following lines:-

Start the application by filling up the DS 160 form. Review and submit the form and generate the DS 160 confirmation page.

Gather all the relevant documents associated with the USA visa application process. All the documents must be in place and you should be able to provide it to the visa officer when asked during the visa interview.

Create your US travel docs account to complete the visa fee payment to the Embassy. The fee can be paid online through the account or at the bank by generating the Stanley receipt. After the payment, schedule an appointment for biometrics and visa interview through the online account.

Attend the biometrics along with the relevant documents. The interview date is booked after the biometrics date. Carry all the documents during the interview date. Talk to the visa officer with confidence and try to give the right and precise answers to the questions you are asked in the interview. The visa officer will take the passport if they grant the visa or return it if they deny the visa.

How to Succeed in the USA Visa Interview?

  • Keep a positive attitude while attending the interview
  • Do out-and-out research on the visa process and the probable interview questionnaire
  • Carry all the documents related to your profile following the requirement of the Embassy
  • Make no mistakes in the DS 160 application form
  • Be genuine and answer the questions truthfully
  • Avoid getting into any conflict with the visa officer
  • Attend the interview with a lot of confidence 

USA B1 /B2 Visa Interview Question and Answer

Here we come to the most awaited part of the post- the visa interview question and answer. We have tried consolidating some of the important questions you may face during the interview. You are advised to do your own research as well about the host of probable questions. The more you know the better you go equipped at the Consulate interview. Make sure not to overdo anything. Be positive and rest of the things will fall in place. Read the string of questions and the suggestions for answers in the below section:-

Why do you want to travel to the USA?

This is a pretty straightforward question. Let the visa officer know the reason for your travel to the USA in a few words. Explain elaborately if asked to do so. Try to convey everything precisely.

When are you planning to visit the USA and for how many days? 

Provide the right information about your entry and exit date to the USA and the total duration of your trip to the USA.

Have you visited the USA before?

Let them know in yes or no if you have visited the USA before. If you have visited the country earlier that may trigger additional questions like when and which all places did you visit in your previous trip, whom did you visit, who accompanied you during the trip etc. Answer the questions accordingly.

Do you have relatives or family members in the USA?

If you have mentioned about any family members staying in the USA in your DS 160 application, talk about them in a few sentences.

Which place you will be visiting in the USA?

State the name of the place you intend to visit in the USA. Stick to what you have mentioned the application form.

Where you will be staying in the USA?

If you are visiting the country for tourism, mention the location and the name of the hotel where you will be staying. If you are visiting someone in the USA and plan to stay with them, let the visa officer know the details about the person and their address where you will put up.

Who is funding for your trip?

This is a very important question and you must answer it cautiously. If you are funding for the trip, let the visa officer know about it. If someone else is fully or partly funding for the trip, explain about the sponsorship clearly.

Are you working? Which Company you are working with and in which profile? How much are you earning?

These are the questions related to your professional background and you must answer them correctly complying to the details you have mentioned in the DS 160 visa application form. Provide the name of the company where you are working and give a brief explanation of your profile and salary.

Are you married? Do you have children?

These questions may come up if you are traveling solo.

What guarantee can you give that you would return from the USA?

You can talk about your family members and relatives settled in your home country and the properties you own here. Also, you can talk about your stable career in your home country.

These are some of the important questions you may be asked during the visa interview. Apart from these, there may be plenty of other queries that the visa officer may have or ask related or not related to your background. Enlighten yourself with enough knowledge to be able to answer any out of the box questions.The final decision depends on the visa officer. The best thing you can do it to convey a positive attitude and straightforwardness throughout the visa interview.