The Ultimate Guide to Iceland Tourist Visa Requirements

Are you in the quest for a unique destination with a magical charm to alleviate the monotony out of your daily life? A land of striking landscape and spectacular places, there is no better choice than Iceland. Gaining an Iceland tourist visa the best way to start with. Travel to Iceland entails you to apply for a Schengen visa. Feeling like taking a back seat? It does have to be as scary as you hear it to be. Getting a Schengen tourist visa will push you one step nearer to Iceland – an exotic place to be visited once in a lifetime. An interesting journey lies ahead of you.

Iceland creates a very rare combination of beauty with glacial and volcanic settings. The country has a wide range of enigmatic attractions from stunning black beaches, hot springs, mountains to glaciers, waterfalls, etc. Travelers of bizarre sense and sensibilities will undoubtedly fall in love with the exoticness place. The outlandish landscape of Iceland adds to the oomph factor that certainly builds the impetus to tug hordes of vacationers here. Excited enough to contemplate a trip to this magical place! Nose-dive into the sea of information about Iceland visa we have created here. If you are already sketching an itinerary in mind for an Icelandic vacation, here are some important visa tips you can put into action. Check out the best of the information about Iceland visa through the step-by-step guide presented here in this blog.

Iceland Tourist Attractions

Information about Iceland Visa and Validity

Iceland Visa enables an individual to gain entry to the country legally for sightseeing or visiting relatives residing there. Iceland visa falls under Schengen short stay visa category also commonly referred to as Type C visa. The Schengen short stay visa can be issued by the Embassy for a maximum span of 90 days. In most cases. However, the Embassy in Indian issues visa according to the travel dates of the applicant. In India, Iceland visa is processed through the Danish Embassy. With an Iceland visa, you can travel to all the 26 Schengen countries till the validity period of the visa. Iceland is a Schengen country and according to the Schengen agreement, this visa rule applies to all the Schengen nations.

Iceland Visa Document Checklist

Before applying for an Iceland visa, you must have information in abundance about the document requirements. Amassing the proper set of documents is essential here. Schengen visa processing is notoriously famed to be difficult and inadequate documentation may leave a good impression on your application. Here we have shared some of the mandatory requirements for Iceland Schengen visa.

  • Original Passport [Current and previous if applicable].
  • 3 Photographs 35–40 mm in width Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70–80% of the photograph in white background.
  • Overseas travel medical insurance valid for all Schengen-countries. The insurance has to cover the applicant for at least 30,000 Euros or equivalent, for all risks e.g. accident, illness, medical emergency evacuation etc. The policy must clearly specify the period of validity and has to cover the entire duration of the trip including the date of arrival & departure + 2 additional days.
  • Financial Statements.
  • Employment Proof and Pay Slips.
  • Income Tax Returns.
  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay.
  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.
  • Marriage Certificate if married.
  • If invited, a sponsorship letter (not older than 6 months) issued by the reference in Iceland. The sponsorship letter to specifically contain the applicant’s name, address, relationship with the guarantor/reference (proof to be attached), duration of stay & the nature of costs being sponsored. Attach the passport and resident permit card copy of the inviter.

The information above regarding the list of documents is a general idea of how most of the applications should be. The checklist differs from person to person based on their individual backgrounds. Further down we will indulge in a discussion about how to apply for the Iceland visa.

How to Get Iceland Tourist Visa?

Initiate the Iceland visa process by scheduling an appointment at the nearest Denmark VFS. VFS is the authorized facilitation center to take care of the administrative work related to the visa application processes. After collecting the documents, they forward them to the Embassy for processing the applications.  Coming back to the process, once your appointment is booked, focus on filling up the visa application form and drafting the cover letter. Parallelly gather the important documents following the Embassy requirements. Review the entire application set thoroughly to avert any scope of leaving errors in the documents and forms. Submit the documents on the appointment day at the VFS center and give your biometrics there. Complete the visa fee payment and take the receipt with the visa application tracking number from the counter. You can track your application status till it is being processed at the Embassy.

Iceland Tourist Visa Process Time

In general, the Embassy takes around 7 to 15 working days to complete the visa application processing. Some unanticipated situations like personal interview call or need for submission of additional documents may lead to delay in the normal visa process time. To prevent such situations it is better to be careful with the documents and apply for the visa much ahead of your travel plan.

Iceland Visa Process Fee

The Iceland visa fee in India is around INR. 4800/-. The visa fee is nonrefundable irrespective of the outcome of your application. Aside of the visa fee, there are other charges like the facilitation fee, courier and optional SMS fees which must be paid at the VFS altogether in cash at the time of making the payment.