Step by Step Guidance to Apply for Australia Tourist Visa

Looking forward to a delightful break away from the humdrum of life. Plan for an Australian travel jaunt and escape the urban bustle for a while. Availing an Australia tourist visa is the best way to start with.  Jump on to begin your Australia visa application process to enjoy the sweeping view of the Australian travel highlights. The country is huge and exploring it in one trip will not happen in all probability. Get your Australia tourist visa and take time to enjoy the beautiful action filled places as much as you can. Are you an Indian National planning a vacation to Australia? You are required to hold an Australia tourist visa to gain lawful entry to the country.  

Under Australia visitor visa (subclass 600) there are two streams: Tourist and Business. This blog is crafted with a brief description of Australia tourist visa application and the step by step guidance.  According to the visa rules, a tourist is a person visiting Australia temporarily for vacationing, for a visit to relatives or friends, or for other short-term non-work purposes. Take the first step towards initiation of the Australia visa application process and read the blog to gather vital information.

Australia Tourist Visa Guidelines

Australia Visa Document Requirements

Getting an Australia visa is not that difficult if you have the right set of documents the Embassy is looking for. Few documents are jotted down below which gives an insight on the paperwork’s to be submitted to have a proper visa application: –

  • Photocopies of all pages of passport with attestation
  • Online form
  • Photocopy of birth certificate if any
  • Photograph with photo specification of 45mmX35mm, white background, gloss finish
  • Flight tickets if booked
  • A tour itinerary mentioning the dates and the places you wish to visit in case you are traveling only for tourism
  • Bank statement showing sufficient funds to cover for your trip
  • Copies of income tax returns of the past three years
  • Proof of other investments or fixed deposit receipts copy
  • Original leave approval letter
  • Copies of pay slips for the past three months

ETA Australia Visa Step-By-Step Guidance

The foremost step for ETA [Electronic Travel Authority] Australia visa you must take is to ensure that you have adequate knowledge about the process before getting into the online form filling. The visa application process is quite simple if the correct process is followed. Assemble the required documents following the checklist and scan each document clearly.

Firstly, you must decide on the visa type based on your travel purpose. Next, proceed to the official online portal of Immiaccount and create your account there.

What is an ImmiAccount?

The ImmiAccount is an online service that accepts your Australia visa application electronically expedited by the government. Fill up the online application form, make the visa fee payment, attach documents and review the development of your application.  You can save your online application and complete it later when you have all the information. 

Any contradictory information provided in the form may undesirably affect your visa application. Revise the form carefully post-completion and submit it. If the application is lodged for 3 months, a medical examination is not required. If the travel is beyond 3 months, you must generate your HAP ID from the same account and go for medicals in the authorized clinic. Upload the medical report in the online account after receiving the report. Post that a case officer will be assigned to evaluate your application. If any additional documents are needed, the case officer will intimate you. Once the decision is taken, you will be notified over the email or visa Immiaccount. You can download a copy of the visa and travel with that to experience the most amazing Aussie trip.

FAQ – Australia Tourist Visa

How long is the processing time for Australia visa?

The general processing time for Australia visa is approximately 15 to 30 working days.

Am I eligible to get a refund if my visa is rejected?

The visa fee for Australia is non-refundable. Thus you are not eligible to get a refund even if your visa gets rejected.

How long is the Australia visa valid for?

It depends on the duration of the visa you have applied for. Australia visa from India is normally granted for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Based on your requirement you must apply and select the right option. The Embassy will consider your application and grant the visa accordingly.

How much is the Australia visa fee?

The visa fee for Australia is AUD 140 which in Indian currency ranges from 7300 to 7800 approximately/-. The figures are subjected to change depending on the currency fluctuation.

Is the visa stamped on my passport?

The Australia visa is issued in the form of e-visa and is emailed to you. You must take a print of that before travel.

How long can I stay in Australia on a visit visa?

The stay duration depends on the visa grant notice by the Embassy.

Should I but my flight tickets before the visa?

Flight tickets are not required prior to the visa application. Once you get your visa you can book the flight tickets.

Is it mandatory to get my medicals done for the visa?

If your stay is less than 3 months’ medical examination is not required. If the stay exceeds 3 months, you must go for medicals.

Am I required to submit my original passport?

Original passport is not needed to be submitted. You must take a clear copy of all the pages of your passport including the cover page and get it attested. This document must be submitted for the visa processing.

How many funds shall I maintain to apply for Australia tourist visa?

Funds maintenance is directly proportionate to the length of stay and your personal as well as professional background. On an average you can maintain around 4 to 5 lakhs for a 1-week trip.