Step by Step Guidance for Australia Permanent Residence Visa

Garnering enough reputation as an ideal place for living and working over a decade, Australia remains one of the first choices for skilled workers for permanent settlement. To migrate to Australia, applying for Australia Permanent Residence Visa through the General Skilled Migration Program remains the most widely accepted route. Overseas workers harboring a vision of excellent career prospect that gives a concord to work-life balance, are opting for Australia Immigration. This is manifested through a record rise of candidates applying for Australia PR visa application.

Australia features a robust economy propagating perpetual growth policies. A growing economy implies a rise in employment opportunities and improvement of government facilities. To meet the mounting demand of employment Australian immigration authorities DIBP has introduced the immigration programs to attract talented workers to work and settle in Australia. They, in turn, would be the potential contributors to the Australian economic growth. Dreaming big for yourself and family? The perfect doorway to a quality living and work lies ahead of you. The choice is yours. This post tries to spread cognizance about the Australia immigration programs. Interested people can read the slice of information to be hands-on with the Australia PR process.

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Australia Immigration Programs

Australia has risen to eminence for its popularity as an ideal destination for settling down. The foremost reason behind this can be the stable economy, huge employment scopes, high standard of living and the various benefits of being a Permanent Residence. The country offers top-notch work culture to migrants along with lucrative salary packages. To migrate to Australia, skilled workers are opting for the best and the most accessible pathway through the General Skilled Migration Program. The General Skilled Migration program is further segregated into Subclass 189 and Subclass 190.

Subclass 189 or Skilled Independent Visa is a point-based program implemented to take in skilled workers for working and staying in Australia indefinitely. This stream is designed for individuals who are not sponsored by any employer or nominated by an Australian state. On this visa you can work and reside anywhere in Australia under any employer.

Subclass 190 or Skilled Nominated Visa is also a point-based program meant for Skilled workers to settle down permanently in Australia. This visa program requires the candidate to not only qualify the skill test but also get nominated by an Australian state or territory. With this visa you can work and reside in a specific state in Australia from where you are nominated.

What are the Eligibility Requirements of Australia PR?

In order to apply for Australia PR, there are certain eligibility criteria an applicant is required to meet. In the below section we have elaborated further on the vital points: –

  • Applicant must a minimum of 65 points to be considered as a potential candidate for Expression of Interest Profile submission.
  • The job profile of the applicant must match one of the job codes listed in the Australia skilled occupation list
  • The applicant must be under the age of 50
  • The applicant must get their skill assessment done from an authorized assessing body with a positive outcome
  • The applicant is required to write their language exams and score at least a competent level in the English language
  • The applicant should have relevant work experience and educational qualification to be eligible for PR
  • The applicant must have the right set of documents required for the PR visa application
  • The health and character certificate must be provided by the applicant

Australia PR Document Checklist

You cannot ignore the importance of documents when it comes to applying for Australia PR. Every stage of the process involves lengthy paper works and thorough verification of the same. Even the minutest error can put you out of the process. It is better to be extra careful about the documentation as PR programs involve not only time but a lot of money. Let us take a peep through the general document requirements for Australia immigration programs: –

  • Skill Assessment report
  • Language exam score card
  • Proof of age
  • Proof of educational qualification
  • Employment letter from current and previous employers along with all the other related documents like pay slips, tax returns, etc
  • Health Clearance certificate
  • Police Clearance certificate
  • Marriage certificate if married

How to Apply for Australia Permanent Residence Visa?

This is the most crucial part of the post. Here we have created a step by step guidelines on how to apply for Australia PR. You just cannot afford to miss a step. PR programs are often lengthy and require much fortitude from the applicant till the end. Make yourself chapter and verse with the stages of Australia PR application.

  • Get your Skill assessment completed from a relevant skill assessing body authorized by DIBP. Submit the right documents required for the process to fetch a positive result.
  • Meanwhile, get your language exam done and attempt to reach at least a competent level to be eligible to apply. However competent level does not fetch you any score. Getting score equivalent to proficient level can help you score some points.
  • Once you have both the reports, check if you reach 65 points. If you reach the benchmark, create an Expression of Interest profile through Skill select. Skill select is the online platform introduced by DIBP that allows potential candidates to submit their EOI profile for Australia PR visa. Through skill select, the Australian immigration authorities manage the various skilled visa applications.
  • Upon creating your EOI profile and submitting it through Skill Select wait for Invitation to Apply for PR [ITA] from DIBP. If you have a relatively higher score, you have a chance of getting a faster invitation. The moment you get an invitation, you have 60 days to apply for Australia PR through ImmiAccount.
  • The ImmiAccount is linked to your EOI profile. You can fill up the online visa application form there and make the visa fee payment. Thereafter you can upload the documents online through that account. All the correspondences and coordination with your case officer will happen visa the ImmiAccount till a decision on your PR is taken.