Spain Visa Types, Application and Requirements for Indians

A most sought after place for a retreat with travelers craving for a bit of sea, sun, and sand, Spain is one of the popular European treasures. The easily navigable country with its delectable gastronomy and tourist attractions can be reached with a Spain visa. If you are looking for an escape from daily life, Spain is the ideal place to connect with nature and history, quite possibly one of the best tranquil abodes. In need for more inspiration to travel. The following segment gives a brief snapshot of Spain tourism.

Spain Tourism Information

Whether you look forward to a retreat in the lap of nature, a beach holiday, city break or a historical trip, Spain has it all for you. From Barcelona to Madrid, Girona to Valencia, Seville to Toledo, Spain impresses you with places of endless splendor. Gaudian architecture, Flamenco dancing, bullfight are some of the cultural attractions that can be enjoyed while vacationing in Spain. Already visualizing yourself in the Spanish land. Plan for an adventurous Spanish exploration by applying for a Spain tourist visa and make your journey a pleasurable one. Further down we will get into finer details about the Spain visa types and how to apply for the visa.

Spain tourist places

Spain Visa Information and Types

Spain visa is issued by the Spain Embassy to allow people to travel to the country for tourism, visiting relatives or for business purposes. This is a Type C short stay Schengen visa valid for a maximum duration of 3 months. Spain tourist visa is meant for sightseeing, a visitor visa is for paying a visit to friends and family members in Spain and business is for travel related to business engagements like meetings or conferences. Indian Nationals intending to visit Spain for a short duration must get their Spain tourist visa prior to travel. Spain visa is not different from Schengen visa and with this visa you can enter Spain along with all the other 26 Schengen nations according to the Schengen visa norms. In this post, our discussion rests mostly on Spain tourist and visitor visas.

Spain Visa Document Checklist

When it comes to the document checklist, you are expected to be careful about each and everything. In Schengen visa processes, much of the decision on your application depends on the documentation. It is highly important to concentrate on the right paperwork. You must gather the documents well in advance to avert the last minute rushes when you suddenly find out something missing. Having time in hand ensures that you have buffer time to accommodate such situations in case it arises during the process. Below we have scribbled down the general document requirements for Spain visa.

  • Current Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity. Attach the previous passports if applicable
  • 3 Photographs 35 * 45 mm, 70–80% face visible on white background
  • Copy of all the pages of passports
  • Spain visa application form duly signed and dated by the applicant
  • Personal cover letter stating the purpose of the travel along with a clear revelation of personal, financial and professional background. The letter must be signed and dated.
  • Travel insurance valid in Spain valid for the entire stay an additional 15 days valid from the date of return to India. A minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros or 50,000$
  • Original Bank statements for last 1 year validated by the bank authorities with bank seal and officer’s signature
  • Pay Slips for the last 6 months
  • Original leave approval letter on company letterhead
  • Income Tax Returns for the last 3 years
  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay.
  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.
  • Marriage Certificate if married.
  • In case the minor is traveling with either of the parents, affidavit from the other parent on Rs. 100/- Stamp paper or In case the minor is traveling with another person, an affidavit from both the parents on Rs. 100/- Stamp paper. 

Spain Visa: How to Apply?

Applying for Spain visa can be executed error free if you have the right knowledge about the Schengen visa fundamentals. There are certain mandatory steps you must follow to get the process done without hassles. At the initial stage, you must spend enough time understanding how the process works and what are the key requirements. Once you get a good grasp on that all the Schengen visa processes will look easy for you to apply. Here we have jotted down point by point on how to apply for Spain visa:-

Scheduling Visa Appointment –Take the first step by scheduling your Spain visa appointment at the Spain visa facilitation center. Write down the particulars needed and choose the correct visa category according to your travel purpose. Book the appointment on your chosen date and time and print the confirmation page. Attach the page with the documents on the submission date.

Accumulate Documents – Gathering important documents as proof to your background is vastly important. Focus on your research and get access to the official document checklist from the right source. Get the documents following the checklist and position them in a specific order.

Complete the visa application form and covering letter – From the Spain facilitation center website, get the visa application form and fill it up with the right details. Complete the personal covering letter with a proper description of your travel and profile. Make sure all the details in the documents, forms and cover letter tally with each other. Inconsistencies are not acceptable and can lead to visa refusal.

Document Submission and Biometrics – During the appointment day, submit the documents and provide the biometrics at the facilitation center and lodge your visa application. Your documents will be verified by the agents at the center and accepted if all the paper works are right as per the checklist.

Visa fee payment – Make the Spain visa fee payment at the cash counter and collect the payment receipt. The receipt contains your visa application tracking number to check the status of your application until it is under process at the Embassy. The Embassy will process the visa according to the processing time and release the passport after deciding on your Spain visa application. The final decision will know when you receive the passport from the Embassy.