Slovakia Visa for Indians – Types, Application, and Requirements

Slovakia is a Schengen Nation located in central Europe sharing borders with Austria, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. With a Slovakia visa journey through the fascinating European country and indulge in the exploration of its vibrant culture and history. Famous for its mountain landscapes, geothermal spas, museums, the architecture of the communist era, Slovakia is a wonderful country beautifully landlocked in the heart of Europe. Venture into the lush mountains and the cities to make your vacation an exciting one here. An unexplored paradise awaits to be unraveled by you.

With a vast range of off-beaten places waiting to be explored, the country certainly stimulates the passionate traveler in you. The only challenge lies on your way is the tedious visa process. If you have decided on a Slovak holiday, do not take a backseat now. Delve deep into a detailed study about the Schengen visa application processes and think on the ways to overcome the hurdle ahead. Here we have created a comprehensive handbook on Slovakia visa application process. The blog tells you all that you need to make a start to the Slovakia visa application process.

Slovakia tourist attractions

Slovakia Visa Information, Types and Validity

Slovakia visa is meant for individuals planning a short trip to Slovakia and the other Schengen countries. Slovakia visa is also known as Schengen visa is a short stay visa with a maximum validity of 90 days issued by the Embassy. Short stay Type C visas cannot be issued beyond 90 days. The Embassy mostly grants the visa to travelers according to the entry and exit date of their travel to and from Schengen countries. Slovakia short stay visa can be categorized into tourist, visitor, business visa types. Slovakia tourist visa is typically for vacationers planning for sightseeing in and around the country. Slovakia visitor visa for people willing to meet their friends and family member residing in Slovakia. Slovakia business visa is for professionals with an intent to enter the country for business purposes. The blog, in general, runs a discourse on how the Slovakia visa application process works.

Slovakia Visa Document Checklist

Here we come to the most important part of the visa process that revolves around some unavoidable paper works. Instead of feeling deterred, go ahead and grand the official document checklist from the Embassy website. As soon as you have the right list, amass the documents in order and keep them ready for submission after completing the other visa related tasks. A quick look through the below segment can help you get some idea about the document checklist for Slovakia visa:-

  • Current passport along with all the previous passports if any.
  • 3 photographs following the Embassy requirements (with white background) not older than 6 months.
  • International travel insurance for the period of intended stay + 2 days, covering all expenses for up to 30.000 EUR that might occur in connection with: (1) repatriation because of health reasons, (2) first medical aid or (3) hospitalization
  • Bank statements validated by the bank with seal and signature
  • Pay Slips
  • Leave grant letter from employer
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Hotel reservation covering the whole duration of your proposed stay in Slovakia and other Schengen countries
  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.
  • Marriage Certificate if married.
  • If invited, official Invitation Form – verified by the Slovak Foreign Police Department
  • If invited, original Invitation Letter / Letter of Guarantee for all expenses from the person in Slovakia legalized by a notary public and/or financial guarantee from the applicant 

How to Apply for Slovakia Visa?

Applying for Slovakia visa involves view concrete steps. Before you start, read about the visa process from the relevant source and be chapter and verse with the back to back steps. This segment showers some light on how to apply for Slovakia visa in a few simple stages.

Step 1: You must initiate the visa work by scheduling an appointment at the Slovakia visa facilitation center website. Create your account and take a slot on a date and time having a reasonable gap from your travel date. After booking the slot, take a print of the appointment confirmation and attach it with the documents.

Step 2: Gather the essential documents following the Embassy requirements and make sure all the documents are updated. Keep the documents in proper arrangement following the order of the official document checklist.

Step 3: Next important task is to fill up the Slovakia visa application form. Check the information you put in the form and make sure that the details are in sync with the documents you provide. Prepare an elaborate personal covering letter with a description of your profile, travel purpose and background. The letter plays a vital role in conveying your background to the visa officer. A major part of the decision making depends on the covering letter and the documents you provide.

Step 4: Be ready to submit the documents on the selected appointment date and provide the fingerprinting. The agents at the facilitation center will collect the documents from you and run a formal check. Next, you will be directed to the payments section for the visa fee payment. In India, the facilitation centers accept the visa fee only in cash. Once the payment is made you will be given the payment receipt with your visa application reference number mentioned on it. You can use the number to track your visa application throughout the process until the Embassy is done with the visa processing.

Slovakia Tourist Visa Application Process

The Slovakia tourist visa is generally processed by the Slovakia Embassy in India within 15 working days. The normal timeframe can be affected due to circumstances like face to face interview call or additional document requirement at the Embassy. Be prepared for such abrupt situations beforehand and keep ample time in hand between your travel date and the document submission at the VFS.

Slovakia Tourist Visa Fee

Slovakia tourist visa fee for an adult cost approximately INR. 4684/- For applicants between age 6 to 12 the visa fee payable is around INR.2733/-. The visa fees once paid cannot be refunded back to the applicant regardless of the outcome of the visa application.