Singapore Visa for Indians: Requirements and Guidelines

A fabulous vacation jaunt for not only couples and friends but also for families, Singapore forms an amazing country fortified with diverse tourist activities. Singapore visa paves a smooth path for you to reach the country that you can never be tired of. The country tiny in size embraces much to stimulate every heart and mind. All the tourist drives are impeccably tugged to create an ambiance that exudes an amazing enchantment and satisfy your mind.

Not only tourism, Singapore visa can allow you to meet your family members or friends residing in Singapore. Again, if you have a business agenda in Singapore, you can avail a Singapore visa. There are three categories of visa: tourist, visit and business. Singapore tourist visa enables you to go for tourism. Visitor visa applied to people intending to meet their relatives. Business visa is meant for individuals planning to attend a business meeting in Singapore or attend conferences there.

Getting a Singapore tourist visa can be completed in a few simple steps. In India, you must get in touch with a trustworthy Singapore visa agent who can help you apply the e-visa on the Singapore visa portal. You must get in touch with an authorized visa agent endorsed by the Embassy who are eligible to lodge the application on your behalf.

Singapore Tourist Visa Guidelines

Singapore Visa Document Requirements

Gathering the documents for the visa application process is the most significant aspect. Singapore visa application process requires less number of documents compared to other countries. You must not miss any documents. The Embassy may put a request for additional documents if adequate documents are not supplied initially. That certainly can delay the visa decision. Glance through the following list of documents for all the visa types.

Tourist Visa Document Checklist

  • Original Passport with validity of minimum 6 months from return date to India [Recent and previous if app licable]
  • 3 camera clicked colored photographs [35mm* 45 mm, white background, matte finish, 70% face visible] for each applicant [Photos should not be used in any previous visa and should be a recent one]
  • Rental Agreement for the applicant if the passport is not from Telangana or Andhra Pradesh or local address proof in employer’s letterhead with stamp and signature if the passport is not from Telangana or Andhra Pradesh
  • Leave approval letter from the company or email approval of leave
  • Employment proof [last 3 months Pay slips, company ID card copy]
  • Business registration document if running the business
  • Flight tickets if any
  • Hotel booking if any

If Applying under Visitor visa category with an invitation from Singapore, the additional documents mentioned below must be submitted

  • Inviter’s Passport first and last pages
  • Employment pass or PR card copy
  • Utility bill or rental agreement in Singapore
  • Form V39 A

Business Visa Document Checklist

Applicant’s documents

  • Original Passport [Recent and previous if app licable]
  • 3 colored photographs [35mm* 45 mm, white background, matte finish, 70% face visible] – The photo should not be used in any previous visa, has to be a camera clicked recent photo
  • Rental Agreement if the passport is not from Telangana or Andhra Pradesh
  • Address proof of Hyderabad in original company letterhead with stamp and signature the if passport is not from Telangana or Andhra Pradesh
  • Tax statement for last 2 years
  • Flight tickets if any
  • Hotel booking if any

Inviter’s documents

  • Invitation letter from Singapore
  • Form V39A [To be filled by the inviting company]
  • Ø Acra [Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of the company if possible

Singapore Visa Process Time

The e-visa takes approximately 3-5 working days to be issued by the Embassy. 
During the peak season, the process time can be extended beyond 5 working days. You may consider it practicable to lodge the application at least 10 working days prior to your travel.

Singapore Visa Validity

The Singapore visa is generally issued for 35 days. This e-visa will allow you multiple entries into Singapore for a span of 35 days from the date of its issuance.  For frequent travelers on request, the Embassy may grant for a longer duration between 6 months to 1 year.

Do I need to Submit my original passport for Singapore visa processing?

Original passport is required for the visa processing, though the visa is not printed on the passport. The Embassy randomly can ask to produce the applicant’s passport for verification. Hence it is better to submit the original passport to avoid any delays in the process.

Can I Work in Singapore on a tourist visa?

It is legally not allowed to work in Singapore on a tourist visa. If caught, the person may be deported from Singapore on immediate notice.

Do I need a visa if I am transiting through Singapore?

If you remain within the transit area and do not cross Singapore Immigration, you may not require a transit visa. However, there can be circumstances where you may need to cross the immigration. Check with your airlines about the visa requirements before your travel.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands – It is the foremost vantage point for a panoramic view of the city. The spectacular light and sound show near the water, the Casinos, top-notch hotels, and restaurants around are some of the top picks in this area.

Gardens by the Bay – It is a beautifully designed park in the bay area of Singapore. The futuristic designs make it unique and offer a stunning walkway above the garden.

Singapore Zoo – Experience the night safaris of Singapore to get a glimpse of the unique nocturnal creatures.

Sentosa Island – This tropical island is manmade and is perfectly suited for all age group. Enjoy a relaxing beach vacation here with your family and friends. It is indeed a perfect spot in Singapore to laze around and have unlimited fun.