Singapore Tourist Visa for Indians – How to Apply

The tiny island country in the Southeast of Asia, Singapore has the perfect potential to draw a diverse range of travelers from all corners of the planet. Pondering over the ways to reach this gorgeous destination. An ideal country to blend in easily, Singapore can be reached on a Singapore tourist visa. The country is brimming with an abundance of fantastic places. It is one of the must-visit places for people residing in India. The country’s convenient location and easy transport attract a lot of Indian travelers there on a tourist visa. To top it is the ease of the Singapore visa application process that makes people inclined towards vacationing in the country.

The most daunting part of traveling abroad is the visa application process and the bundle of paper works associated with it. Singapore visa has a relatively easier process that makes the country favorable for travel. And again, the destinations are so engaging and mesmerizing that it is too hard to give a miss to this adorable country. Singapore has some of the amazing tourist places like Merlion Park, Jurong bird point, Sentosa islands, Gardens by the Bay, etc. that create eye-popping marvels for vacationers. Travelers flock these places with family and friends for a wonderful vacation. The exquisite shopping opportunities and the top-notch restaurants and plazas are some of the places to revel in. Finally, is the exciting nightlife here to groove yourself and delight in funfilled enjoyment with friends and family.

All these can be possible with a Singapore tourist visa. Tick off this requirement to plan an extraordinary vacation in Singapore. In this post, we are sharing the detailed guidelines to apply for a Singapore tourist visa and the document requirements.

Singapore Tourist Visa for Indians

Information About Singapore Visa

Singapore visa can be applied by people planning a trip to Singapore for purposes like tourism, visiting relatives and friends or attending business meetings. Singapore tourist visa is meant for people solely going there for sightseeing. Singapore visitor visa is for those who wish to meet their near and dear ones in Singapore. Business visa is typically for business professionals visiting the country for meetings, conferences, and other official events. Indians are required to get hold of a valid Singapore tourist visa to be eligible to enter the country for these purposes. This post is predominantly written on Singapore visa required for travelers interested in spending a vacation in the country.

Singapore Visa Validity

Singapore visas are generally granted for a duration of 30 days from the date of its issuance by the Singapore Embassy in India. If you wish to get a visa for a longer duration beyond 30 days, you may put across your request in your personal covering letter. If you have been to Singapore before you may get a visa for a slightly longer duration. However, the decision regarding the visa validity is entirely at the discretion of the Embassy.

Singapore Visa Document Checklist

An effective result of a visa application process lies predominantly on the visa documentation. Singapore visa follows an easy procedure with very fewer documents involved. But you are expected to provide the right documents how much ever handful it may be. Perfect documentation is the key to get visa approval at the Embassy. Any inconsistencies in documents may trigger suspicion or further question to the visa officer. And the consequences can be grim. Avoid getting into such situations. If you feel these works too tasking to handle, hire a visa consultant to complete the work on your behalf. Let us walk you through the basic document checklist needed to follow for Singapore tourist visa process:-

Applicant’s Documents

  • Original Passport with validity of minimum 6 months along with all the previous passports if any
  • 3 camera clicked colored photographs [35mm* 45 mm, white background, matte finish, 70% face visible] for each applicant [Photos should not be used in any previous visa and should be a recent one]
  • Singapore visa application form duly signed and dated
  • Personal covering letter with a detailed explanation about the trip purpose, dates, etc
  • Rental Agreement for address proof if you are residing in a place and not having an address proof for that.
  • Leave approval letter from the company or email approval of leave
  • Employment proof [last 3 months Pay slips, company ID card copy]
  • Business registration document if running the business
  • Flight tickets if any
  • Hotel booking if any 

Inviter’s Documents if invited 

  • Inviter’s Passport first and last pages
  • Employment pass or PR card copy
  • Utility bill or rental agreement in Singapore
  • Form V39 A

How to Apply for Singapore Tourist Visa?

Applying for Singapore tourist visa is quite simple. In the below lines a precise step by step explanation is given about how the process works for your understanding: –

  • Get the required documents and arrange them in order. Look for an Embassy authorized visa agent to take care of your application. You may not be allowed to directly apply for the visa at the Embassy. There are websites where you can apply online. The reliability factor can be a question. You may better consider visa guidance from professionals.
  • Fill up Singapore visa application form or Form 14A and sign on it. Make sure to give appropriate details in the form and the covering letter.
  • The visa agents then forward the entire application set to the Embassy. The Embassy processes the visa and returns the passport along with the visa to the applicant through the agent. The visa is generated in the form of e-visa and is not generally stamped on the passport. However, the Embassy requires the original passport while processing the visa.

Singapore Immigration Formalities

Getting a Singapore visa may not guarantee your entry to Singapore. The absolute decision is taken at the immigration counter at the port of entry in Singapore. The immigration officer checks your passport and visa and may ask you a few questions about your travel to Singapore. On being satisfied with your answers they put the entry stamp on the passport and allow you to exit the airport. Carry all the supporting documents like your flight and hotel reservations, insurance, itinerary, etc. you may need to show to the Immigration officer.

Singapore Tourist Visa Process Time

The Singapore Embassy in India takes around 4 -7 working days to process the visa application. During peak season the processing time can be longer than the stipulated timeframe. Again, if you are summoned for a personal interview at the Embassy or asked to submit extra paper works, it can increase the visa process time. You must consider all these factors and apply with a reasonable gap between your travel and the visa application.