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Saudi Arabia Business Visa

Saudi Arabia Business Visa

Business visa checklist

Under Saudi Arabia business visa category, an individual is allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia for a short duration to partake business dealing, meeting clients for negotiation and attending trade conferences in Saudi Arabia. Individuals who have their source of income and business center outside Saudi Arabia are eligible to travel to Saudi Arabia under this visa category. To gather detailed information about Saudi Arabia Business visa requirement and Saudi Arabia Business visa fees, contact us.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Requirements for Applicant

  • Original Passport [Current and Previous if applicable].

  • 3 Photographs 35–45 mm in width Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70–80% of the photograph in white background

    If applying from Mumbai: 
    Photo Specification:Three recent passport size photographs with matt or semi matt finish, 70% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 40mm x 60mm)

  • Last 6 month’s salary financial statements.

  • Employment Proof and Pay Slips.

  • Income Tax Returns or Form 16 A.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Requirements for Inviter

  • Invitation Letter in Arabic language from Saudi host / inviting Company on its letter head, duly signed by the authorize signatory mentioning his name and designation along with the copy of Registration Certificate

  • Copy of registration certificate of Saudi company

Sponsor’s Document Checklist for Saudi Arabia Business Visa

  • Company financial statements.

  • Company ITR for last 3 years.

  • Recommendation letter from Recognised Indian Chamber of Commerce (Mandatory)

Sanctum Consulting Saudi Arabia Business Visa Process and Services

Business visa
  • Filling Saudi Arabia Business visa application form

  • Customizing document checklist as per Saudi Arabia Business visa requirements

  • Submitting the application and paying Saudi Arabia Business visa fees

  • Writing Invitation Letter format the sponsor or inviter.

  • Helping with the required letter formats for the employer.

  • Assist in preparing the complete day wise business agenda.

  • Mock Interview preparation with options of face to face at our office premises or though telephone or Skype calls if required.

Our Services Charge : INR 2500 + Taxes 

For multiple travels Application please contact our consultants for our service charges.

Frequently Asked Questions – Saudi Arabia Business Visa

One must possess a passport with a validity date of at least six months to travel to Saudi Arabia.

If the visa has been damaged, the applicant is required to reapply for a fresh visa.

The process time for Saudi Arabia visa is approximately 6-7 working days.

Documents related to your employment, finances and travel are mostly required for the visa processing. To know about the document checklist visit for Saudi Arabia visa, contact our visa agents.

Funds required for single applicant should be INR 2-3 lakhs approximately and above. However it is recommended to seek expert advice about the funds requirement prior to visa application as there are various factors which have to be considered before deciding the exact amount to be maintained.

An applicant is not required to book an appointment for Saudi Arabia visa. To know more about Saudi Arabia business visa process and how to schedule appointment, contact our consultants.

Visa fees are non – refundable. Withdrawal of application or rejection of the same does not imply that the fee would be refunded.

An individual can stay in Saudi Arabia as along as the visa is valid. The person should exit Saudi Arabia prior to expiry of the visa validity.