Russian Federation Visa

Russian Federation Visa

Tourist | Visit

Russia tourist visa or visitor is designed for the individuals/groups to travel either to meet their closed ones or for having a vacation. The applicants need to apply for the appropriate category according to the purpose of their travel. This visa is a short term temporary visa. The applicant is expected to travel and return to the home country within the validity of the visa. Come visit the world’s largest country to experience the Russian cultural heritage, the history behind the exceptional monuments, the sun-kissed beaches and many more. Apply with us for Russia visa for Indians, Russia tourist visa, Russia visa fee, Russia tourist visa cost, Russia visit visa for Indian, Russia visit visa fee.

Russian Federation Visa Requirements

  • Original Passport with validity of minimum six months and minimum two blank pages for visa stamp. Attach all your old passports (if any)
  • Two recent passport size photographs with matt or semi matt finish, 60%-80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm)
  • Original Tourist confirmation (in Russian language) from a Russian travel agency, registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The confirmation must contain the agency’s reference number and registration number.
  • Applicant Education Degree Certificate Copy if any.

PS. Please contact our consultants for further details on Russian Federation Tourist Visa.

For Russian Federation Visit Visa 

  • Original invitation which your relatives or friends in Russia should obtain for you from the regional office of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Russian Federation.
    Please Note: The period of stay in Russia is mentioned in the invitation and must not exceed 90 days.
  • PS. All documents mentioned in the tourist visa checklist would be required except hotel booking.

For Russian Federation Transit Visa 

  • Need confirmed flight ticket.

PS. Please contact our consultants for further details on Russian Federation Visit Visa and Transit Visa.

Sanctum Consulting Russian Federation Visa Process and Services

  • We will submit the completed and processed application to the embassy.
  • Sanctum agents will provide all information on the documents to submit as per Russian Federation visa requirement.
  • We will provide all the required letter formats for the visa .
  • Same day courier*.
  • The Russian Federation Embassy generally takes the decision within a time period of 5-8 business days. The processing time starts post the documents submitted at the respective embassy. Also, individuals can apply for the visa within 60 days from the travel date. 
  • Sanctum Processing time would be 7-10 business days.
  • We aim to provide you with the best services to ensure that you qualify and apply in a manner that results in visa approval.
  • We understand that every case is different; so we treat each case individually.
  • Same day issuance of travel insurance on actual policy cost.
  • Save Time & Effort at minimal cost.
  • Periodic Visa Updates.
  • You’re documents are safe, secure, confidential and our process is transparent!
  • Collect all essential documents and submit at embassy*.
Frequently asked questions

How can I get a Russian tourist visa online?
For Russia tourist or visit visa you need to gather all the documents required as per the checklist in accordance with the category, complete the visa form online and submit your documents along with the original passport to the embassy for further processing.

Can Indian citizen get visa on arrival in Russia?
No, Indian citizens cannot get the visa as soon as they arrive in Russia. They need to apply for the visa from Indian consulate. Contact us  for more details on visa processing.

Is Russia tourist visa required for Indian citizens?
Yes, it is required to get a Russian visa for Indian passport holders. It is advised that the individual should select the right category according to their purpose of travel. Sanctum can help you with visa assistance.

What vaccinations do I need for Russia?
There is no requirements for Medicals certificate or vaccinations for Russia visa.
Define a Russia tourist visa?
If any individual is willing to travel to Russia for tourism purposes for a short term period then you can choose a tourist category. The applicant needs to make all the arrangements according to the requirement.

Do Indian citizens need to pay the Russia visiting visa fees?
There is no visa cost to be paid by the Indian citizens, but there is a requirement to apply for the stamping visa from the Indian consulate.
What is the validity of a Russia visit visa?
The Russia visa minimum validity depends upon the embassy’s decision, but the maximum validity is for 30 days.