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Greece intrigues its visitors with its magical destinations famous for beautiful beaches, architectures and natural formations. The ultimate route to reach this magnificent country is to apply for a Greece visa or a Schengen visa. Wandering through the Greek territories can become so much fun when you have the Greece tourist visa done.  The cultural heritage and the natural beauty of Greece are certainly going to make your travel experience extraordinary.  Embark on a soul-soothing Greek vacation to satiate your heart and mind with Greece visa.

Greece is indeed a splendid epitome of beauty and grace embracing a diverse range of scenic views all around. Some parts of the country spark historical architecture and sites dating back to the bygone eras whereas the Greek islands feature unique landscape with whitewashed houses with a tinge of blue. The fusion of white and blue creates an enchanting image of the islands fascinating the travelers. The ancient architectures are well-preserved and stand tall exuding awe and amazement. If you are planning a holiday in Greece, you cannot go wrong anywhere. The country is decked up across with captivating tourism hubs to charm vacationers of varied choices.

Greece Travel Tips

  • Do get an Athens Pass to roam in the city
  • Download “Moovit”, an app that keeps you informed if any scheduled metro or buses strikes of the so you can plan accordingly.
  • Try using independent accommodation and dining options as much as possible.
  • It’s always preferred to take up the various public transportation options available rather than learn to drive on Greece’s roads.
  • If you are returning back to Athens, make sure you take up a flight to home.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help, worrying about the language, the Greeks are definitely good with their English.
  • Recommended not to rely on Cards, recommended to carry a bit of cash all the time.
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  • Do not carry personal/traveler’s cheque as they are a bit outdated and at times would not be considered in Greece.
  • Do not get into a taxi without asking for the prices, at times they charge high, so keep an eye on the meter and yes, keep in mind that the charges get doubled during the night times there.

Have you heard about the 6 most beautiful and magical islands of Greece?

  1. Cyclades
  2. Dodecanese
  3. Ionian Islands
  4. Aegean Islands
  5. Sporades
  6. Crete

Common Greek Cuisine 

Unless you visit this mesmerizing Mediterranean country, you would have no idea how delectable the authentic Greek cuisine would be. You can expect a diverse culinary experience stuffed with salad, Vegetables, seafood fish, chicken, lamb, etc. Here we are listing down some of the Greek food you must not miss when you are in Greece.

  • Amygdalota
  • Bougatsa
  • Dolmadakia
  • Tomatokeftedes
  • Feta Me Meli

Do’s and Don’t while you are in Greece


  • Greet people with two kisses on the cheek.
  • Always accept an in-home Invitation.
  • Get an Athens’s City Pass.
  • Try all the flavors of the Authentic Greek Cuisines and the street food.
  • Wear light clothes and go beach walking.

Do Not!

    • Forget your Camera.
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  • Rely on Credit Cards.
  • Shove into unplanned Islands.
  • Thrust your palm in front of someone’s face, as it is considered to be a rude gesture.
  • Drink or eat in the metro stations in Greece especially in Athens.
  • Try testing your driving skills in Greece, always preferable to use public transportation.

A bit of Greece’s History

Greece is a southeastern European country, also known in Greek as Hellas or Ellada,consisting of a mainland and an archipelago of islands. Ancient Greece is the birthplace of Western philosophy (Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle), literature (Homer and Hesiod), mathematics (Pythagoras and Euclid), history (Herodotus), drama (Sophocles, Euripedes, and Aristophanes), the Olympic Games, and democracy.

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The concept of an atomic universe was first posited in Greece through the work of Democritus and Leucippus. The process of today’s scientific method was first introduced through the work of Thales of Miletus and those who followed him. The Latin alphabet also comes from ancient Greece, having been introduced to the region by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BCE, and early work in physics and engineering was pioneered by Archimedes, of the Greek colony of Syracuse, among others.

Best Time to Visit Greece

April to June can be considered the best time to travel to Greece. The weather is perfect during this time and the crowd is lesser compared to the peak summer season. You may get accommodations in good hotels at a cheaper rate. July and August are considered the peak season when hordes of tourists travel across the country and its islands. The summers are extremely hot and humid here. September to November again experiences a smooth weather with a much-reduced throng of people.

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Fabulous place to Visit in Greece 

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Greece Tourist Attractions

Athens City

Athens City

Know more about Athens

Boasting to be the historical capital of Greece which bears the world’s most furious and historical wars like the Trojan War and the War Against the Persian Invasions [300 Movie] and the most popular love stories which are recollected even today as a part of our academics in schools and colleges. After the 2004 Olympics where Athens became the first city to host this International Multi-sport event, the city has shown its jazzy side to the world, with

Visit The: Acropolis Museum, National Gardens, Ancient Greek Temple, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Goddess Athena’s famed temple of Parthenon, etc.

The Mykonos Island

As mentioned earlier Greece also has this jazzier side of it which people can find it on the island of Mykonos- an island for party-goers with the immaculate and sunny beaches and a high going nightlife. It is a felicitous illustration of the very famous phrase “Sandy Toes and Sun-Kissed Nose”.

Visit The: Little Venice, The Windmills, Paraportiani Church, Paradise Beach, Ano Mera, Delos, Psarou Beach etc.,

The Beautiful Santorini Island

The Santorini island, is one must visit place in Greece, no wonder people from all over the world come to Greece only to visit the Santorini island to have the glimpse of this phenomenal fairyland like place with colorful flattering houses laying on the shores of meticulously flowing clear waters, boasting to be a perfect ‘’ Wedding Destination ‘’ and a ‘’Romantic Getaway ‘’.

Visit The: Bella Aurora & Thalassa cruise, Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Wine-tasting tours at Santo Winery, Sailing experience at Santorini, Beauty of Santorini Volcano

The Rhodes Town

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, which once upon a time, also held the statue of the Greek God “Helios” which has been ravaged by a natural calamity occurred during 221 BC. Nonetheless, there is a lot more to see and do while you are in the old town of Rhodes, being a UNESCO’s World Heritage site. One can have the experience of the medieval culture and an evocative feel of a different era, while roaming around the streets of Rhodes, which makes you fall in love with it.

Visit The: Rhodes Old Town, Medieval Walls, Water Park, Mojito Beach Bar, Crusaders Castle. Neo-Classical Thermal Springs, etc.,

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