All individuals are required to apply for a Portugal business visa, if he/she is planning to travel to Portugal for a short term visit to accomplish the business activities. For applying the visa, the applicant has to clearly understand the process and the list of documents to be prepared. Indian Nationals who have their business established in India or their source of income coming from India, are eligible to apply for the business visa to Portugal.

Portugal is advanced country with a steep economy and tremendous living standards.

Contact us for gathering the information about the Portugal business checklist, Portugal application form and the complete process. Sanctum Consulting has expert agents with their services which includes assistance for processing, application form filling, documents checklist and information regarding the visa fees.

Business Visa

Portugal Business Visa Requirements for Applicant

  • Original Current Passport. Carry old passports also if any.

  • Application form and covering letter.

  • Overseas Travel medical insurance for the entire stay in Schengen area. The insurance should cover 30,000 EUR.

  • Flight and hotel bookings.

Portugal Business Visa Requirements From Inviter

  • Invitation Letter from the Portuguese Company with complete address and contacts of inviting person, host, hotel accommodation in Portugal.

Supporting Document For Portugal Business Visa

  • If the applicant is sponsored by other than the inviting/employer organization, an original Sponsorship Letter is required with sponsor’s Govt. ID Notarized Copies.

    If the Sponsor is in not in India, the Sponsorship Letter should be Notarized/Attested by a Notary/Advocate if in the E.U. or from the respective Portugal Consulate/Embassy in other countries.

Sanctum Consulting Portugal Process and Services

  • Filling Portugal Visa Application Forms

  • Customizing Document Checklist As per the applicant’s case

  • Scheduling appointments for biometrics

  • Providing cover letter format for applicant and invitation Letter format for sponsor or inviter.

  • Assist in preparing the complete day wise business agenda.

  • Mock Interview preparation with options of face to face at our office premises or though telephone or Skype calls if required.

  • Providing flight itinerary and searching for hotel booking link assistance.

  • Travel Insurance assistance at additional cost

Frequently Asked Questions – Portugal Business Visa

What is Portugal visa application fee?   

Portugal business visa fee is 80 EUR per individual, aged above 12 years. For children aged between 2-11 years, the visa fee is 40 EUR. There is additional fee involved for visa service charges and convenience fee, which the applicant can pay at the time of biometrics.

Do Indian passport holders need to apply visa for Portugal?

Yes, Indian nationals need to apply for the Portugal visa. They have to gather the required documents and book the appointment with the Portugal Visa application center for submitting the documents.

How do I acquire a Portugal visa?

It is very easy if you follow the steps below. But then, make sure you are providing all documents properly as per the official checklist.

  • Arranging all the documents.
  • Booking an appointment with the VAC.
  • Giving biometrics and submitting the documents.
  • Pay the fee for the visa.

How long can I live in Portugal without a visa?

You can not stay in Portugal without a valid visa. You need to apply for a visa and then can visit Portugal. If your existing visa is expired, we recommend you to apply for a fresh visa.

Who issues Visas for Portugal in India?

The embassy of Portugal, New Delhi and Consulate in Goa issues the visas for the Indians. The applicants need to lodge their applications at the respective embassy according to the jurisdiction.

How will I be able to contact the Portugal Consulate?

You can email or call them at the respective contact details provided at their official website. For more information, you can contact Sanctum consultants.

How much prior to my travel date can I apply for the visa?

The Portugal embassy takes about 3 weeks to complete process. One needs to lodge their visa well in advance at least giving a month’s gap between the appointment date and travel date. However, the applicant can apply at anytime within 3 months prior to intended date of visit.

What are the Submission timings at the Portugal Visa Application Centre?

You need to book a prior appointment with the Visa application Center for you to visit. The appointments would be available in the week days from morning to evening. According to the slot you got, you need to attend the VAC for submitting your application.

Do I have to come personally or can I courier that application to the Portugal Visa Application Centre?

If it is for the time you are applying for the visa, you would have to come mandatorily to give your fingerprints and submit the documents. In case you have previously travelled to Portugal in the last 3 years, you need not come for the finger prints, you can submit it through a third party.

Can you explain how is the application procedure at the Portugal Visa Application Centre?

There are just 3 steps, which the applicant needs to follow at the VAC.

  • Going in time to the VAC, as per the slot booked.
  • Submit the documents and give your fingerprints.
  • Make the visa fee payment.

What should I do in case I do not have all the documents?

In case you do not have all documents, we can help you suggesting an alternative document in that place or we can either justify for the same in the covering letter. But then the decision of the embassy might vary accordingly.

Will the Portugal VAC give me any proof that I have submitted?

Yes, the VAC gives a receipt of application lodged. You can also track the application with the number provided in the receipt.

What is the proof that I will have lodged my application at the Portugal Visa Application Centre?

Post you submit the documents and pay the visa fee, you will be given a receipt of payment and the tracking number of your passport would be mentioned in the receipt. With the help of this reference number, one can track the passport status online. Also you would get SMS or email updates about the status of your application.

Can my passport be couriered back by the Portugal Visa Application Centre?

Yes, at the time of biometrics, you can opt for the courier service at additional cost. You need o give the address where you want your passport to be couriered and the VAC will do the needful.

Is there a timeframe after the denial for me to re apply for the visa?

Generally, there is no timeframe for an applicant to re apply for the visa after refusal. The applicant immediately re apply for the visa booking the earliest slot available. However, the applicant also has go according to the refusal letter, if anything related to time frame is stated in the letter.

Is it possible to extend my Schengen visa in Portugal?

It is not possible to extend a short term visa on a general note. You can return back to home country and apply for a fresh visa, in case if you intend to travel to Portugal again. However, you can try lodging your request for the extension with the respective authority while you are in Portugal, under emergency situations.

Frequently asked questions
Portugal Visa Types

Portugal Tourist Visa.

A Portugal tourist visa will be given to people who wish to travel and explore the country for tourism or visit purpose, Click on the link to know more about the visa category.

Portugal Work Visa.

A Portugal work visa will be given to people who wish to travel to work in Portugal, Click on the link to know more about the visa category.