Philippines Visa Application Requirements for Indian Nationals

Traveling introduces you to a bunch of amazing people, destinations, experiences, food and so, has inspired many to pursue it as a hobby and profession. Addicted to traveling and wish to explore a place full of warmth and fun! Travel to the Philippines, a gem among the south-east Asian countries. Gather a bundle of knowledge about how to apply for Philippines tourist visa and the visa requirements. Fascinating landscapes brimming with a plethora of natural wonders, eye-catching pristine beaches, the rolling carpet of greenery shielding the hills induces a magical touch to this tropical paradise.

Ignite your passionate being and be ready for an adventurous start. As you plan for your trip, keep a major chunk of your valuable time aside to focus on your Philippines visa application process and document collection. That marks the beginning of your journey. Let us get a thorough and comprehensive knowledge about the document checklists and step by step process that an applicant must fittingly follow for increasing their visa success probability.

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What is a Philippines Tourist Visa?

Indian nationals planning for a travel to the Philippines must apply for Philippines tourist visa. The visa allows you to visit the country and explore it far and wide for tourism. You are eligible to carry out your travel activities for a limited duration as granted in the visa issued by the Philippines Embassy.

Philippines Visa Document Requirement for Indian Nationals

Embrace a life full of travel and adventure and experience the beauty of different nations and people. As you know, to travel to a different country you must hold a valid visa. More importantly, you must be acquainted with the visa application process that involves a hoard of paper works. Now that can at times drive you up the wall and vex you. Hold on to your patience for a few days and keep your mind more on collating the right documents required for Philippines tourist visa application process. In the successive narratives, the blog speaks more about the Philippines visa process and the document checklists. Get a tight grip on these helpful slices of information and use judiciously when you need them.

  • Original Passport [Current and previous if applicable]
  • Philippines visa application form
  • A detailed covering letter
  • Two recent colored photographs with matt or semi-matt finish, 60%-80% face visible, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm). 
  • Original Bank statements
  • Pay Slips
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Leave approval letter
  • Hotel bookings for the complete trip duration.
  • Flight booking of return or round ticket
  • Day wise travel itinerary 

Philippines Visa Process Time

The general process time taken by the Philippines Embassy in India to process the visa is approximately 10 working days. You can apply under the express category to get the visa processing completed quickly. But there are chances that for a tourist visa, an express category may not be always available. The obvious recommendation is to get in touch with the Embassy for a confirmation about Express mode application. Even if you apply for an application well ahead of your travel, there are chances of it getting delayed due to additional document requirements or personal interview call or any other sudden circumstances that may crop up.

Philippines Tourist Visa Validity

The visa is generally granted by the Embassy as per the travel date you have mentioned in your application. You can get the visa for a longer duration if you had a previous travel history to the Philippines.

Philippines Visa – FAQs

Do I need to apply for a visa to visit the Philippines?

Indian Nationals should apply for a Philippines tourist visa before their date of travel to be eligible to come into the country.

How long does it take to get the Philippines tourist visa?

In India, The Embassy on an average takes 10 working days. But the process time is subjected to change depending on various other allied reasons like additional document requirement, in-person interview etc.

Do I require to take vaccinations to travel to the Philippines while applying for the visa?

Vaccination is generally not required for Philippines visa application.

Am I eligible for a refund of the tourist visa fee I had paid if my application is rejected?

There is no refund on the visa fees if your Philippines visa gets rejected.

Best Time to Visit the Philippines

The peak season to travel to the Philippines can well be considered from November to April. The weather is moderate at that time making it travel friendly and feasible to explore every nook and cranny of this tropical country. During this time most part of the country is accessible with ease.

Popular Tourist Attractions: Amazing places to Visit in the Philippines

Banaue Rice Terraces – These terraces are a beautiful sight to behold with a lush canvas of greenery in the mountain of Luzon. Sprawling across several villages these rice terraces are an iconic landmark of Philippines.

Boracay – It is a famous island resort in the Philippines with long stretches of white sand beaches bucked up by palm trees and happening beach restaurants.

Chocolate Hills – It is a rare geographical development located in the Philippines in the Bohol province. From time to time this strange formation has bewildered not only the travelers but also the geologists. The chain of hills has a conical shape although of varied size and is wrapped in grass blanket. These are limestone hills that change colors from season to season. During the dry spell, the verdant greenery fades casting a brownish tinge on the hills. The gives a chocolaty look and thus the name was earned.

Malapascua Island – The island is located in the northern peripheries of Cebu island. It has earned its popularity for the idyllic atmosphere embracing the landscape and the year-round diving and other water activities. Tourists flock here to enjoy a relaxing vacation and coddle in several fun activities in a laid-back surrounding.

Mayon Volcano – The volcano located in the southeastern part of Luzon is an active one. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Bicol region. Campers and photographers are attracted to set a base here to explore the surrounding area and gaze at the incredible sight of the massive volcano.

In this blog, we have tried capturing a synopsis of how the Philippines visa process works, the document requirements and some tourism titbits. Obtaining a Philippines tourist visa can be completed in a few easy steps if you are well-conversant with the right visa process and documentation.