Information about France Business Visa Process

France being the epicenter of the European economy has established business relationships with various organizations worldwide. The simplest route to visit France to conduct a business meeting is to apply for France business visa. As a result of globalization, it has been a widespread trend of people traveling abroad frequently for business assignments, client meetings, participation in conferences or trade fairs. These regularly carried out affairs associated with business travels typically involve company employees or top-notch bosses who either travel to promote business to other countries or delivering an assigned project to the client. The nation has earned its fame as one of the most contemporary and highly-developed countries in the world.

The Embassy of France generally considers the below factors before issuing the visa to an applicant for Business Visit to France:-

  • The purpose of travel to France
  • While in France what would be the person’s means of financial support
  • Where they would be staying during their stay
  • If they have taken a medical or travel insurance
  • If they are genuine and they intend to return to their home country after their trip

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Document requirement for France Business Visa [Applicant]

  • Original passport with a validity of minimum three months
  • 3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications of the Embassy
  • Application form & declaration duly signed
  • Proof of financial status:
  • If self-employed: Certificate of Proprietorship or other proof of ownership (proof of land title, proof of income from agriculture (sales form) etc.)
  • If employed: Pay slips for the past three months/employment contract/ Appointment Letter
  • Personal bank statement of the past three months with sufficient funds
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Form 16
  • Travel Insurance for the employee.
  • Conference or Training letter from France counterpart
  • Invitation Letter from France Company 

Sponsorship Documents for France Visa Application

Sponsorship evidence is a crucial component in all visa applications which should not be ignored. Under France business visa category, in most of the cases, the company funds its employees for the business trip. In such a scenario, the company must provide the bank statements, tax statements and other financial documents to back the applicant’s visa application as a proof of sponsorship. If a person traveling in a proprietor then they must be able to show their bank statements and tax statements where their income is reflected. The visa may even be denied by the Embassy if the applicant fails to provide ample supporting documents to establish the means of subsistence during the business trip in France.

Visa Application Guidelines

Once you have gathered enough information about the requirements, set up a timeline to collect the documents.  Simultaneously you should initiate the visa application process by booking a slot for biometrics and document submission at facilitation center. While scheduling visa appointments, you have to select the right visa type and the date and time when you intend to give the fingerprinting. All the documents along with the application form must be submitted at the Embassy for visa processing. If you want your passport to be delivered to your residence, you have to opt for courier option by filling up a form at the submission center. Post submission you have to wait until a decision is taken by the visa officer on your application. In most cases, the visa is issued within 7-10 working days approximately.

France Business Visa Validity Duration

Generally, if a person intends to travel for business purpose the duration of the trip remains short. The Schengen visa is mostly granted by the Embassy taking into consideration the travel plan of the applicant which is starts from the date of the journey and the validity ends on the date of return of the applicant to the home country. If a person intends to extend their stay after their business meets they should give sufficient evidence of their purpose of stay and other relevant documents along with the application.

France Business Visa Processing Time

Normally it takes 7-10 working days for the Embassy to process the visa application. It may take longer if an interview is required or if it’s a peak season when Embassy receives a huge amount of application.

Seeking Professional Guidance

If you are interested to apply for France Business visa, it is advisable for you to seek professional help instead of doing it yourself to avoid the chance of getting the visa denied and have the visa approval in the first attempt. It is known to all that getting Schengen visa approval could be one of the toughest things as the rules and regulations laid for the visa are very stringent and even a minor error can take a toll on your entire plan and your schedules if the visa gets rejected.