How to Get Switzerland Schengen Visa for Indian Nationals?

Whether you are an ardent nature lover or a hiking enthusiast, picturesque Switzerland is a phenomenal experience for travelers. Kick start your adventurous trip with a Switzerland Schengen visa. With the perfect places for engaging in activities from towering snow-capped mountains to the turquoise lakes, Switzerland is clamoring with poise and feat at the same time. In this European travel paradise, tourists are exploited with choices so varied to be just explored in one trip. Complete the Switzerland tourist visa application in simple steps to appreciate the breath-taking beauty the country has to offer. There is something about the country that keeps travelers fascinated and fall in love with eternally.

The eye-catching landscape and the rich cultural heritage of the Swiss country is a thing to embrace and adore. Switzerland has profuse beauty to keep you enthralled. Here you can breathe in the fresh alpine surrounding, take a brisk walk through the lakeside and enjoy the smooth breeze and the lush green countryside.  Planning for a fantastic trip to Switzerland? Confused about seeking help to apply for the Switzerland visa? To help you get started we have counted in most of the vital Schengen visa information in our blog. This post covers a gamut of handy tips about Switzerland tourist visa application, the process to apply for the visa, document requirements and the process time.

Switzerland Schengen Visa Blog

Switzerland Visa Information

Switzerland visa is granted to individuals by the Switzerland Embassy to allow them to travel to the country for sightseeing or visiting their relatives residing there. Applicants must opt for Switzerland tourist visa if they are strictly planning for tourist activities to indulge in. Applicants with intent to visit their relatives must apply for Switzerland visitor visa. Both fall under Schengen short stay visa which is commonly referred to as Type C Visa. Schengen Type C visa is issued for a maximum duration of 3 months to an applicant. The visa cannot be extended beyond that unless there are unprecedented happenings the applicant is affected with. Most of the non-EU countries are required to avail a Schengen visa to lawfully make an entry to any of the 26 Schengen nations. Indian nationals are required to get a valid Schengen visa to travel to Switzerland and other Schengen countries. We will get an enhanced grasp of the visa process and documentation in the upcoming fragments.

What are the Documents Requirements for Switzerland Visa?

When you plan a trip to Switzerland one of the main preparations is to apply for Switzerland Schengen visa for Indians. Coming to the Switzerland visa application process, the main prerequisites is to gather the essential visa documents consistent with the official document checklist. All the Schengen nations have more or less similar requirements to apply for a Schengen visa. In your entire travel planning, the visa application consumes the maximum time and rightly so. Given the strict nature of the Schengen visa process, you must take good care of the application and the documentation. Any slightest error in the documents may put your application haywire. Indulge in thorough research to collect the appropriate visa information. If time is a constraint, you may seek expert guidance from a reliable visa consultant to handle the application on your behalf. Follow our practical visa guide to the list of documents required for Switzerland visa process for Indian passport holder.

  • Current passport along with all other previous passports if any
  • 3 Photographs 35–40 mm, 70–80% of the face visible in white background
  • Switzerland visa application form
  • A detailed cover letter explaining the purpose of the trip and the other important details
  • Copy of travel medical insurance policy with minimum coverage of 30,000 Euro / 50,000 USD / 50,000 CHF per person. Coverage of all expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment  The insurance has to cover the entire stay in the Schengen territory
  • Original bank statement in A4 size sheet for last 3 months with a sign and stamp from the bank
  • Original leave approval letter with stamp and signature on company letterhead
  • Pay Slips for the last 3 months
  • Income Tax Returns for the last 3 years
  • Hotel confirmation for the complete trip (should have the Name, Address, Contact Details of the Hotel)
  • Round trip flight ticket itinerary
  • Marriage Certificate if married
  • Invitation letter from the host in Switzerland, original or a clear copy, dated and signed, mentioning names of all invitees, duration of stay, relationship and the purpose of the invitation, an address of the host along with a copy of the passport or identity card, OCI and residential permit

Switzerland Visa Process in India – How to Apply

Switzerland visa process in India is handled by the Switzerland facilitation center, VFS Global. The organization is authorized by the Switzerland Embassy in India to act on their behalf to collect the application from the applicants. The VFS deals with the administrative works allied to the visa processes and forwards the applications to the Embassy for processing. The visa process follows a few systematic steps as explained below before it reaches the Embassy for processing:-

  • You must schedule an appointment with Switzerland VFS for document submission and biometrics. Print the appointment confirmation page and attach it along with the other documents
  • Next, get the Switzerland visa application form and fill it up with the right data. The visa application form can be filled up online and offline. Select the mode convenient for you. Draft an in-depth covering letter. Attach both the documents with the rest of the paper works as mentioned above.
  • Review the whole application thoroughly not to leave any room for slip-ups. Check every document and make sure to have supplied the updated versions.
  • Submit the application at the VFS on the appointment day and provide your biometric data.
  • Pay the Schengen visa fee at the cash counter. Collect the visa payment receipt. On the receipt, you will find the application tracking number. You can track the application until your visa is processed by the Embassy and the passport is dispatched.

This is the complete process explained in a nutshell. The moment you get engaged yourself, you will find a lot more additional works coming up to complete the application with precision. 

Switzerland Schengen Visa Process Time

Most of the Schengen visas are processed within a span of a week if everything moves smoothly. The Switzerland Embassy in India processes the visas within a duration of approximately 7 to 10 working days. If you are unlucky and caught in situations like a personal interview call or additional document requirements, the process time shoots up undoubtedly. Apply for the visa as early as you can to keep enough space to accommodate such events before your travel date. You are allowed to lodge the application 90 days in advance to your travel date. So take advantage of it and spare yourself from the last minute hurdles.

Switzerland Visa Fee

Indian passport holders above 12 years must pay a visa fee of INR. 5000/-. Applicants between ages 6 to 12 are eligible to pay a relatively lesser fee of INR. 3000/-.  Applicants below 6 years are waived from paying Switzerland visa fee.