How to Get Singapore Tourist Visa for Indian Nationals?

A multicultural country known to be one of the world’s leading economic centers in banking and information technology, Singapore is the choice for many travelers. As you know, international travel requires a visa, in most cases making travelers jittery about the complications involved in the visa application process. Singapore tourist visa application lets you visit the country for tourism for a limited duration. The country embedded with a vibrant history and diverse ethnic culture gets a huge number of tourist footprints throughout the year. Wide-ranging choices from delicious gastronomies, premium shopping malls, theme parks, to beautiful beaches, and safari park are available for tourists to enjoy their Singapore retreat.

Singapore Visa Application Process

Steps to apply for Singapore Tourist visa

The High Commission in India does not accept application in-person. To apply for Singapore visa for Indians, get in touch with an authorized agent who possesses the license for Singapore visa application with the embassy. It is quite similar to a regular visa application process. Travelers holding Indian passport can easily get the visa approval without any hassles. This blog will talk about the steps to apply Singapore tourist visa for Indian nationals.

Previously Singapore Embassy used to allow personal walk-ins for submission of visa applications and related documents. Off late that facility is halted and you have to directly go through authorized travel agents. The visa agent will apply for the e-visa through their credentials on the Singapore visa portal. The Embassy is issuing not issuing stamping visa. Instead, they are issuing e-visas and the travel agent can apply for this directly. Following are the documents required for the Singapore tourist visa application: 

Document Checklist for Singapore Tourist Visa

  • Original Passport [Recent and previous if app​​licable]
  • Singapore visa application form 14A
  • 3 colored photographs [35mm* 45 mm, white background, matte finish, 70% face visible]
  • Rental Agreement if the passport is not from Telangana or Andhra Pradesh
  • ​Leave approval letter from the company​ or email approval of leave
  • Employment proof [last 3 months Pay slips, company ID card copy]
  • NOC from school if studying
  • Student ID card copy if studying
  • Flight tickets and Hotel booking if any
  • Marriage certificate copy if married

Am I required to provide my original passport for Singapore Tourist Visa?

It is good to provide the original passport, though sticker visas are no longer issued. An approved electronic visa is issued to the applicant and the authorized visa agent will download and share with you. The purpose behind giving the original passport to the agent is, in case of a necessity where the Embassy unexpectedly asks for the original passport for verification from the agent, the troubles can be avoided.

Is it mandatory to provide confirm flight and hotel reservations?

You might be required to provide confirmed flight and hotel reservation proof by the Embassy in some cases.

What is the Singapore Visa validity period?

The Singapore Visa validity is valid for a period of 30 days which begins from the date of issue of the visa. Keep in mind that the duration of the visa must not be exceeded unless specifically mentioned in the visa. The visas are issued for multiple entries by the Embassy in most cases.

What is the visa process time for Singapore?

The e-visa takes 3-5 working days to be issued by the Embassy. This e-visa will allow you multiple entries into Singapore for a period of 30 days. If a person is a frequent traveler to Singapore they may be granted a longer duration visa. However, the stay might be limited to 30 days that depends on the Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

What is Singapore tourist visa fee?

Singapore tourist visa cost is $30. The visa is not refundable irrespective of the visa decision outcome.

Is Transit Visa Required for Singapore?

Transit visa may not be required if the travel stays within the transit area in the airport during the transit time and does not cross the Singapore Immigration. It is however recommended to check with the respective airlines to know if any visa is required.

Tips to Avoid Immigration Hazards at the Port of Entry in Singapore

  • Just having a valid visa may not be the ultimate permit for you to enter a country. The final decision happens at the Immigration where you face the questions about your travel plan. Here are a few tips you may take note of while clearing the immigration formalities: –
  • Make sure to answer correctly when asked about the purpose of your trip
  • Know about the visa category you have applied for
  • Stick to the actual travel itinerary while explaining and carry a copy of all the hotel bookings and flight tickets as an evidence
  • Put up a gentle smile while talking and do not get into an argument
  • Must not have a previous record of overstay in Singapore
  • Carry sufficient funds without as a proof to cover your travel expenses

Expenses in Singapore

Lodging – One has to be pay from 15-17 SGD per night for a bed in a dormitory room. Accommodation would be expensive. Most hostels offer free WiFi, free breakfast, and some offer free linens. One can get a room in a with facilities like air-conditioning, private bathrooms, free WiFi, starting from 40 SGD per night. Big and branded hotels will cost between 70-100 SGD per night.

Food – In Singapore, one can find a variety of cuisines, especially Chinese and Indian food.   There are ample budget eateries in Singapore with street stalls selling food for less than 6 SGD per meal.

Conveyance – One can get ample buses and taxis across Singapore, but the most helpful would be the Mass Rapid Transit. You can also get Singapore Tourist Pass which has unlimited travel within a selected time duration.