How to Get a Turkey Tourist Visa for Indian Nationals?

Turkey is a treasure trove for wanderers in the quest for an enriching historical experience. An increasing number of exotic travel hubs in Turkey are alluring travelers into the country on Turkey tourist visa. A promise for new experiences and sensational history, Turkey has earned its fame as a country with endless iconic cities of historical times. A connecting point between Asia and Europe, the country is an ideal mishmash of both the cultures so much visible in the local lifestyle, food habits and many other facets. There is something magical about the country that will make you come back for more. On a Turkey tourist visa, grab the scope to explore Islamic architecture and culture.

The surreal landscape of Turkish travel hotspots is a paradise for photo lovers. The white travertine terraces in Pamukkale, the incredible architecture and local bazaars of Istanbul, the spectacular view of the semi-arid regions of Cappadocia on a hot-air balloon, the resort town of Kusadasi are all a pleasure in themselves stealing the heat of passionate travelers. Whether you wish to laze around the sun-soaked Mediterranean beaches, take pleasure in exploring the historical sites, Turkey has in store a galore of activities and attractions to indulge in. Options are diverse here and the vacationers already visited Turkey can attest to this. Turkey tourist visa is the popular route opted by travelers for a pleasure trip with family and friends. If you have decided a trip to Turkey, collecting information about the Turkey visa process is the first task to start with. For more ideas about Turkey tourist visa, consider giving an in-depth read through our post.

Turkey tourist attractions

Turkey Tourist Visa Information

Turkey tourist visa is applied by people planning a vacation in Turkey solo or with friends and family members. Indians Nationals are needed to apply for a Turkey tourist visa to be able to gain access to the country for tourism. The visa is granted for a limited duration, mostly in tandem with the entry and exit date of the applicant from Turkey. The Turkey visa can be issued for a maximum duration of 90 days by the Turkish Embassy in India. In the subsequent sections, we will discuss briefly how to apply for a Turkey visa.

Turkey Tourist Visa Process – How to Apply

It does not really take very long to complete a Turkey visa application. It is simple and painless if you are well versed with the process and the paper works. To make it easier for readers, we have listed down the visa application process for Turkey in a few simple steps below: –

  • Download the visa application form from the Turkey visa facilitation center website. These centers are officially authorized by the Turkey Embassy to manage the administrative work related to the visa procedures and forward the application at the Embassy for processing. After completing the form review and sign on it.
  • An explanatory covering letter must be prepared including all the important details related to your background and travel.
  • Accumulate the documents relevant to your profile and keep them in proper arrangement. Attach the form and the covering letter to the set.
  • Submit the visa application at the facilitation center and make the Turkey tourist visa fee payment there. Remember to collect the payment receipt from the counter. The tracking number is mentioned in it. You can track your visa application status through the number while it is being processed at the Embassy. The receipt is also needed for the collection of the passport from the center after it is dispatched by the Turkey Embassy.

Turkey Tourist Visa Document Checklist

Having the correct documents is a great start when you are planning for a holiday in Turkey. When you plan for a journey abroad, the thought of visa and the monotony of documentation unavoidably cast a gloomy spell on you. Worry less and focus more on the right things. A few simple steps if followed correctly can make your visa journey a stressless one. Keep the primary emphasis on collating the suitable documents to support your personal, professional and financial background and travel plan. These are the points the visa officer harps on while taking a decision on a visa application. Give them no chance to deny your visa. A visa rejection marks a scar on your profile and to some extent may affect your future abroad travels. To help you get an in-depth insight into the paper works involved for processing a Turkey visa, the list of general document requirements are compiled below:-

  • Current Passport accompanies by all the old passports if any [ Current passport must have a validity of minimum 6 months]
  • Turkey tourist visa application form
  • Colored photographs as per the official photo specification [2.5–2.5 inches in width, 80% of the face visible on white background.
  • Travel medical insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the intended stay or transit + 2 additional days. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30000. 
  • Bank statement validated by the bank with stamp and signature
  • Salary slips and leave approval letter granted by the employer on official letterhead
  • Income tax statement
  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay.
  • Round trip flight reservation ticket
  • If Invited: invitation letter, passport pages, and the resident permit card copy from the inviter in Turkey 

Turkey Tourist Visa Fee in India

Turkey visa fee granted for single entry is INR. 4270/- for each application. Visas issued for multiple entries are charged INR. 14220/-. Apart from these charges, there are other allied fees such as the facilitation fee, courier and SMS fee that are to be paid alongside the visa fee at the center. People submitting their visa fee at the facilitation center must make the payment in cash.

Turkey Tourist Visa Process Time

The Turkey Embassy in India processed the visa application on a range of 7 to 10 working days approximately. It is advised to always apply a bit earlier to accommodate the various unanticipated events that may suddenly crop up during the process and may delay the issuance of the visa at the Embassy. A sudden interruption in the normal visa process time may hinder the timely approval of visa and affect your travel plans.