How to apply for Spain Schengen visa? Requirements and Guidelines

Whether it’s crystal clear turquoise water or the sun-kissed beaches, Spain has a magical appeal to travelers visiting the country from all corners of the planet. The first step to plan for your Spain trip would be to apply for a Schengen tourist visa or Spain tourist visa which allows one to travel around all the Schengen countries, the main destination being Spain.  

Apply for Spain Tourist Visa

With a plethora of tourist attractions, travelers here can enjoy a gala time exploring the cities, beaches, coastal areas, the architectures and the festivals. The fantastic weather and lip-smacking seafood are not less influential factors in attracting tourist here. The country marked by a laid-back way of life offers a great ground to travelers looking for a stress-free vacation with friends, family or solo. Apply for Spain tourist visa and get engrossed in the Spanish extravaganza.

What is Schengen Visa or Spain Tourist Visa?

A Spain Schengen visa allows a person to travel to all the countries which come under the Schengen Treaty but your maximum duration of stay must be in Spain. On obtaining the Schengen visa, you are allowed to circulate within the Schengen territory multiple times. Clubbing up the other Schengen countries like France, Italy, Switzerland etc as you plan is allowed with one single visa. However, if you leave the Schengen territory, you would not be able to re-enter again without a new valid visa unless you have a multiple entry visa. The tourist visa is categorized as type C visa applicable to short stays that must not exceed beyond 90 days.

Step by Step Guidance to Apply for Spain Visa

Now traveling abroad comes with a major hurdle – the visa application process that you must encounter and overcome with poise and much patience. That being done, you are ready to tread towards your dream Spanish vacation. If you have already decided to travel to Spain, you must know the right category of visa to apply for. It is essential to have a clear idea about the visa type. Applying under an incorrect category inconsistent with your purpose of the trip may lead to visa refusal. Now we will further discuss the intricacies and the minutest things associated with Spain visa application process and get a comprehensive knowledge about the document checklist according to the Embassy requirement.

Spain Tourist Visa Document Requirements

  • Passport: Original Passport with validity of minimum three months and two blank pages for visa stamp. 
    a) Required photocopies of all the pages of the current and previous passport (if any).(even the blank pages)
    Please note 
    a) Passports issued beyond 10 years will not be accepted by the Embassy 
    b) Attach all your old passports (if any)
  • One visa application form with two copies duly signed in Blue ink only
  • Two recent passport size photographs with matt or semi-matt finish, 60%-80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm) 
  • Covering-Letter from applicant The letter should be duly signed by authorized signatory with company stamp and addressed to – The Consulate General of Spain, Mumbai
  • Invitation letter from inviter and their identity documents.
  • Personal Income tax returns (ITR V) for the last three years. In case, the returns have not been filed, submit a letter of explanation. 
  • Salary slips with company seal for the last six months. 
  • Original Personal bank statements of the applicant for past 1 year with the original stamp and signature of authorized signatory of the bank (Online Bank statements are not acceptable).
  • Copy of Pan Card 
  • Appointment Letter and NOC from Employer 
  • Hotel confirmation for the entire period of stay in Schengen area and Tour Itinerary
  • Flight Ticket Itinerary
  • Travel Insurance for the stay duration amounting to 30,000 Euros. The validity of the travel insurance must be at least 15 days longer than the period of stay and must cover the whole Schengen territory

To apply for Spain visa or any Schengen visa, an applicant must take a prior appointment with the visa facilitation centers authorized by the Spain Embassy for fingerprinting and document submission to lodge Spain Visa application.

According to the EU rules, it is suggested to lodge the application at least 15 working days before the intended visit to Spain. It is important to note that applications can be lodged no more than three months before the start of the intended visit.

How much time does it take to get a tourist visa for Spain?

The process time for Spain tourist visa is close to 15 working days approximately. However, at times depending on the personal circumstances of an application, the Embassy may ask for additional documents or call the candidate for an interview. Then the process time may get extended beyond the normal time.

If I am called for an interview by the Embassy, what are the questions I can expect?

It is difficult to say the exact questions the visa officer might ask as there would be spontaneous questions thrown to you that you must answer appropriately. Most of the questions would be related to your travel plan and personal circumstances. Before attending the interview, take time out to prepare a bit. Not that you cannot answer, but a little preparation may put you in a better place to face the interview and you may dodge any chances of missing out simple points. Few suggestions about the interview questionnaire are penned down for your reference: –

  • Who will pay for your visit?
  • Do you have any close family or friends in the Schengen area.? If yes, when did you meet the last time?
  • Where do you stay? What would be your mode of commutation from one place to another during the trip?
  • How do you guarantee me that you will come back to your home country?
  • Which company do you work for and what is your salary?
  • What does your company do?
  • What are your role in the company and how many years of total experience you have?
  • Could you please show me your company profile and tax returns?
  • How many employees are there in your company?

What is the currency of Spain?

The currency of Spain is the Euro.

What is the best time to visit Spain?

The summer can be exceedingly hot in Spain with temperatures reaching upwards of 40ºC (104ºF). For milder temperatures, late spring and early fall are ideal times to travel. The months of May, June, and September, October is peak tourist season across Spain.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Spain

Here we tried jotting down a few popular cities in Spain which are generally considered as a base location by many travelers to explore several parts of this country.

Barcelona– It is one of the most culturally rich cities in Spain. It is an amazingly charming city with fountains and architectures are strewn across.  Towering columns, ancient city walls, and subterranean stone corridors takes us back to Middle Ages which can be explored by taking a stroll through the shadowy lanes of the Gothic quarter, serene plazas, and soaring cathedrals. 

Madrid– It is a beguiling place where people really know how to live. As a capital city, Madrid has a huge range of things to do, a place to eat and all the facilities a vacationer needs. The city is branded by its intense cultural and artistic activity and an extremely dynamic nightlife.

Seville- Seville is one of the major historical centers in Europe with the minaret La Giralda, the Cathedral, and the Alcázar Palace. Its historic center, with a colossal Gothic cathedral, is a blend of dazzling palaces, baroque churches and winding medieval lanes. 

Valencia- The city is a resplendent mixture of past and present. It is one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in Spain. It is the country’s third largest city which is a perfect place to live and enjoy the River Gardens and explore the mountains.