How to Apply for South Korea Tourist Visa for Indian Nationals?

Covering almost half of the Korean peninsula, South Korea is jam-packed with a bundle of exhilarating wonders right from the natural vistas, traditional villages to urban cities. Apply for South Korea tourist visa and make rapid progress to your travel plan. South Korea visa grants you permission to visit the country for exploring the tourist attractions and delve deep into the local culture. Before you take the leap to plan for your trip, brush up well on the visa application process and the document requirements.

The exotic nature of the country allures explorers to wade through the top travel picks and the other unexplored corners of the country. Hospitable locals and mouthwatering cuisines are icing on the top. Surreal surrounding of South Korean landscape is not a thing to miss. Fall in love with the Korean gem and enjoy the sights and sounds that it emanates. The blog unfolds some of the salient features of South Korea visa application process. Soak up the knowledge and use it at the right time.

South Korea Visa Blog

South Korea Visa Document Requirements

A swarm of travelers’ lodge their South Korea visa application all the year round from India to discover the countless enthralling experiences. A major hurdle to your travel dreams pops in when you plan a trip abroad and the visa application comes in picture. Now that it forms the major part of your travel plan. Do not lose focus on it. Read the documents listed below and become well versed with the complete process end to end.

  • An original passport that is valid for at least another 6 months with at least one blank visa page and a copy of the front and back side of passport pages.
  • 3 Photographs for each applicant,
  • 35* 45 mm, white background
  • Visa application form
  • Financial statement
  • Employment contract if any
  • Income Tax statement
  • Travel itinerary day wise
  • Flight Ticket reservation
  • Hotel reservation

South Korea Visa Application Process

Once you get the visa without any glitches you can be more at peace to sketch your travel plan and enjoy a fun-filled voyage. Visa application ropes in a chunk of documentation including, the visa application for filling, writing a detailed covering letter, setting the documents in order and be prepared to submit the documents. For your convenience, you can hand it over to a proficient visa agent to take it forward and submit at the South Korea Embassy. They can take care of your visa application process end-to-end. However, it is recommended to review the documents that you submit them to avoid any errors from your end. Pending documents may delay your visa application processing. Incorporate your financial documents with sufficient fund support alongside your work documents. These are the vital documents that convey your background and profile to the visa officer to a great extent.

South Korea Visa – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time for South Korea visa?

The visa processing time at the South Korea Embassy takes around 7 -10 working days. There can be an extension in the visa processing time if any additional requirements crop up.

Can I get a visa on arrival to South Korea?

Indian nationals must apply for South Korea tourist visa prior to their travel in order to lawfully enter the country.

How long is a South Korea Visa valid for?

South Korea visa validity is generally granted as per your travel date. At times the embassy may grant you a longer duration visa than your travel if you have prior visas to South Korea.

How early may I apply for South Korea Visa?

You may lodge your application as early as 90 days prior to your travel. It is good to lodge your South Korea visa application a month or no less than two weeks ahead of your travel plan. You must take into consideration certain unforeseen circumstances. In order to avoid the hassles, you may keep a safe minimum gap between your visa application and travel. You should not apply much well in advance as the visa may expire before travel.

What are the requirements for South Korea visa? 

Requirements involve submitting your original passport, other travel documents, work, and financial documents. Scroll above to get an idea about the basic list of documents. 

Can I renew my South Korea visa? 

You may need to apply for a fresh visa for South Korea.

Do I need to submit the application personally at the Embassy?

Submitting the documents personally is not required unless you are specifically asked for it. You can use a visa consultant to submit the application at the Embassy.

Do I get a refund of my visa fee if my application is rejected?

No, the visa fee paid for South Korea visa application may not be refunded. The visa fee includes the processing and handling charges. Despite the outcome, you may not get it back.

Am I required to have previous travel history abroad to increase my chances of getting the visa?

Having previous travel history may enhance your case. But that does not direct guarantee you a visa. As a first time traveler, you are very well eligible to get you a visa. Your documentation must be correct. The Embassy takes the final decision on your visa.