How to Apply for China Tourist Visa – L Visa Application

The magical charm of China with diverse landscapes and culture, long history and the ever-burgeoning population has become an obvious choice of travelers for tourism. Tourism in China has moved on a rapid pace and the growth trend is evident in the rise in a good number of travelers applying for China tourist visa. China vaunts a wide-ranging stunning attraction right from its stunning landscapes, modern shopping districts, imperial palaces to ancient relics, splendid natural wonders, and cultural heritage. Travelers from all corners of the planet step into this massive Asian country to explore its ancient mysticism that still preserves its towering presence and feel.

When most travelers visit China, they explore the megacities and the most popular tourist attractions. Known for its vastness and varied geography, China is not one of those countries that can be explored to its core in one single trip. Just as you land there on a China visa you get a feel of the Two to three trips to China can probably justify the country’s worth as a fascinating travel jaunt. The country is teeming with globally recognized travel hotspots. Yet there are places beyond the known boundaries. There is so much to more China than just popular attractions. A wanderer on the beam with tourism and off the beaten paths set for exploration throughout the country. As we read more through the post, we get further information about China visa application process.

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China Tourist Visa Information and Guidelines

China Tourist visa is meant for those who plan to visit China for tourist activities, sightseeing, and visiting friends and family members. Most of the travelers are required to apply for a China tourist visa to enter the country. Indian nationals intending to travel to China must hold a valid China visa [L Visa]. Travelers are generally given the China tourist visa for a limited period not exceeding the duration of 30 days. Get into a detailed analysis of the visa application process to accomplish the work appropriately and with ease.

China Visa Application Process

The China L visa process is not complicated if you follow the right guidelines. You can either submit the visa application yourself at the Embassy or assign it to a visa agent. Handing over the work to a visa consultant can be a viable option for you. The visa agents can get easy access to the facilitation center for submission as they work on bulk applications. The first task you must step on to is knowing the document requirements and collating them in order. Next step would be to fill up the China visa application form, write the covering letter and arrange the travel documents. Attach all the documents together and make a single set. Then submit it at the facilitation center according to the correct jurisdiction based on your state of residence in India. Make the visa fee payment at the counter and collect the payment receipt with the application number. After the visa processing, you can collect the passport from the facilitation center. Hiring a visa agent can be helpful here. They can take care of the application, document submission and passport collection on your behalf.

China Tourist Visa Document Requirements

Here we will discuss the most important part of the China visa application: the documentation. Though China tourist visa process is relatively easier with a handful of documents, yet you must have the right knowledge about it. To get your visa approval smoothly it is important to be familiar with the document’s requirements. Gathering the right documents timely and submitting them at the Embassy ensures a hassle-free visa processing. Lack of documents can lead to a lot of glitches on your way. Consider taking adequate steps to accumulate the documents and set them up the way it is expected at the Embassy. The visa agents are well acquainted with the documentation and the visa application processes and can certainly guide you with the right document checklist. If you are short of time, you can contemplate over taking visa assistance from experts. Here we have summed up the list of important documents required for China tourist visa. Roll your eyes over the details penned down in the below lines: –

Applicants Documents

  • Original Passport
  • China visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant
  • 3 passport size photographs 48*33 mm, glossy finish, white background, 70% face visible
  • Original Bank Statement for the last six months with a minimum balance of Rs 1,50,000 with bank seal and signature of authorized signatory on each page.
  • Original no objection letter from employer on company letterhead
  • Payslips and Income Tax Returns
  • Hotel confirmation for the complete duration along with the daywise tour itinerary
  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.
  • Marriage Certificate if married

Inviter/Sponsor Documents if invited

  • Passport first, last and visa pages
  • Invitation letter
  • Bank statements with enough balance if sponsoring
  • Payslips and bank statement if sponsoring

China Tourist Visa Process Time

The visa process time at the China Embassy in India takes around 5-8 working days under normal mode. The applications can be submitted under urgent mode with conditions applied. Under urgent mode, the process time is lesser and can be expected to complete within 2-3 working days. These are the general timelines of the Embassy which can be affected by various situations. An applicant can be called for an interview in person or asked to submit extra documents. These requirements can crop up suddenly during the process and can delay the visa processing time.

China Tourist Visa Fee

China tourist visa fee under normal mode is INR. 3900 for a single entry visa. For double entry or multiple entries visa, additional fees are charged. Generally, the Embassy grants a single entry visa to travelers. Double and multiple entries visa are mostly approved to people who holds good previous travel histories to China. The visa can also be applied under urgent mode at additional charges to reduce the processing time for applicants who have close travel plans.