Guidelines to Get Germany Tourist Visa in 7 days for Indians

A potpourri of history, culture, nature, and ideas, Germany is clamoring with seemingly endless tourist destinations to discover. The country is essentially described by its historical cities, architecture, picturesque castles and landscapes. If you are planning a trip to Germany, the first thing is to apply for a Germany tourist visa. Here we are talking of one of the most amazing travel European travel hub nestled at the center of the continent. A slight pain is worth taking to reach someplace so ethereal and beautiful. With a valid German visa, you can explore every nook and corner of the country for sightseeing.

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Germany Tourism

Germany has a wide-ranging tourist attraction ranging from historical cities, castles to quaint medieval towns, towering Alpine ranges. Satiate your wanderlust exploring the majestic travel gems, local lifestyles, and the sweeping landscape speckled throughout the country. An ardent travel freak can experience myriad features offered by various German cities and towns each boasting a uniqueness of its own. To top it all, the country’s most famous Oktoberfest offers the best way to blend with the local way of life and celebrate the festivities. The soaring tourist footfall in the country is an illustration of Germany’s popularity among the European destinations for tourism. Indians are one of the most frequent travelers here and to the other Schengen states. Nail the Germany visa application as a first step towards preparing for your German vacation. If you are curious about the Germany visa application process, continue reading our post. We have got the most details covered here.

Information about Germany Visa

Germany visa also termed as Schengen visa allows a traveler to visit the country for exploring the tourist destinations or pay a visit to friends and family members. Both the travel purposes can be accomplished through respective visa categories; tourist and visitor visa. You must select a tourist visa to lodge a visa application for tourism. Visitor visa category is selected when an applicant plan to visit their relatives in Germany. There is a variation of documents to be provided according to the suitable visa category. Germany tourist visa is categorized as Schengen short stay Type C visa with a maximum validity of 3 months from the date of issuance. The German Consulate in India issues the Germany Schengen visas. Most of the Indian passport holders are granted the visa in line with their entry and exit date from Schengen.

Germany Visas in Indian may be applied at the Embassies and Consulates in the locations stated below:

  • The German Embassy in New Delhi
  • The German Consulate Kolkata
  • The German Consulate Mumbai
  • The German Consulate Chennai
  • The German Consulate Bengaluru 

Germany Visa Document Checklist

When it comes to aboard travel, it takes a lot of planning. Most countries require a valid visa to allow you entrance to their territory lawfully. The visa application process accompanies the documentation work that certainly is the most cumbersome part of your complete travel plan. And so, your Germany visa application begins with the most painstaking task of the document collection. Think of the amazing vacation you will soon immerse in and buckle up for all the challenging works that come on your way. That’s a perfect way to start something with positivity and panache. And trust me; you are going to need it. Schengen visa is no cake walk. The visa application can be even more nerve-wracking than you can ever imagine if you are not on the beam with the documents requirements and the process fundamentals. Give yourself the required boost and dip in out-an-out research. As a backing, we have created a set of handy guidelines about the documents requirements in the fragments below:-

  • Original Passport. Attach the old ones if any
  • 3 Photographs according to the photograph specification of the Embassy
  • Germany visa application form
  • Employment reference letter
  • Pay Stubs for the last 3 months
  • Tax statements for the last 3 years
  • A4 size bank statements for last 3 months authenticated with stamp and signature. The account must have adequate balance as proof of sustenance for your trip
  • Evidence of accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay
  • Round trip flight reservation along with internal bookings
  • Marriage Certificate copy if applicable
  • PAN/ Adhar card copy
  • Travel medical insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit + 2 additional days. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30 000.
  • For minors:
  1. A) Application form and declarations signed by both parents Consent letter signed by both parents
  2. B) Copy of the parent(s)’ passports data page
  • If invited and sponsored: Verpflichtungserklärung (formal obligation letter) of your sponsor, Passport first, last pages, Resident permit card copy and other financial documents

Tick of the documents one by one as you start working on the application. Arrange everything in order and revise the documentation. Errors are not at all desirable in the application. You must do your best to avoid it. Now let’s make a move to the next section related to the Germany visa process flow.

Germany Visa Application Process

The primary step is to schedule an appointment with Germany VFS for document submission and biometric. VFS is the visa facilitation center managing the non-judgemental visa works related to the collection of documents, visa fee payment, dispatching passport to Embassy and coordinating between the Embassy and the applicant throughout the process. They have an online website where you can create an account to book the appointment. Fill up the visa application form completed with sign and date. Gather all the documents and set them according to order and run a thorough revision. Submit the documents on the appointment date and provide your biometrics. Complete the visa fee payment at the VFS center. Take the visa fee payment receipt with your visa application tracking number mentioned on it. Use the tracking number to check your application status until the completion of the visa processing at the Embassy.

Germany Tourist Visa – FAQs

What is the process time for Germany visa?

The Germany Embassy in India has a wide-ranging process time for different application based on the applicant’s profile and supporting documents. Most of the cases with a smooth sail are processed between 5 to 8 working days in general. If there is any further verification of the application, it may take longer time. The incidents like in-person interview calls and extra document submission requirements invariably extend the Germany visa process time.

How can I get a Germany tourist visa from India?

Apply for your Germany tourist visa through the German facilitation center nearest to your location and as per the jurisdiction. The process to apply for the visa is explained briefly in the above sections.

How much is the Schengen visa fee for Germany?

Can I look for a job in Germany on a Tourist visa?

On a Germany tourist visa, you are not legally allowed to look for employment or work in Germany. You can apply for Germany job seeker visa to scout for employment opportunities there.

Can I enter Switzerland with a Germany Schengen visa?

You can certainly enter Switzerland or any other Schengen countries holding a valid Germany Schengen visa. According to the treaty signed by the 26 countries, holding a Schengen visa entitles travelers to tour across all the Schengen territories with a single visa without being subjected to border checks. You can move around freely as long as your Schengen visa is valid. You must leave the territory before the expiry of the visa.