Guide to Get UK Business Visa for Indian Nationals

Business-friendly environment and soaring employment opportunities indicate a stable economic advancement of the United Kingdom. Business professionals engaged in foreign organizations apply for UK business visa to enter the country for business meetings, conferences, deal negotiations, etc. All the business activities a person is willing to engage in the UK must be carried out by availing a UK business visa from the Embassy of the respective country. Various companies in India and the UK are engaged in such development of bilateral trade and business works. People holding Indian passports are required to get a valid UK business visa to be able to visit the UK for business works.

The well-developed market and the robustness of the economy has created a healthy atmosphere for business transactions with overseas organizations in various sectors from financial sectors, information technology, pharma, etc. These constructive traits attract more and more foreign organizations to initiate business relationships with UK companies. Applying for a UK business visa is the best route for foreign companies to send their employees or representatives to the UK to continue strengthening the business relations reciprocally advantageous. In here we have captured various essential points about the UK business visa application process. Flip through the post to decipher the steps to apply for UK business visa and what documents to be gathered for getting the visa process done fruitfully.

UK Business Visa Information

UK Business Visa Information and Validity

UK business visa is designed for people intending to gain access to the country for business activities like meeting clients, attend business conferences and promotional events and many such similar activities. In India, an applicant looking for a UK visa must apply at the UK Embassy in India. The visa application must be lodged through the UK VFS, an authorized registered body dealing with the administrative works of the UK visa process. The UK Business visa is generally granted for a duration of 6 months with multiple entry facilities. The subsequent sections bring forth more chalk talks about the visa application process and the documentation.

How to Apply for a UK Business Visa?

Applying for a UK business visa can be completed in a few steps. You must go through every step correctly without missing any important points. UK visa is an online process and everything must be checked thoroughly before the final submission. The system does not give you another chance to rectify errors once the application is submitted. Practice proper caution until the end. A certain level of complexities is involved throughout the process. Being alert can help you avert any unforeseen situations. Take a look below to learn the steps to apply for a UK business visa: –

  • Create your online account on the UKBA website. After registration, initiate filling up the UK visa application form online. Answer appropriately and review after completion.
  • Sign the declaration and submit the visa application form. Schedule an appointment at the nearest UK visa facilitation center. Make the visa fee payment online and generate the application form and the appointment confirmation.
  • Parallelly, work on collecting the right documents. Make sure the documents and the details in the application form are consistent with each other. Put all the documents together in order including the form and the covering letter.
  • Submit the application at the UK VFS on the scheduled date and provide your biometrics. The VFS will forward your application to the UK Embassy India as per the right jurisdiction. After the visa is processed, the Embassy will dispatch your passport.

What are the Document Requirements for UK business visa?

Talking about the documents here, the first thing to focus on is the financial documents. An applicant must showcase healthy financials to escalate their chances of getting the UK visa approval. Aside from the finances, the documents related to personal and employment background are also immensely important. You must submit all the important documents that give evidence of a strong background. Filling the application form without any error is a must. The UK Embassy is very particular about the documents and even a minor gaffe can unfavorably impact your application. In the below section we have listed down the general document checklist for UK business visa. The checklist varies from applicant to applicant depending on their background and the exact purpose of the business trip.

Applicant’s Documents

  • Original Passport [Current and Previous if applicable]
  • UK visa application form
  • Personal covering letter mentioning the purpose of the business travel
  • Appointment confirmation for biometrics and document submission
  • 3 Photographs 35–45 mm on white background
  • Last 6 month’s salary bank statements with stamp and signature
  • Bonafide employment letter from employer if funded by the company
  • Pay Slips
  • Tax statements 

Sponsor’s Documents

  • Company registration documents
  • Company bank statements for last 6 months authenticated by the bank with stamp and signature
  • Company tax statements for the last 3 years
  • Company covering letter including all the vital points related to the travel 

Inviter’s Documents

  • Invitation Letter addressing to the UK Embassy
  • Day wise business agenda in the UK
  • Conference or Training letter from UK association/organization if not been invited from the UK counterpart 

How long does it take to process the UK business visa?

The UK business visa is processed at the UK Embassy in India generally within 15 to 20 working days if submitted under normal mode. This is the general time frame unless the application is impacted by other unanticipated situations like face to face interview call or additional document request. Under priority mode, the processing time is relatively lesser and is expected to be over within 4 to 5 working days. However, the processing time can be delayed even if applied under priority mode if stuck by sudden surprising conditions.

Is it mandatory to take travel insurance for UK business visa?

To apply for a UK business visa, purchasing travel insurance is not required. However, before your travel, you must get travel insurance covering the complete trip in the UK. At the port of entry in the UK, you may need to show the insurance to the immigration authorities on request.

How much is the UK business visa fee?

The UK business visa fee is approximately INR. 8990/- [ The visa fee is for short term multiple entries valid for 6 months]. Longer duration visas are available at an additional cost with certain conditions attached to it.