Greece Visa Types, Requirements and Guidelines for Indians

Greece intrigues its visitors with its magical destinations famous for beautiful beaches, architectures and natural formations. The ultimate route to reach this magnificent country is to apply for a Greece visa or a Schengen visa. Wandering through the Greek territories can become so much fun when you have the Greece tourist visa done.  The cultural heritage and the natural beauty of Greece are certainly going to make your travel experience extraordinary.  Embark on a soul-soothing Greek vacation to satiate your heart and mind with Greece visa.

Greece is indeed a splendid epitome of beauty and grace embracing a diverse range of scenic views all around. Some parts of the country spark historical architecture and sites dating back to the bygone eras whereas the Greek islands feature unique landscape with whitewashed houses with a tinge of blue. The fusion of white and blue creates an enchanting image of the islands fascinating the travelers. The ancient architectures are well-preserved and stand tall exuding awe and amazement. If you are planning a holiday in Greece, you cannot go wrong anywhere. The country is decked up across with captivating tourism hubs to charm vacationers of varied choices. Readying for a Greece visa is the ultimate path you must opt for to keep your vacation plan rolling. And so, bearing that in mind, here we present a detailed guidebook on how to apply for Greece visa and the details associated with the documentation process.

Greece Visa for Indians

Greece Visa Types and Validity

Greece Visa is similar to that of a Schengen visa. The visa enables a traveler to visit Greece and all the other Schengen countries, Greece being the primary destination of stay. Greece tourist, visitor, business visas fall under short stay Schengen visa categories. Greece tourist visa is issued to individuals for tourism purposes. Greece visitor visa is meant for people willing to visit their relatives in Greece. Greece business visa is meant for short term business related works. These are referred to as Type C visa. The validity of these visas is granted until 90 days maximum from the date of its issuance by the Greece Embassy in India. Indian passport holders are required to get a valid Greece visa to be able to visit the country for a limited duration. We will take into account the importance of documentation for Greece visa in the below segment.

Greece Visa Document Requirements

Greece visa is in great demand among travelers planning a vacation in Greece. Soothing weather all through the year makes the country even more attractive as a popular travel hub. The visa application stands as a peril to your vacation goal. Schengen visas with its nail biting process and documentation is a sure thing to give you chill down the spines. Every problem, however, has a solution. Engage yourself in deep research about the Schengen visa fundamentals. This will help you gain the confidence to execute the work. Greece visa process includes submitting a bundle of paper works that can consume a lot of time. The general documents that you need to produce for Greece visa are shared below:-

Applicants Documents

  • Original Passport along with the old passports
  • Greece visa application process
  • Personal covering letter explaining the complete purpose of travel and background of an applicant
  • 3 Photographs 35–40 mm in width Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70–80% of the photograph in white background.
  • Travel medical insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the intended stay or transit + 2 additional days. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30000. 
  • Financial statements.
  • Employment Proof and Pay Slips.
  • Income Tax Returns.
  • Hotel confirmation (should have the Name, Address, Contact Details of the Hotel)
  • Flight Reservation  
  • Marriage Certificate if married.
  • If the minor is traveling with only one parent, written consent certified by public notary of the other parent or guardian, except in cases of a parent having sole custody or guardianship of the minor

Inviter/Sponsor Documents

  • Passport first, last and visa pages copy
  • Resident permit card copy
  • Invitation letter from inviter in Greece
  • Pay slips and bank statement if sponsoring.

Greece Visa Application Process

Applying for Greece visa can be accomplished successfully if you are well conversant with the visa norms and the basics. The first step of the process is to book an appointment at the nearest Greece VFS on your preferred date and time. Next, you must download the application form and fill it up. Create an elaborate cover letter that conveys everything about your travel purpose and background to the visa officer. Accumulate all the important documents and attach the appointment confirmation, visa application form and the covering letter with the bundle. Complete the submission of documents and biometrics on the booked date. Make the Greece visa fee payment at the facilitation center counter in cash. Take the payment receipt with the visa application tracking number mentioned on it. The VFS will then forward your documents to the Embassy for processing. After the stipulated timeframe the Embassy will dispatch the passport.

Greece Visa – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time to get Greece visa?

Greece visa is processed at the Embassy for a duration of 10 to 15 working days. The processing time can vary depending on the peak season and other circumstances like interview call or further document request.

How much is the Greece visa fee?

The Greece visa fee is approximately 60 Euros.

Am I eligible to travel to other Schengen countries with the Greece tourist visa?

Yes, you can travel to the other Schengen countries with a Greece tourist visa. Greece is a Schengen country and all the rules and regulations of Schengen is applicable for Greece visa application process.

Can I get a refund of the visa fee if my application is rejected?

The Greece visa fee is paid to the Embassy for processing your visa and cannot be refunded at any circumstances irrespective of the consequence of your visa application.