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Germany EU Blue Card

Germany EU Blue Card

Germany EU Blue card is usually granted for four years (or the duration of your contract) and gives you certain benefits. If you don’t meet the income requirement, then you will have to apply for a residence permit. In order to apply for EU blue card Germany permanent residence, an applicant is requried to gain insight about EU blue card Germany benefits and EU blue card Germany application.

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Eligibility Criteria for EU blue card Germany permanent residence

  • To apply for an EU Blue Card you need

  • University degree from a German university or equivalent from a foreign university

  • Guaranteed job in Germany with an income of EUR 46,000 EUR (EUR 36,192 in shortage occupations)

EU Blue card Germany Benefits

  • Residence for four years (or duration of employment contract)
  • Permanent residency after 33 months (21 months if you have achieved level B1 in German language proficiency)

  • You can stay outside Germany in non-EU countries for 12 months without the EU Blue card expiring, and move to another EU country (except the UK, Ireland and Denmark) for the purpose of highly qualified work after 18 months without the need for a visa

  • Family members can come to Germany and work immediately without restriction or the need to prove German language skills, as well as receive all the other benefits

  • During the first two years of employment, holders of an EU Blue Card need prior approval by the responsible municipal or district immigration office if they want to change employment

Sanctum Consulting Process for EU blue card Germany application

  • Evaluation and writing of Resume

  • Scheduling appointment for documentation and biometrics

  • Writing Cover letter

  • Complete Documentation Assistance 

  • Advise the applicant of ongoing requirements with respect to the applicant’s case and explain about EU blue card Germany benefits
  • Filling Germany blue card application form

  • Assistance in all visa procedures and ensure that right documents are submitted for the visa

  • Cases are evaluated and processed as per the updated rules and regulations
  • No agreement signed and taken from the customer. We are transparent on what we say, perform, accomplish and support. Our commitments are written in the Invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions – EU Blue Card Germany Permanent Residence

Only having professional experience does not guarantee EU Blue card visa. You must secure a valid job offer to get EU Blue card.

Generally the visa comes with a validity of 3 years. If the employment contract is for a shorter duration, the card is granted for that duration.

The process time at the Embassy is approximately 90 days.

Yes, you can bring your family to along with you in the country as long as you and they meet all the visa conditions.

EU countries may set a limit on the number of foreign nationals who can enter their country for employment.

Yes. In general you can visit other EU countries maximum up to three months within six-month duration.