Germany Business Visa Information and Guidelines

Germany, a country located in Western Europe is a hub for business activities. These upscale professional activities are executed mostly in the form of business meetings with clients, promotional events, conferences and trade fairs. A Germany business visa officially permits you to travel to the country for participating in business meetings and conferences. The business visa is categorized as Type C under Schengen short-stay visa. A maximum period of 90 days’ stay is allowed to a valid Schengen visa holder under this category.

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The Schengen Agreement in 1985 referring to the abolishment of borders has been introduced for a visa-free travel throughout the whole territory declared as Schengen. Consequently, A Germany business visa not only allows you to travel to Germany but also makes you eligible to move around the other Schengen countries using the same visa.

A nation highly individualistic and susceptible to innovation and invention, Germany has become a pioneer among the other European nations. The country is regarded as the key driving force of the EU economy with its flourishing business undertakings globally.  The international business association has proliferated to a range that makes traveling an essential part for many multinational and small scale organizations. Every year a horde of business travelers steps into Germany to negotiate deals and other business works either for their company or on behalf of their employers. And so, a rising demand for Germany business visa can be felt and seen in the travel industry.

Here we have scribbled out the ultimate guidelines to be pursued to apply for Germany business visa. Navigate our tips it with care.

What are the Germany Business Visa Document Requirements?

Documents play a vital role in a visa application process and Germany business visa is no exception. In fact, Schengen visa often requires a pile of extra documents compared to other visa application processes. This section presents a brief overview of the document checklist required for Germany business visa.

  • Original Passport – both recent and previous if applicable
  • 2 Photographs 35–45 mm in width Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70–80% of the photograph in the white background
  • Last 3 month’s salary financial statements
  • Employment reference letter and pay slips
  • Income Tax Returns or Form 16 A
  • Travel medical insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay with a minimum coverage of EUR 30000
  • Flight reservation and hotel booking
  • Invitation letter from the business partner in Germany in English or German
  • Conference or Training letter from Germany association/organization if not been invited from Germany counterpart
  • Employer’s documents if supported by any company 

How to Apply for Germany Business Visa?

A few simple steps can help you complete the visa application if done with adequate research on the subject and much precision. Yet, only just completing the application may not be enough to get a visa approval. Schengen visa in nature is known to be stern and the Embassies certainly not very easy going. Hence you must remain cautious while flowing in the process leaving no room for slip-ups. Even a minuscule slice of a howler can turn your application down with a rejection. Make sure you don’t glide into one such mayhem. That digs a scar on your profile and on all your ensuing Schengen visa applications.

Ring a bell of the below minutiae when you are applying for a Germany business visa or Schengen visa.

  • In the first place, visit the official website to schedule your visa appointment and choose the suitable visa category. The subsequent step marks the gathering of important documents as per the Germany business visa document requirements.
  • Focus on downloading the correct set of application forms and filling it without missing any section. The form must be completely filled up and signed with a date at the end
  • Take a print of your confirmed hotel reservations and flight tickets. Keep your day wise business agenda ready and attach it along with the application.
  • Purchase a valid travel insurance covering the complete span of your business trip from an authorized insurance company.
  • Make sure to scrutinize your documents thoroughly and check it one by one with the document checklist.
  • Take a print of the appointment confirmation page where your scheduled date and time is mentioned.
  • Visit the submission center to provide your fingerprinting and submitting the documents.
  • Make the Germany business visa fee payment at the facilitation center counter and get the payment receipt with the visa application tracking number mentioned on it.

Germany Business Visa Sponsorship

In business visa application, most of the applicants apply with a sponsor. The sponsor can be their employer or the inviting organization. In rare cases, they are self-sponsored if they are company owners and directly meeting the clients for negotiations instead of sending employees. In the case of sponsorship from employers, the applicant must submit the company’s financial documents. If the inviting company from Germany is funding the trip, a letter on the letterhead must be provided to the applicant with other relevant details. It is important for the applicant to supply abundant backup documents as an evidence of adequate funds available for the Germany business trip.

Germany Business Visa Validity and Process Time

Germany takes the least time for processing in general among the other Schengen nations. The process time can be over in 4-5 working days approximately. However, the Embassy at times takes longer stint for processing. It can be due to further requirements, background check, interview call with the applicant etc.

The validity of the business visa can be granted for a maximum period of 3 months sometimes. In most cases, the visa is granted as per the specific travel dates of the trip.

Germany Business Visa Fee

The processing fee for Germany business visa is 60 Euros which is approximately INR 4800/- in Indian currency. There is an additional Charge of around INR. 1800 to INR. 1900/- to be paid to the visa facilitation center for service charges and courier.