France Work Visa

France work visa officially grants approval to skilled workers to come to France and work for a company located in France. Applicants holding Indian nationalities need a work visa for France to be able to work and residethere legitimately. The company offering employment to the applicant should initiate the work permit application and coordinate with the latter regarding the visa stamping process. Reach us to know more about France work visa requirements and France work visa fees to initiate France work visa process.It is up to the employer, whether based in France or abroad, to submit the application for a work permit.

Applicant’s Document – France Work Visa Requirements

  • Original Passport with a validity of more than six months and minimum three blank pages for visa stamp. Attach all your old passports (if any)

  • Two recent camera clicked passport sized colored photographs on a white background with 80% face cover on a matt or semi-matt finished paper (35mm x 45mm) 

  • Personal ITR for last 3 years

  • Bank Statement for last six months and pay slips

Employer’s  Document Checklist for France Work Visa

  • Documents about the nominated position (not about the person being nominated)

  • Nominee contract

  • Documents to show that you provide equivalent terms and conditions of employment

  • Documents to show that you have undertaken labor market testing (if applicable)

Sanctum Consulting France Visa Services

  • Assisting the Indian employer and employee from starting till end in terms of documentation

  • Helping the employer write the employee specialty occupation in technical terms but lay man understand ability

  • Filling the application and petition related documents 

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Frequently Asked Questions – France Visa

The Employer contract should mention about the position, salary and other work related points in it.

You can get a work visa for France if you have a valid employment offer from any company in France.

A family member of a foreign national is allowed to accompany the principal applicant under Dependent visa category.

During the process you might have to submit police clearance certificate for France Work Visa.

Documents related to your employment contract, Labor market clearance, financial statements would be required for the process.

Yes, The Visa Officer may require you to submit additional documentation during the process.