France…vis pour voyager et voyage pour vivre.

Searching for a holiday hub filled with extraordinary attractions and activities? France has it all for you. Drooling over the idea for a French vacation? Jump-start your France tourist visa application and stun yourself with an epic vacation of all times. Much famed for its magical palaces, gorgeous countryside, hanging cliffs, architectural feats, France happens to be the most visited country in Europe. All you need is to lodge a Schengen visa to take the ultimate leap. Applying for a visa at the right time can lead to the beginning of fantastic stress less vacation plan. Save time for the visa application process and get ready to savor the alluring appeal of the French tourist highlights.

France offers some remarkable tourist hotspots forming the core of the country’s attractions. Topping the list are the French architectural gems like Eiffel tower, Louvre, Norte Dam, etc. that people find as the major point of interest to explore in the bustling metropolis of Paris. The historical cities with the blend of urbanism, the well-preserved medical villages and castles, the seaside resorts, and museums together with pleasant weather bring the country alive. All these things make France extraordinary and an ideal holiday destination. With such a gamut of unique tourist attractions sprinkled all over the country, it is an insurmountable task to fit them all into a single trip.

France is the world’s major tourist destination, retaining its place as the world’s most visited place. It has always been the hub of many fields such as art, fashion, music, literature attracting most of the crowd to visit and explore such beauty. When we say France everybody in the world is aware of the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, but what else does it offer, apart from these? To get to know more about France and its enchanting aura, please go through the below blog, we believe it might help you.

France Travel Tips

Say Bonjour!! while in France, it is the first word used by the French to welcome their visitors. Remember they love to speak their native language, so to get the aura of the place, try speaking French, this might help!!

The 5 Cities in France, you shouldn’t miss visiting..

Roam around the must-see hotspots penned down below during your stay in France

Paris- The capital city bears the Parisian emblem like the towering Eiffel Tower, broad Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame cathedral, bridges lit with Lamp spanning the Seine and art nouveau cafes.

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Annecy- With its charming canals, flower-decked banks, small bridges across the canals, and beautiful houses lined up along the canal, Annecy makes a perfect tourist destination in France.

Avignon-Avignon is a place full of history and life brimming with Theatre, cinema, museums, shops, and lavender fields. Few miles away from the city rests the violet carpet of lavenders that can be experienced at the start of Autumn.

Nice- Highlight of French Riviera, Nice in France is known for perfect interlacing of old-world charm and history with modern luxury. Visit the city for a tan topping sta.

Marseille– Leisurely sun-soaked afternoon conjures up in mind while considering Marseille as a tourist place in France, a port city with myriad backdrops. There are lots to explore in this place than eyes can meet.

French Cuisine

The French Heritage cannot just be described with a list of tourist attractions and monuments; its regional culinary specialties also speak. Here is the list of few of the French typical Foods. Do try these while you are in Franc.

  • Foie Gras
  • Oysters (Huitres)
  • Cassoulet
  • Basque-Style Chicken (Poulet Basquaise
  • Herb Buttered Snails (Escargots au Beurre Persillé)
  • Charente Mouclade (Mouclade Charentaise)
  • Breton Buckwheat Pancakes (Galettes Bretonnes)
  • Flemish Carbonnade (Carbonnade Flamande)
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Raclette

Do follow these tips to have a good time in France:

  • Never use French if you are not well aware of the language.
  • Try not to speak louder, at nights especially.
  • Do not expect a Big savory breakfast in France.
  • Do not spend all the time at Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees.
  • Don’t just shop in Souvenir markets, not always economical as we think.
  • Do not try to cover too many places, at a time.

Best Time to Visit France

The best time when one should be traveling to France would be between the months of March-May and September – November. These are the Spring and Autumn seasons of France. During this time, thousands of tourists keep visiting France because of the suitable weather for touring around, and the prices of the accommodations also gets reduced due to the rush.

Traveler’s bucket list to Paris

  • Go to the top of Eiffel Tower.
  • Walk the stairs to the top of Sacre Coeur.
  • Have your painting done in Montmartre.
  • Enjoy a night at Crazy horse.
  • Sip Champagne on a Seine River Cruise.

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France Tourist Attractions

Athens City

Athens City

Know more about Athens

The beauty of France lies in Paris-its capital, explaining few of the reasons why Paris is so conspicuously loved by the people all over the world:

Paris has sustained as one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and the most alluring capital of France for more than 2000 years now. The world’s top designers, hail from Paris, making its the fashion hub to the world. Apart from being called as the Capital of France, Paris has other names as well such as the Capital of Fashion, City of Love, City of Lights, etc. and yes it is now the world’s leading centers for Business, Fashion, Entertainment, Art and Culture. Every one is aware that Paris is well-famed for Eiffel Tower, which has its place among the seven wonders of the world. All of this in one city, and which is why it is considered to be the most favorite tourist destination for all the people round the world.


List of the tourist attractions you find in Paris, which are the must places to be visited while in France:

  • Eiffel Tower, Eiffel Tower and the Western Paris.
  • Jardin du Luxemborg, St. Germain and Les invalids.
  • Musee du Louvre, Louvre and Les Halles.
  • Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, The Islands.
  • Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, Le Marais, Menilmontant and Belleville.


Major Events in Paris, not to miss:

  • Christmas and New Year Celebration in Paris
  • Easter in Paris
  • The Paris Plagues
  • Bastille Day in Paris

Have the view of the city from the towers of Notre Dame Cathedral

The Mykonos Island

As mentioned earlier Greece also has this jazzier side of it which people can find it on the island of Mykonos- an island for party-goers with the immaculate and sunny beaches and a high going nightlife. It is a felicitous illustration of the very famous phrase “Sandy Toes and Sun-Kissed Nose”.

Visit The: Little Venice, The Windmills, Paraportiani Church, Paradise Beach, Ano Mera, Delos, Psarou Beach etc.,

The Beautiful Santorini Island

The Santorini island, is one must visit place in Greece, no wonder people from all over the world come to Greece only to visit the Santorini island to have the glimpse of this phenomenal fairyland like place with colorful flattering houses laying on the shores of meticulously flowing clear waters, boasting to be a perfect ‘’ Wedding Destination ‘’ and a ‘’Romantic Getaway ‘’.

Visit The: Bella Aurora & Thalassa cruise, Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Wine-tasting tours at Santo Winery, Sailing experience at Santorini, Beauty of Santorini Volcano

The Rhodes Town

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, which once upon a time, also held the statue of the Greek God “Helios” which has been ravaged by a natural calamity occurred during 221 BC. Nonetheless, there is a lot more to see and do while you are in the old town of Rhodes, being a UNESCO’s World Heritage site. One can have the experience of the medieval culture and an evocative feel of a different era, while roaming around the streets of Rhodes, which makes you fall in love with it.

Visit The: Rhodes Old Town, Medieval Walls, Water Park, Mojito Beach Bar, Crusaders Castle. Neo-Classical Thermal Springs, etc.,

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