France Tourist Visa for Indians – Requirements and Guidelines

Searching for a holiday hub filled with extraordinary attractions and activities? France has it all for you. Drooling over the idea for a French vacation? Jump-start your France tourist visa application and stun yourself with an epic vacation of all times. Much famed for its magical palaces, gorgeous countryside, hanging cliffs, architectural feats, France happens to be the most visited country in Europe. All you need is to lodge a Schengen visa to take the ultimate leap. Applying for a visa at the right time can lead to the beginning of a fantastic stressless vacation plan. Save time for the visa application process and get ready to savor the alluring appeal of the French tourist highlights.

About France Tourism

France offers some remarkable tourist hotspots forming the core of the country’s attractions. Topping the list are the French architectural gems like Eiffel tower, Louvre, Norte Dam, etc. that people find as the major point of interest to explore in the bustling metropolis of Paris. The historical cities with the blend of urbanism, the well preserved medical villages and castles, the seaside resorts, and museums together with pleasant weather bring the country alive. All these things make France extraordinary and an ideal holiday destination. With such a gamut of unique tourist attractions sprinkled all over the country, it is an insurmountable task to fit them all into a single trip.

Imagining yourself enjoying a marvelous French holiday already? Here you can expect some general tips about France tourist visa application process. There is a bunch of organized work you must indulge in to get yourself through the visa process. This post attempt to share shreds of information that may help you complete the France visa application hassle-free.

France tourist attractions

What is France Visa?

Travelers planning to spend a vacation in France or visit their relatives staying there must apply for a France visa or a Schengen short-stay visa. The visa falls under Type C Category with validity for a maximum duration of 90 days. France tourist visa is meant for applicants who wish to enter the country solely for tourism. France visitor visa indicates people who intend to visit their family members residing in France. Holders of France visa is entitled to travel across all the other Schengen countries within the validity duration of the visa. Indian nationals must avail a valid France visa to enter the country for tourism or visiting relatives. Following sections engage in a comprehensive analysis of vital points such as the documentation and visa application process.

France Visa Document Requirements

The decision on your visa application revolves mostly around the documents you submit at the Embassy. So, it is fathomable how important it is to have the knowledge of the right documents at the inception. The Schengen visa documentation can certainly trigger the panic button. There is no need to dread the process if you are one of those organized lot. Dive deep into the information available about the France tourist visa documents requirements. As soon as you get hold of the document checklist, work toward arranging everything one by one. The best thing you can do is to start work much in advance to give yourself ample time to relax and review everything. In the following segment we have listed down the general document requirements for France visa application:-

  • Original Passport and all the previous passports if any
  • 3 Photographs 35–45 mm in width, 70–80% face visible in the white background.
  • France visa application form duly signed and dated by the applicant
  • Personal covering letter with a detailed explanation of the purpose of travel stating the travel dates, tour itinerary, fund support, and other related information
  • Travel medical insurance policy of not less than 30,000 Euros. The policy must cover medical and hospitalization expenses for the entire period of valid stay on the Schengen territory as well as repatriation costs
  • Original bank statements for last 3 months with seal and signature, fixed deposit receipts, etc
  • Pay Slips for the last 3 months
  • Tax statements for the last 3 years
  • Leave approval letter from employer
  • Hotel bookings covering the complete duration of the trip
  • Round trip flight ticket
  • If invited, an invitation letter from the private or public organization established in France in the applicant’s name and indicating the trip dates. It should be mentioned precisely in the letter of invitation if the organization that is inviting you will bear the international travel cost and accommodation.  

France Visa Application Process

Step 1: Gather the complete set of documents following the official checklist of the Embassy. Put a dedicated effort to check the documents thoroughly

Step 2: Schedule an appointment at the nearest France VFS center. Choose the right visa category based on the purpose of your travel and book the appointment. Print the appointment confirmation and add it along with the rest of the documents.

Step 3: Fill up the online visa application form and generate the print application. The online form must be printed and must be dated and signed by the applicant. A cover letter with a detailed explanation must accompany the application.

Step 4: Take the entire document set for submission at the France VFS center and provide your biometrics details. The agents at the center will match your documents with the checklist and accept the documentation after verification.

Step 5: Clear the France visa fee payment at the counter in cash. Take the payment receipt with the visa application tracking number embedded on it.

Step 6: The Embassy releases the passport upon taking a decision on your application. You will come to know about it once you receive the passport.

France Visa Process Time and Fee

France visa is generally processed at the France Embassy in India within a range of 5 to 7 working days approximately. A sudden rise of unforeseen circumstances can extend the normal time frame of the visa application process. If an applicant is requested to submit further documents to the Embassy or asked to meet the visa officer for a face to face interview, that will invariably delay the visa process.

France visa fee for an adult is 60 Euro. For children between 6 to 12 years, the visa fee payable is 35 Euro. Children aged below 6 years are waived from paying the visa fee.