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Finland Tourist Visa & Visitor Visa

With midnight sun in the summer, and the allure of the Aurora Borealis in the northern part, Finland possesses a wealth of unusual beauty and is an ideal tourist destination for vacationers. To visit Finland as a tourist a visitor needs a short term Schengen visa or Finland tourist or visitor visa which will allow a person to enter Finland and enjoy temporary stay for a period that does not exceed 90 days for the purpose of tourism or visiting relatives. Finland visa is valid for all the European nations that are part of the Schengen treaty. Vibrant cities flock the country’s southern expanses, topped by capital city, Helsinki. Get your visa done and embark on a journey to the Finnish land. To know more about Finland visa requirements, visa fees and how to fill application form, contact us.

Finland Visa for Tourism – Top Tourist Places
Tourist Places in Finland – Apply Visa

Finland Visa Requirements: Document Checklist

The foremost step to consider while applying Finland tourist visa should be collating the documents according to the Embassy requirement. The documents depend largely on the profile and financial situation of every applicant and a person must take care of the minutest details while gathering the documents for the visa application.

Applicants Documents for Finland Visa 

  • Original Passport [Current and previous if applicable].

  • 3 Photographs 35–45 mm in width Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70–80% of the photograph in white background.

  • For Finland visa from India, Travel medical insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit + 2 additional days. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30 000.

  • Financial statements.

  • Employment Proof and Pay Slips.

  • Income Tax Returns.

  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay.

  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.

  • NOC for Government Employees.

  • Retirement letter and pension related documents.

  • For applicants from business background need to carry company letter heads, registration document and seal

  • Marriage Certificate if married.

  • Under 18 years: No objection certificate (NOC) from both of the parents

Inviter/Sponsor Documents for Finland Visa if Invited

  • Passport first, last and visa pages.

  • Resident permit card.

  • Invitation letter

Our Services for Finland Visa

  • Filling Finland visa form.

  • Customizing Document Checklist as per the applicant’s case following Finland visa requirements.

  • To apply for Finland visa from India we assist in scheduling Appointment with Finland Visa Facilitation Center to submit Finland Visa Form, documents and Finland visa fees.

  • Providing letter formats if required

    • Cover Letter Draft ​
    • Invitation Letter Draft [If Invited]
  • Preparing the complete fixed day wise travel Itinerary.

  • We would suggest you on Fund maintenance.

  • We would suggest you on sponsorship and documents related to that.

  • Mock Interview preparation [If invited for interview].

  • Keeping the documents in order as per the checklist on receipt of all documents from client.

  • Following up with the Embassy if required.

  • We help you search for 100% refundable hotel booking links and provide flight itinerary for Visa purpose

  • Providing customized day wise itinerary as per passengers travel plan

  • Assistance in booking Travel Insurance at additional cost

  • PS. The Information provided in checklist is partial and we request the applicant to take case specific customized checklist from Sanctum Consulting Consultant.

    * Please contact our consultants for the same

Frequently Asked Questions – Finland Visa

For Finland Visa from India, applicants are allowed to apply 90 days prior to their travel date to Finland. However it is recommended to apply minimum 2-3 weeks prior to your travel date in case of delay in visa application processing.

For Finland or any other Schengen visa, in person visit for document submission is mandatory as the applicant has to provide their biometrics at the submission center. The documents can be submitted through an agent if the biometrics is already provided for Schengen visa after November 2015.

If you plan to apply for Finland Visa, your maximum period of stay in the Schengen countries should be in Finland.

Generally processing time for Finland tourist visa is between ranges of 12 to 15 working days on an average excluding the date of submission.

Basic documents related to your financials and employments are required principally apart from hotel bookings and flight reservations. To know about the document checklist for Finland visa, contact our visa agents.

Funds required for single applicant should be minimum 1.5 lakhs approximately and above. However it is recommended to seek expert advice about the funds requirement prior to visa application as there are various factors which have to be considered before deciding the exact amount to be maintained.  For detailed information contact Sanctum Consulting visa consultants at 9030040088.

Funds requirement for single applicant should be 2 lakhs approximately and above. It is recommended to seek expert advice about the funds requirement prior to visa application as there are various factors which have to be considered before deciding the exact amount to be maintained. 

For Finland tourist visa application, the applicant must submit a complete set of documents at the Visa Application Centre as per the Embassy requirement. Additional documents are only acknowledged if requested by the Consulate or Embassy.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Finland



For many people, this is an awe-inspiring treat to visit. For viewing these blazing curtains of light drape across the sky, Finland is perhaps the top country in the world. In the north, between September and March, a show is guaranteed to the visitors if the sky is crystal clear. A wide range of hotels in the North provide dining especially for the people who visit Northern Lights.



The city offers a variety of cultural choices such as; The Helsinki City Museum; National Museum of Finland; The Finnish Art Gallery. All of them feature traditional as well as modern art exhibits and three major theaters.



Hameenlinna is situated on a narrow, long lake, the Vanajavesi. The red brick castle is one of the noted landmarks to visit. On its east side is the Lutheran church, with a statue of Paavo Cajander in the gardens front of it. On the south side is the Town Hall.  Sibelius Museum is towards the North. There is Hameenlinna Historical Museum near the park. Lastly, without a visit to the castle on the shores of the Vanajavesi, tour is incomplete.



Tourists seeking for wildlife experience should travel to Lemmenjoki National Park. There are more miles of marked trails, open and free wilderness huts and more sophisticated rental huts with sauna and campfire places that are available for trekkers. Either boat can be taken for lease or take a tour. Brown bear, Wolves, Wild golden eagles as well as moose and reindeer are found here.