Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Canada Express Entry Program

The lucrative work culture of Canada fascinates present-day skilled workforce to consider migrating to the country for permanent settlement. Potential candidates are in a lookout for Are you one among them planning to apply for Canada permanent residence visa? You are not the only person in the game. Over lakhs of candidates are opting for Canada immigration programs to give a concrete shape to their PR dreams and abroad settlement. Receiving Canada PR is followed by an application of citizenship by most of the candidates. That is the ultimate goal in the majority of cases.

Canada is one of the most developed countries with robust economic growth. All credits to its ever-burgeoning economy that increases the demand for working professionals every year. The government’s focus on diversification and expansion is creating a ground for employment opportunities in various fields. The requirements surpass the resources available locally. Hence arises the demand to attract overseas talented workers to Canada for employment. This vacuum created in the local labor market of Canada has created the need to draw foreign workers to the country through the Canada immigration programs. Intake of the labor force from outside can fill up this skill shortage.

Canada government has introduced the Express Entry Immigration program to address this skill shortage and shot up the intake of foreign workers in the country who can contribute to the growth of the country’s economy. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the Express Entry program and the eligibility criteria you must match up to be able to apply for the program.

Canada PR Eligiblity

What is a Canada Express Entry Program?

Canada Express Entry is the quickest online process introduced by the Canada government to manage permanent residence visa applications to Canada. It is the fastest medium to move to Canada permanently. The program has been implemented in 2015 to handle the immigration applications under the three economic immigration programs namely Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class. Any applicants who meet the requirements of these three programs are eligible to apply for Canada PR through Express Entry.

How Does the Canada Express Entry Program Work?

Canada Express Entry Program is a point based system that shortlists potential candidates for Permanent Residence visa. The selection is done based on a few parameters like age, education, employment, language proficiency, employment offer from Canada, etc. Points are awarded through the Comprehensive Ranking System. If your CRS score is near the cutoff point for selection in the Express Entry pool your profile stands a good chance to get picked up for PR. Once shortlisted you receive an Invitation to Apply for PR [ITA] from the Canadian authorities. Within 60 days you are required to lodge your PR application and make the visa fee payment. This is the complete program in a peapod. In the subsequent section, further information about the Canada PR eligibility has been conversed about in detail.

Eligibility Requirements for Canada PR

As discussed above Canada Express Entry program determines the eligibility of a candidate depending on certain important factors. The Comprehensive Ranking System is calculated on a total score of 1200 points based on these factors. Here we will present an elaborate explanation of the selection factors below:-

Age –The younger you are the better is your chance to get the maximum score. In the Comprehensive ranking system, the more you age you score diminishes b certain point. So, it’s wise to apply when you are young and able to grab the PR opportunity by scoring the maximum point. Canada government’s preference for candidates with lesser age to work in the economy is evident through the point structure. You can get a maximum score of 100 points if applying with spouse and 110 points if applying without a spouse. Applicants below 45 years are not entitled to get any points.

Education – Preference is given to candidates with better educational qualifications. If you have completed more educational degrees, your chances of getting good score increases. According to the Canadian educational equivalency evaluation. You can get a maximum of 150 points for the highest educational qualification. Applicants with qualification below bachelor’s degree get the least score.

Canadian Experience – If you have employment experience in Canada for more than a year you can claim points in this category. The maximum score a candidate can achieve for this is 80.

Language Proficiency – English language skill is one of the most important factors to qualify for this program. The government is looking for workers with a good level of fluency in English. Therefore, a candidate is required to attend the IELTS general test and score well in all the four modules listening, reading, writing, speaking. To get the maximum score, the candidate must score CLB 9 in all the four modules.

Skill Transferability – In this section scores are rewarded on education and work experience combines with the language exam score of the applicant. In this section you can achieve a maximum score of 100 points depending on the factors you qualify for.

Spouse Factors – Are you married? Here you get a chance to utilize your spouse’s qualifications and talent to fetch some additional points in your CRS score and boost up your ranking in the pool. You can claim points for your spouse’s education, work experience, and language proficiency if he or she is able to satisfy the requirements meted out for spouses.

Additional Factors- There are certain additional factors that can fetch you extra score in Comprehensive ranking system. You can claim additional points in the following conditions:-

  • If you have an arranged employment from any Canadian Employer with LMIA clearance
  • If you are nominated by any Canadian provinces
  • If you have any siblings staying in Canada as PR or citizen
  • If you have completed post-secondary education in Canada
  • If you have scored very well in French language proficiency exams