Indian Nationals intending to travel to Denmark on business purposes, will need to apply for Denmark business visa. Denmark is one of the largest of the Europe Scandinavian countries. Also, it is said to be one of the best ranked countries for doing business. Under a Denmark business visa, one can visit Denmark to attend business meetings, take part in conferences or trade fairs/events, being part of workshops and many more related to business activities.

Sanctum Consulting is at always at your service to provide the best assistance in applying for business visa for Denmark. You can reach us for answering to all your questions and assisting you with the Denmark business visa process. Our consultants can help you with the requirements for Denmark business visa from India. Contact us for more details about the checklist, status and fees regarding business visa for Denmark. Also we can guide you regarding the validity and the visa duration, once the visa gets approved.

Applicant’s Document Checklist for Denmark Business Visa

  • Original Passport [Current and Previous if applicable].

  • 3 Photographs 40-45mm, with face coverage of 70–80%. The background should be in white.

  • Travel medical insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States. It covers the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage required is EUR 30 000. 

  • Flight reservation and hotel booking.

  • Evidence of source of Financial support is required.

Requirements For Denmark Visa from Inviter

  • A signed invitation containing contact details of the inviting party is mandatory. Further the letter should contain the applicant’s identity, the purpose of the journey (meetings, conferences, training or business related events), and the period and place of intended stay.

Sponsor’s Checklist for Denmark Visa

  •  Covering letter from the Sponsor/Sponsoring Organization is required. Further, the letter needs to confirm the identity of applicant, place, period of intended stay, and the sponsor for the entire trip. It has to clearly explain the purpose of the trip and business relation with the Denmark business partner.

Denmark business visa tracking

  • All applicants applying for the visa, will receive a reference number post submission of the documents. The applicants will be notified over the emails or phone sms about the updates of the passport status. You can reach us for the details regarding the visa status.

Denmark business visa validity

  • This visa allows any individual to stay for a period of 90 days maximum in a 180 days period. The visa is generally valid throughout the Schengen area.

Denmark Business Visa fees

  • The Denmark Visa fee is 80 Euros per individual. There is additional cost involved such as the VFS and convenience. To clarify, check with Sanctum Consultants for detailed information.

Sanctum Consulting Denmark Process and Services

  • Our consultants fill the Denmark Visa Application Form. Also fill the other forms applicable for the visa.

  • Consultants would customize the document checklist as per applicant’s business visa requirements.

  • Scheduling appointments for biometrics

  • Providing cover letter format for applicant and invitation Letter format for sponsor or inviter.

  • We assist in preparing the complete day wise business agenda.

  • Sanctum conducts in mock Interview preparation related to the applicant’s business visa requirement if required.

  • Helping with flight itinerary and searching for hotel booking link assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions – Denmark Business Visa

What is the process to apply for Denmark business visa?

You need to have a valid Passport, an Invitation letter in place for starting the process. Further you can book a slot with the visa application centre, depending on the availability of the slots. The applicant needs to arrange all the documents by the appointment date. You can reach Sanctum consultants for assistance in Denmark business visa processing.

Can I know the eligibility for Denmark business visa?

Individuals who intend to travel to Denmark to attend any business conferences, meetings, trade fairs/events, or to explore the business options in Denmark, can apply for Denmark business visa.

What are the photograph specifications of Denmark business visa?

The photographs should be 40*45 mm [width*height], in white background. The face coverage should be in between 70-80%. One can take the photographs at the time of appointment at the visa application center. Do confirm with our consultants on the same.

How much is the Denmark business visa fee?

The Denmark Business visa fee is 80 Euros per individual. The fee varies for adults and children. There are additional costs involved such as visa facilitation fee and convenience fee. Also you can avail courier and SMS facility at additional cost.

Where do I check my visa status?

You can check at the status with the help of the reference number, which you would get post your submission of documents. However, you get updates from the VAC about the status of the passport, through emails or SMS.

Will I be able to convert my Denmark business visa to tourist visa?

A business visa is applied for business related travel. But then, a tourist visa is applied when the applicants intend to tour around the country. To clarify, one cannot convert the visa from one category to another. In that case, we would recommend you to apply for the tourist visa post your business visa expires.

Am I supposed to do business in other Schengen countries on a business visa for Denmark?

You can travel throughout the Schengen area and continue your activities, within the validity of the visa. However, make sure your maximum stay is in Denmark, in case you are processing your application with the Denmark VAC.

Can I use my Schengen visa to travel more than once?

The usage depends on the validity of the visa. In other words, you can use the same visa and travel multiple times if you are issued with a multiple entry visa. Simultaneously, you can use the visa only once for traveling, if it is a single entry visa.

What is the processing time for Denmark visa?

The decision is generally taken within 15 business days from the time of the biometrics given. However, we recommend applicants to apply well before the travel date to avoid the last moment rush.

What is the way to contact the Denmark visa application centre?

You can reach the Denmark visa application centre over the phone by contacting the customer call centre. Anyhow you can also reach us for answering your queries and the visa assistance for Denmark business visa.

Do I need to have a traveller’s insurance for traveling to Denmark?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all individuals applying for Denmark business visa. Sanctum agents can assist you with the insurance premium quotes and the services covered in the insurance. You can contact us for the same.

Is the day of arrival in Denmark counted as one of the days to stay considering the visa validity?

Yes, it is counted as one of the validity given. The count starts from the day of your arrival in the Schengen area and ends on the leave you leave the land.

What is the visa category should I apply for?

You need to apply for the visa according to your purpose of travel. One needs to apply for:

Business visa if your purpose is related to business activities.

Tourist visa if you intend to visit the tourist places in that country.

Visiting visa if you wish to visit your friends/family in Denmark.

Can I extend my Denmark short stay visa?

The extension of a Denmark short stay visa is generally not allowed. Yet in certain cases when the applicant has strong reason such as a late entry, humanitarian reasons and important medical reasons, your request may be considered. You can apply for the extension at the visa issuing authority in Denmark.

What documents are required for applying for Denmark visa?

Valid passport, employment documents, Invitation letter are few mandatory documents required for applying Denmark visa. Contact Sanctum consultants for a complete Denmark business visa checklist.

Who is eligible for issuing a Schengen business visa?

Any individual having valid documents as per the Schengen visa business visa checklist and justifying the purpose of the travel have good chances of getting the visa approval. However, the visa decision completely depends upon the Embassy. Anyhow, we Sanctum can guide you through the right way for applying the visa.

What is the Schengen visa validity?

The visa would be generally valid for 90 days, in a 180-day period. However, it need not always be valid for complete 90 days. In other words, it also can depend on the travel dates mentioned in the application.

What is Schengen short stay visa?

A Schengen short stay visa comes with a validity of 90 days. It can be applied for short stay purposes within 3 months. There are different categories under short stay Schengen visa. You will have to select the category according to your purpose of travel.