Comprehensive Guide to Apply for Finland Tourist Visa for Indians

When it comes to vacationing in the Nordic countries, the destinations are no less than fairytales. Finland among the Nordic nations is relatively the unexplored corner yet. To visit Finland for a pleasure trip or meeting friends and family, you must apply for a Finland tourist visa. The earlier you get the Finland visa, the faster you get the chance to traverse across the beautiful country with unparalleled hidden gems waiting to be unraveled. Indulge in the outdoor activities and enjoy the pristine nature the Finnish land is decked up with. The influx of overseas travelers has boosted the demand for Finland tourist visa application which is a part of Schengen countries. The visa process is the only hurdle you must beat to put your foot in the Finnish dreamland.

From the amazing capital city to the small towns, Finland boasts an assortment of sights and places to behold. Topping it are the igloo villages famous for sighting the incredible Northern lights that are a phenomenon to experience in a lifetime. With an endless list of places to discover, Finland will make you crave for more. Every season here has something or the other to offer you. It is the ideal place for nature lovers wishing for a fresh lease of air, wilderness and hiking experiences. Start packing your bag to set for your Finnish expedition and lay on the lap of nature. Gear up to get started with the Finland tourist visa application process. This post offers plenty of information about Finland Schengen visa and how to apply for the visa. Let us jump to the following sections to gobble up valuable visa details.

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Finland Tourist Visa or Schengen Visa

Finland Tourist visa commonly referred to as Schengen short-stay visa is particularly meant for travelers visiting the country for tourism. Travelers can apply for Finland visitor visa if they wish to meet their relatives staying and working in Finland with a formal invitation from them. These short stay visas are categorized as Type C. Most of the non-EU nationalities are required to apply for a valid Finland visa to gain lawful access to the country. Indian nationals planning for a trip to Finland for sightseeing must hold a Finland short stay tourist visa. The validity of these short stay visas is generally granted for a maximum duration of 90 days.

How to Get a Finland Tourist Visa?

Ensure to have the right set of documents with you and the Finland visa will be a cakewalk for you. You are required to get a good hang of the process yourself by doing thorough research about it even though you assign your application to a visa consultant. Below you will find the stage wise description of the Finland tourist visa process till the concluding phase.

Assemble the Documents – Gathering the important documents for the visa is the most essential prerequisites one must fulfill at the beginning of the process.

Booking the appointment – Next. you must schedule an appointment at the nearest VFS center to your residence. The appointment must be taken for the biometrics and document submission. Choose the date and time for the appointment and print the confirmation page. Without taking prior appointment it is not possible to submit the application for Finland tourist visa.

Completing the application– Complete the visa application form with all the important details. Write an elaborate covering letter incorporating all the significant points. Make the entire set ready in order and review them one by one.

Document Submission – Submit the application and biometrics data at the facilitation center on the date of appointment and make the visa fee payment at the counter. On the visa payment receipt, your application tracking number will be mentioned. Track the application on the VFS portal until it is being processed and dispatch to know the status.

Now that we have a fair idea about how the Finland visa process works, we will quickly move on to the next fragment related to the document checklist required to apply for Finland visa.

Document Requirements for Finland Visa

Giving second thoughts to your travel plan owing to the monotonous documentation process! Make a process for yourself and let the fear take a backseat. The key for perfect documentation starts with making a proper list and research of the actual requirements for the visa. Then complete each step one by one and make sure you have the updated versions of all the documents. After gathering the documents, ensure to check them thoroughly to not let any slip-ups happen. In the below fragment we have given a snapshot of the general document requirements for Finland visa. Scroll down to get a brief idea about the documentation: –

  • Current Passport with a validity of 6 months along with all the previous passports if any
  • 3 Photographs 35–45 mm in width Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70–80% of the photograph in the white background
  • Finland tourist visa application form and covering letter with a detailed explanation
  • Travel medical insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit + 2 additional days. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30 000.
  • Bank statement with enough balance to cover the trip authenticated with bank stamp and signature
  • Leave grant letter and Pay Slips
  • Income Tax Returns for the last 3 years
  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay
  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket
  • Day wise tour itinerary
  • Marriage Certificate if married
  • Under 18 years: No objection certificate (NOC) from both parents
  • Invitation letter if invited with complete details

Finland Tourist Visa Process Time

In a general scenario, the Finland tourist visa is processed at the Finland Embassy in India within 15 working days approximately. If your application is caught up in some unfavorable situations like a further request for documents or personal interview call, the timeline can be extended beyond the normal visa process time.