China Business Visa for Indians – Application and Guidelines

China with is business favorable environment offers various business opportunities to foreign organizations.  To establish strong business ties with their Chinese counterparts, business travelers apply for China business visa to enter the country for short term business works. China promotes business growth and hence witnesses a rise in business travel globally. Business professionals from overseas companies travel to China for various business purposes like attending conferences and promotional events, encouraging business relationships and negotiate deals and business meetings with clients. Any travel related to the above business purposes requires China business visa. Through this post, you can seek information about China business visa applications and document requirements.

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Information about China Business Visa

China business visa or M visa is granted to those who plan to visit the country for commercial activities for a short duration. The visa is generally issued by the China Embassy in India for a duration of 30 days with a single entry facility. China business visa can also be granted for 6 months and 1 year. You may have a chance to get a longer duration visa if you have previous travel histories to China. If your requirement double or multiple entries, you can request in the covering letter with a proper explanation. It, however, depends entirely on the Embassy on how they would grant the visa. Holders of Indian passport must avail a valid China business visa to obtain permission to enter China for business engagements.

China Business Visa Eligibility

Business travelers looking forward to applying for a China business visa must meet the eligibility to apply for a business visa. Satisfying the eligibility requirement is essential to escalating your chances of getting the visa approval at the China Embassy. The applicants are expected to meet the below points

  • Holding a valid passport is important
  • Must have the right set of documents following the China business visa requirements
  • Have enough funds in the bank account for travel
  • Must be sponsored by the company if not self-employed
  • Should have a valid business invitation letter from Chinese counterpart
  • A strong personal and professional background is recommended

China Business Visa Document Requirements

When it comes to documentation your first step should be to learn about the key requirements. Detailed research will help you be aware of the process and the documents. Read the information available on the official website and get the official business visa document checklist of the Embassy. Right from gathering the documents related to your professional, financial and personal background to filling up the visa application form and writing the cover letter, every task is important and must be completed with you leaving any room for slip-ups. A slight carelessness can cost you heavily. Visa rejections are not dealt with lightly by the Embassies and can impact your future visa applications. China Embassy follows a straightforward visa process and minimal documentation. Hence with a bit of effort, you can certainly submit neat documentation and get your visa approval. The list of basic documents underneath for China business visa can be helpful for you:-

Applicant’s Documents

  • Current Passport along with all the previous passports if any
  • Recent colored photographs according to the Embassy photo specification with white background and full face coverage, glossy finish (Size: 48mm x 33mm)
  • China business visa application form
  • Personal covering letter
  • Pay Slips
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Last 6 month’s bank statements authenticate by the bank officer with seal and signature
  • Roundtrip flight reservation
  • Accommodation proof for the complete stay in China

Employer’s Documents

  • Company registration documents
  • Company ITR for last 3 years
  • Company bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Company Covering Letter from Employer on letterhead with stamp and signature
  • Conference or Training letter from China association/organization if not been invited from any Chinese business counterpart 

Inviter’s Documents

  • Invitation/Notification Letter from Chinese inviting Company on its letterhead with round seal by the authorized signatory along with his name and designation
  • Day-to-day business agenda in China

China Business Visa Application Process

China business visa process is pretty up-front if you possess the right knowledge of documents and the course of action to be taken. The visa application process starts with the accumulation of documents. The documents must be gathered as per the Embassy requirements and be thoroughly reviewed. Next, you must download the visa application form from the official website and pen down the right details. Compose a detailed covering letter covering the purpose of your business trip, relationship with the inviting company, a brief description of your employer’s background, travel dates, sponsorship, etc. Make the entire set ready and cross-check the paper works. Proceed to submit the visa application set at the China visa facilitation center nearest to your location according to the right jurisdiction. Consider taking professional assistance to avoid the hassle of submission of documents and passport collection. Hiring a visa consultant can also help you take your hands off these tasks and hand it over to them. Once the application is submitted at the facilitation center, they forward it to the Embassy for processing. The Embassy takes its time to process the visa and dispatch the passport thereafter.

China Business Visa Process Time

The China visa process time at the Embassy in India ranges from 5-8 working days under normal mode. The visa applications can be also submitted under urgent mode with certain conditions. Under urgent mode, the processing time is relatively reduced and can be expected to get over within 2-3 working days. These are the general timeframes that can be affected by several unfortunate situations. An applicant can be summoned for a personal interview or asked to submit additional documents by the Embassy. These requirements can come forth abruptly during the process and can extend the visa processing time.