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Plenty of people around the world come to Chile for business meetings, dealings and conferences. Many entrepreneurs, employees on behalf of their companies, business people travel to this country to expand their business relations with their client organizations in Chile. For this, any foreign national living outside Chile has to apply for the Chile business visa, a temporary business visa. For long term assignments the applicant need to apply for work visa. Apply for Chile business visa from India through Sanctum and we will be helping you with the Chile business visa requirements, Chile business visa document checklist, application form filling, processing time, visa fees, validity and duration.

Chile Visa

Chile Visa Business | Work Requirements From India

  • Original Passport [Current and Previous if applicable].
  • Copy of All Bio-Data pages of Passport.
  • One Recent clicked photograph with white background and 80% face coverage. Aslo:
    The image size should be minimum 90 pixels wide x 120 pixels(jpg,gif,png) and should not exceed by 100 kb.
  • Financials:
    a) Personal Bank Statements for last 6 months with bank seal and signature.
    b) Personal ITR for last 3 years.
  • Proof of Occupation:
    a) Self Employed: Proof of ownership
    b) Employed: Salary slips for last 3 months.

Documents For Chile Visa from Inviter

  • Invitation Letter from Chilean host / Inviting Company on its letter head stating the applicant’s name and purpose of travel & duration of stay along with sponsorship details. The letter should be duly signed by the authorized signatory with his name & designation. Letter should be notarized from Chile.

Indian Sponsor’s document requirement for Chile Visa

  • Covering-letter from company on its letterhead stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number and purpose & duration of the visit. The letter should be duly signed by the authorized signatory with his name & designation. The letter should be addressed to “The Visa Officer, Embassy of the Republic of Chile”, New Delhi.

To know more about the Chile business visa, contact our consultants.

  • Original Work contract along with any of the following documents :
  • Obligations of the employer of retaining and depositing into government, the amount corresponding to income in relation to remuneration paid.
  • Employee’s social security system and obligation of paying social security and health contributions.
  • Employer’s commitment to pay the return ticket for the employee and dependants to country of origin once the respective contract has concluded.
  • If the work contract is signed only by the contracting party and once visa is approved it must be sent to the employee, prior to legalization at the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be signed before the Consulate of Chile, who will act as a Certifying Officer.

For more details on Chile Work Visa , contact Sanctum Consultants.

  • Our Consultants would help you with the Singapore business visa status on a periodic basis until the visa is issued. Real time tracking is not provided.

Chile Business Visa Processing Time

  • The Chile Embassy generally takes the decision within a time period of 8-12 calendar days. The processing time starts post the biometrics date. Also, individuals can apply for the visa within 3 months from the travel date. 

Chile Work Visa Processing Time

  • For Chile work visa processing time please contact our consultant.

Sanctum Consulting Chile Visa Process and Visa Services

Visa Services

  • Our consultants/vendors  will submit completed application form and documentation at Chile Application center.
  • Our consultants will provide all information on the documents to submit as per Chile visa requirement.
  • Sanctum consultants will provide all the required letter formats for the Chile visa.
  • Writing customized covering letters explaining why you wish to visit Chile and give further details on your trip.
  • Assistance on flight itinerary or a round trip flight reservation.
  • We’ll provide you with refundable/free cancellation/book now pay later hotel itinerary links for Chile visa application.
  • We pay the Visa Fee, VAC Fee, Courier and DD Charges at the respective counters and will submit the application.

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  • We aim to provide you with the best services to ensure that you qualify and apply in a manner that results in visa approval.
  • Creating a concise agenda is the first step toward having the visa approved and we will assist you prepare the agenda.
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How do I get a work visa for Chile?

  • You need to have a work permit from the Chile company to apply for the visa. The applicant has to arrange for the rest of the documents post receiving the work contract. Submit the documents, pay the visa fee and wait for the decision.

Can I work in Chile?

  • Indian nationals can work in Chile if they have a valid work visa.

How much is a Chile work visa?

  • The application fee for Chile work visa is about $ 50 per applicant. There shall be extra charges applicable, can contact our consultants for exact details.

How long does it take for a visitor visa to be approved?

  • The visa processing time taken by the Chile embassy is about 5-10 working days. Applicant is advised to apply for the visa at least 3 weeks in advance to avoid last moment rush.
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