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Canada Tourist Visa & Visitor Visa

World’s second biggest country, Canada has abundance of beautiful landscapes and distinctive sites for travelers to explore. From coast to coast, Canada is an abode of vibrant and unbelievable natural wonders, soaring mountains and sparkling glaciers that certainly will awake your inner explorer. An applicant must apply for Canada Tourist Visa or Temporary Resident Permit [TRV] visa if they intend to travel to Canada for a vacation, or if they have relatives in Canada including son or daughter, brother or sister, or close friends. To apply for Canada visa, one must have sufficient knowledge about the visa application process. Reach us to know how to apply for Canada tourist visa and where to pay the visa application fee.

Canada Tourist Visa - Tourist Places in Canada
Canada Visa - Tourist Places in Ontario

Canada Tourist Visa Checklist

To obtain the Canada tourist visa, the following documents are necessary and must be submitted at the Embassy. All the documents mentioned in the checklist are an integral part of the process, as it enables the Embassy to understand the personal circumstances of the applicant. The documents presented to the Embassy must precisely state the applicant’s purpose of applying Canada visa, tourist attractions list he/she has decided to visit, and personal financial circumstances. Most importantly, Canada visa application form must be correctly downloaded from the Embassy website and all the details must be filled according to the documents mentioned below:-

Applicants Documents for Canada Visa

  • Original Passport [Current and previous if applicable].

  • 3 Photographs 35–40 mm in width Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70–80% of the photograph in white background.

  • Financial statements.

  • Employment Proof and Pay Slips.

  • Income Tax Returns.

  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay.

  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.

  • NOC for Government Employees.

  • Retirement letter and pension related documents.

  • For applicants from business background need to carry company letter heads, registration document and seal

  • Marriage Certificate if married.

Inviter/Sponsor Documents for Canada Visa if Invited

  • Passport first, last and visa pages.

  • Resident permit card.

  • Invitation letter

  • Pay slips and bank statement if sponsoring.

  • 6 months Bank statements tilll date with sufficient fund

Our Services for Canada Tourist Visa

  • Filling Canada Visa Application Forms.

  • Customizing Canada Tourist Visa Checklist as per the applicant’s case.

  • Paying Canada tourist visa fees to the facilitation centre.

  • Providing letter formats if required

    • Cover Letter Draft ​
    • Invitation Letter Draft [If Invited]
  • Preparing the complete fixed day wise travel Itinerary.

  • We would suggest you on Fund maintenance.

  • Mock Interview preparation [If invited for interview].

  • Keeping the documents in order as per the checklist on receipt of all documents from client.

  • Following up with the Embassy if required.

  • We help you search for 100% refundable hotel booking links and provide flight itinerary for Visa purpose*

  • Customized day wise itinerary as per passengers travel Plan

  • PS. The Information provided in checklist is partial and we request the applicant to take case specific customized checklist from Sanctum Consulting Consultant.

    * Please contact our consultants for the same

Our Service Charges


INR2200+Taxes ... 1 Applicant


INR4400+Taxes ...For Couple


INR5940+Taxes ...3 Applicants


INR7920+Taxes ...4 Applicants


INR9900+Taxes ...5 Applicants

Additional Cost 

INR 1750/- For Each Applicant. Visa applicants, including children, are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable visa application fee, before applying for a nonimmigrant visa.

INR 450/- + taxes for each applicant

INR 300/- + taxes for each applicant

On Actuals [If services availed].  Travel insurance plan covers risks or losses that might occur during the trip. 

INR 90/- +taxes for each applicant

Frequently Asked Questions – Canada Visa

The visa you have used to enter the Canada would be automatically void and can no longer be used to enter the US. For more information contact our visa agents.

Basic documents related to your financials and employments are required principally apart from hotel bookings and flight reservations. To know about the document checklist for Canada visa, contact our visa agents.

Documentation including your financials, employment, identity cards is majorly needed for South Africa visa. For detailed information contact us.

It is advisable for people to apply for a visa much before the travel to avoid last minute hassles.

Funds requirement for single applicant should be 3 to 5 lakhs approximately and above. It is recommended to seek expert advice about the funds requirement prior to visa application as there are various factors which have to be considered before deciding the exact amount to be maintained. 

An Indian citizen has to apply for Canada Visa category and prove their ‘non-immigrant’ intent and desire to return to home country when done with the visit.

The applicant must submit a complete set of documents at the Visa Application Centre as per the Embassy requirement. Additional documents are only acknowledged if requested by the Consulate or Embassy.

An applicant is not required to book an appointment online for Canada visa. To know more about Canada visa process and how to schedule appointment, contact our consultants.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Canada



Behind the Niagara Falls, there are lower and water vintage points to visit. Tourists are reached there in elevators. A Cliffside park points Skylon Tower with an observation deck to glance the view.



Vancouver is the popular filming location surrounded by mountains, theatres, Art and Music centers. The attractions include: Playgrounds, pools, beaches, aquarium, ethnic centers, Granville island, shops, bars, Public market, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Ski and snowboard destination spot- Grouse Mountain.



During summer, International Jazz festival and Just for Laughs are the major events in Montreal. The extended botanical garden presents regional gardens and greenhouses.



Undoubtedly, Whistler can be your landing place during winter. This is the most popular place for ski resorts. Tobogganing and Snowshoeing are the electrifying activities offered. Lose yourself in having the best time at the town’s dynamic culture by visiting the art museums and cultural centers. Alta Bistro is a place for delicious dining.