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canada express entry

Canada Express Entry

Canada Immigration process has been made online with the evolution of technology so as to increase the process time of the application.  To start the application you have to create your Canada Express Entry profile and in that you must complete an online application form with all your basic information. This form includes details about your age, skills, language and educational qualification. Read more to know about Canada express entry points and Canada express entry draw. There are 2 federal programs under which one can apply for Canada PR under Express entry category:-

  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Candidates who meet the requisites of the federal programs mentioned above are added into a pool of candidates. The candidates who rank the best and highest in the pool are invited to apply for a permanent residence visa on monthly draws held.

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Eligibility Criteria for Canada Express Entry

  • A candidate must provide the language test result
  • Overseas candidates are required to get their Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) done from Canadian education Assessing body.

  • Applicant needs to submit an online in Express entry profile and know about Canada express entry points
  • A candidate needs to score minimum 67 points based on the factors like age, education, language proficiency 
  • A candidate must provide the health and character certifications once the candidate received an ITA (invitation to apply) for Canada PR.

Benefits of Canada PR

  • Right of to live in Canada indefinitely
  • Sponsor eligible family members
  • Apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Freedom to work anywhere in Canada
  • Avail free education
  • Social Security services and benefits
  • Protection under Canadian Law

Sanctum Consulting Process for Canada Immigration

  • Creating a Job Seeker Account for the Job Bank.
  • Creating your Customized Online EXPRESS ENTRY Profile.
  • Assistance in getting the Educational Credential Assessment [ECA] done. 

  • Assistance in booking slot for IELTS.
  • Customizing your Resume according to Canadian Labor market demand **.
  • Marketing resume with most of the companies in Canada relevant to your profile to optimize your chances of increasing the points **.
  • Writing Explanation to CIO Authorities on the Services beneficial for your family.
  • Sanctum Consulting can assist you in filling Application Forms.
  • Helping with contents on Work Role Declaration.
  • No agreement signed and taken from the customer. We are transparent on what we say, perform, accomplish and support. The service commitments of Sanctum Consulting for Canada Immigration program are written in the Invoice.

  • Sanctum Consulting provides support to their clients for answering all kind of queries from CIO/CIC after the application is lodged.
  • Post Landing Services
  • Keeping a track on the applicants profile and updating the same as and when required.
  • For the registered clients of Canada Express Entry program Sanctum Consulting can review the client’s rank after every draw and update the same to the client.

**Marketing your resume to more than 1500 + companies with customized cover letter for most of the companies

  1. We have a database of IT, Engineering and Financial companies where we are currently marketing the profile of all Sanctum Consulting Registered applicants. Other Domain Candidates Resumes are marketed on skill basis.

Marketing your Resume to all the registered employers in the Job-Bank

Frequently Asked Questions – Canada Immigration

Express Entry is the point based system which has been designed by Canadian Immigration authorities in a way to make the election process of skilled workers smoother and faster for Permanent Residence.

Comprehensive ranking system or CRS is the online ranking system of CIC to shortlist potential skilled workers for invitation to apply for Canadian PR based on factors such as age, education, work and language proficiency. Contact us to know more about Canada express entry points.

The Express Entry profile is generally valid for 1 year.

There is no charge for creating Express Entry profile.

ITA is Invitation to Apply for PR issued by CIC [Citizenship and Immigration Canada] when they choose an applicant’s Express Entry profile for PR application.

Yes it is mandatory to get your Educational Credential Evaluation [ECA] completed for Canada Immigration.

Yes you can make an application for Canada PR without any employment offer.

Job Bank offers an opportunity to employers in Canada and foreign based skilled workers, to develop a connection with one another. After the submission of profile in Express Entry pool, one can get an access to the official Job bank of Canada.