Belgium Visa

Business | Work

Indians need to apply for a Belgium business visa if traveling on a Business trip to Belgium for less than 90 days. For more than 90 days applicants need to apply for work visa. An applicant is eligible for a Business or work visa if his/her purpose of visiting Belgium is any of the following.

  • Individuals coming to Belgium to purchase/sell products or consumer durable.
  • Applicants coming for the technical/management meeting/discussions for providing business support.
  • Owners who are partners in the business.
  • People coming to attend exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.
  • Clients who come to transact business with supplier in Belgium.
  • Indian trainees of companies coming for in-house training in the hubs of the concerned company located in Belgium.
  • Short/Long Term Employment.
Business Visa

Contact us to gather more information about Belgium visa requirements and application process. Our consultants will help you with visa guidelines and customize the document list as per the case. We can help you reduce any delays due to incorrect submission of documents at the center. We recommended you to apply for the visa as early as you can, but not earlier than 3 months prior to your trip. One needs to submit the below mentioned basic documents before initiating the process.

Belgium Visa Business | Work Requirements From India

  • Original Passport [Current and Previous if applicable].
  • Copy of All Bio-Data pages of Passport.
  • The Photograph must be 35 mm wide and 45 mm high. Face zoom of 70-80% is required, in a white background.
  • A travel medical insurance copy of the policy is required for applying for the visa. The coverage should be not less than 30,000 Euros.
  • Employment/Business related documents.
  • Financial Documents.

Documents For Belgium Visa from Inviter

  • Invitation letter from the Belgium Company stating the exact purpose and period of the visit, duly signed with signatory’s name and designation.

Sponsor’s document requirement for Belgium Visa

  • Confirmation letter from the company in India explaining the purpose and duration of the journey and the guarantee to cover all costs that may arise during the stay in Belgium.

To know more about the Belgium business visa, contact our consultants.

  • Original work permit/training permit obtained by the Belgium-based employer, or his representative, from the regional employment service which covers the employer’s place of business (VDAB, FOREM, or ORBEM). If the applicant is exempt from the work permit/training permit the relevant certificate should be provided.

For more details on Belgium Work Visa, contact Sanctum Consultants.

  • Contact Sanctum Consultant for appointment scheduling. Please click on the WhatsApp icon to request for Belgium Visa appointment scheduling. [ PS. Appointment booking is a paid service].

Belgium Business Visa

  • Valid for a duration of up to 90 days in a 180 day period. However, the applicant can ask for a multiple entry business visas, if you require to travel to multiple Schengen countries. The minimum validity of the visa is decided by the Embassy. 

Belgium Work Visa

  • Belgium’s work visa validity is based on the contract duration.
  • You can track the Belgium business visa and work visa status, with the help of the reference number. To clarify, the applicant gets a reference number once he/she submits the application. Consequently, the applicant gets the updates over the emails and phone SMS.

Belgium Business Visa Processing Time

  • The Belgium Embassy generally takes the decision within a time period of 15 calendar days. The processing time starts, post the biometrics date. Also, individuals can apply for the visa within 3 months from the travel date. 

Belgium Work Visa Processing Time

  • For Belgium work visa processing time please contact our consultant.

Sanctum Consulting Belgium Visa Process and Visa Services

Visa Services

  • Our Consultants would keep the completed application form and documentation set ready for the Belgium visa.
  • We book Belgium visa appointment at Visa centers.
  • Our consultants will provide all information on the documents to submit as per the Belgium visa requirement.
  • Sanctum consultants will provide all the required letter formats for the visa.
  • Writing customized covering letters explaining why you wish to visit Belgium and give further details on your trip.
  • Assistance on flight itinerary or a round trip flight reservation.
  • We’ll provide you with refundable/free cancellation/book now pay later hotel itinerary links for the Schengen visa application.
  • Assist in visa fee payments (Online).

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  • We aim to provide you with the best services to ensure that you qualify and apply in a manner that results in visa approval.
  • Creating a concise agenda is the first step toward having the visa approved and we will assist you to prepare the agenda.
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Frequently asked questions

How long my passport should be valid in order to apply for a business visa to Belgium?

  • One must possess a passport with a validity date of at least six months to travel to Belgium.

Do I need to reapply a Business visa for Belgium if the visa is damaged?

  • The applicant is required to reapply for a fresh visa if the visa has been damaged.

What is the processing time for a business visa to Belgium?

  • The processing time for Belgium visa is approximately 7-13 working days.

What are the mandatory documents for this visa category?

  • Documents related to your employment, finances, and travel are mostly required for the visa processing. Contact our Sanctum consultants to know more about the Belgium visa checklist.

Is there a timeframe after the refusal that the applicant must reapply?

  • You can reapply any time if your application has been refused earlier. There is no time gap to be observed after a Refusal to make again a fresh application. However, we recommended that you meet the reasons for the earlier Refusal before submitting a new application. Contact our consultants for expert advice.

Can the application be processed in a day at the Belgium Visa Application Centre?

  • No, You need prior approval from the Embassy for the same.

What can you do with a Belgium Business visa?

  • On approval from the Belgian Consulate, you will receive your visa via courier to your doorstep or you will have to pick it up from the embassy/VAC. The visa comes in the form of a sticker in your passport. Few key points, you need to keep in the notice, once you collect your business visa –
  • The details on the visa sticker are correct.
  • Check the visa expiry date and number of entries.
  • During your stay in Belgium, you should not exceed your length of stay.
  • The business visa is only for purposes related to business in Belgium.
  • Always carry a copy of your passport and visa while traveling.
  • If you are granted multiple entry visas, you are free to travel to other Schengen countries for business purposes with this visa.

Extension of Belgium visa

  • Under normal circumstances, the visa extension will most likely be denied. However, in certain cases when the applicant has strong reasons such as a late entry, humanitarian reasons, and important medical reasons, your request may be approved. You can apply for the extension at the visa issuing authority in Belgium.

What are the funds required for a single applicant?

  • Funds required for a single applicant should be INR 2 lakhs approximately and above. However, it is recommended to seek expert advice about the fund’s requirement prior to the visa application. There are various factors that have to be considered before deciding the exact amount to be maintained. Moreover, the fund requirement changes when the Company would be sponsoring the trip.

Does somebody need to pay a fee to get an appointment or obtain visa application forms?

  • The application forms, information material, and the arrangement of an appointment are free of charge. Contact our visa agents for guidance and more information.

Will Visa fees be refunded if my visa is refused?

  • The Visa fee is non – refundable. Withdrawal of application or rejection of the same does not imply that the fee shall be refunded. Get in touch with our visa consultants to avail more information about Belgium business visa process.

How many countries can one person travel with this visa?

  • A person can travel to all 25 Schengen countries with a valid Schengen visa for Belgium. Moreover, the  Schengen visa allows barrier-free travel between all its member states, which is a blessing for travelers. However, the Belgium Visa Application Center accepts the Schengen Visa applications only if your stay is maximum in Belgium. Moreover, if the duration of the stay is the same in the several Schengen States, then Belgium must be the first point of entry. Contact our consultants to gather more information about our Belgium visa services.

How to check Belgium visa application status?

  • Post applying for a Belgium visa, you can reach our consultants and they will assist you.

Who issues Visas for Belgium in India?

  • In India, The Embassy of Belgium in New Delhi and The Consulate General of Belgium in Mumbai issues the Belgium visa.

Belgium visa photo requirements?

  • Dimensions:  35 mm X 45 mm
  • Color: Coloured with 75-80% face coverage.
  • It should be captured in the last 2 months.
  • Background: Solid, plain white with a matte/gloss finish.
  • Neutral facial expression.
  • Glasses: Prescription glasses are permitted
  • Headgears are allowed only for religious reasons.
  • Facial hair is permitted.

Is it possible to convert Belgium business visa to another visa?

  • It is legally not allowed to convert Belgium business visa to other visas. We recommend you to apply for other category visa post expiry of your existing visa from your home country.

Eligibility criteria for Belgium business visa from India?

  • You have to be a citizen of India or should be on long term work or student permit.
  • The applicant needs to have a legal business purpose for the visit.
  • You need to have a valid passport valid with 6 months validity.

How do I get a work visa for Belgium?

  • An individual applying for a D visa – Belgium work visa is required to have a work permit letter from a registered company in Belgium. Secondly, the applicant can arrange the rest of the documents like the finances, his employment certificates, educational certificates, and fill the form. Post that he/she can book an appointment at the consulate to attend the interview and submit the documents.

How long does it take to get a work visa for Belgium?

  • Generally, t takes 15 working days for the Belgium work visa processing. Anyhow the applicant is clearly advised to apply for the visa at least before 3-4 weeks to avoid the last moment rush.

Is the bank statement required to be submitted for a work visa?

  • Yes, financial statements are one of the important requirements for work visa processing. To know the details of the funds to be shown, contact our visa agents.

What is the cost of the visa fee for a Belgium work visa?

  • The cost of the Belgium work visa fee is 185 EUR per individual. There would be additional fees applicable.

What are the interview questions for the Belgium work permit visa?

  • Mostly the questions would be related to your occupation and qualification and your ties in your home country. Our consultants will anyways be assisting you with the interview preparation.