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Brazil Tourist visa or visitor visa is basically applied by the people who intend to travel to Brazil on personal vacations or leisure trips. For vacations or for exploring the tourist places of the country, applicants need to apply under the Brazil tourist visa category. The Brazil visit visa category is for people who want to travel to meet their family members or friends living in that nation. This country is a combination of leisure and adventure. Places like the Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Foz do Iguacu stand as the major attractions of Brazil. Apply for India to Brazil visa, Brazil visa status, tourist visa to Brazil, Brazil tourist visa cost, visit visa to Brazil, Brazil visa checklist, Brazil visa requirements.

Brazil Visa Requirements

  •  Original Passport [Current and Previous if applicable].
  • Copy of All Bio-Data pages of Passport.
  • 3 Photographs 35mm wide –45 mm high. Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70–80% of the photograph in white background.
  • Proof of Stay or hotel bookings covering the whole duration of the intended stay.
  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.
  • Based on your occupational status, you will need to submit employment or business-related documents.
  • Financials:
    • Original Bank Statement for the last three months to date mentioning the applicant’s name with seal and signature of the bank.
    • Personal ITR for the last three years.
    • Salary Slips for the last three months.
    • Minimum Balance should be Required 1 Lakh.
  • An applicant under 18 traveling alone: A notarized Consent letter to be duly signed by parents or guardians along with the proof of guardianship.
  • Medical: Applicant has to carry Original YFC (Yellow Fever Certificate) at the time of travel.
  • Please Note:
    • The yellow fever certificate has to be issued a minimum of 10 days prior to the travel only from WHO recognized hospitals.
    • The embassy may ask for any additional documents.
    • Minor’s applicants have to submit a copy of the consent form is mandatory along with documents also verify the Form from the notary public.

PS. Please contact our consultants for further details on Brazil Tourist Visa.

  • In case of Visit: An original notarized invitation letter from the invitee along with his passport & visa copy and the copy of RNE (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros).

Sanctum Consulting Brazil Visa Process and Services

  • We will submit the completed and processed application to the embassy.
  • Sanctum agents will provide all information on the documents to submit as per Brazil visa requirement.
  • We will provide all the required letter formats for the visa.
  • We’ll provide you with refundable/free cancellation/book now pay later hotel itinerary links for Brazil visa application.
  • Same day courier*.
  • The Brazil Embassy generally takes the decision within a time period of 7-10 business days. The processing time starts, post the documents submitted at the respective embassy. Also, individuals can apply for the visa within 60 days from the travel date. 
  • Sanctum Processing time would be 8-12 business days.
  • We aim to provide you with the best services to ensure that you qualify and apply in a manner that results in visa approval.
  • We understand that every case is different; so we treat each case individually.
  • Same day issuance of travel insurance on actual policy cost.
  • Save Time & Effort at a minimal cost.
  • Periodic Visa Updates.
  • Your documents are safe, secure, confidential and our process is transparent!
  • Collect all essential documents and submit them at the embassy*.
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Is a visa required to go to Brazil?

  • As an Indian citizen, I would need a visa to travel to Brazil. The category of the visa can be decided based on the reason for the travel.

What is the tourist visa fee for Brazil?

  • The visa fee is about INR 6000 per individual for the Brazil tourist visa. Additional costs would be there, for courier and convenience fees. Contact our consultants for these details.

Does Indian need to pay the visa fee for Brazil?

  • Yes, Indian citizens need to pay the visa fee for applying for the Brazil visa.

How long is a Brazil tourist valid for?

  • The Brazil visa is valid for 90 days minimum and the maximum validity is given for 10 years. The applicant can plan the travel according to visa validity.

In what way will I get a visa for Brazil?

  • The applicant has the collect all the documents as per the checklist. Then send the documents to the embassy for submission, make the payment of the visa. Post that waits for the decision of the embassy.

Do I need a passport to Brazil?

  • Yes, it is mandatory for applying visa to any country not only Brazil.

How long can I stay in Brazil with an Indian passport?

  • The Indian citizens generally get validity of a maximum of 90 days for the Brazil tourist visa or visit visa. The minimum validity is decided by the embassy.