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Bangladesh business visa is for the individuals who are planning to travel to Bangladesh for prospective business conferences, meetings, contract closures, sales promotions. Bangladesh business visa is issued to individuals for a limited duration of stay for beheading their business agenda. The Bangladesh work visa is issued to individuals who are willing to work in Bangladesh and have valid work permit. The applicants are required to complete their business activity within the given validity and have to return to their home country before the visa expires. Read the below-provided information for the awareness of the process. For more details on India to Bangladesh visa, Bangladesh visa online, Bangladesh visa application, Bangladesh tourist visa, Bangladesh visit visa, Contact Sanctum.

Business Visa

Bangladesh Visa Business | Work Requirements From India

  • Passport: Original Passport with the validity of a minimum of six months and a minimum of two blank pages for visa stamping.
    Please Note: Attach all old passports (if any).
  • Bangladesh Visa Application Form
  • Photo Specification: Two recent passport size photographs with matt or semi-matt finish, 60%-80% face coverage, white background, and without border (Size: 37mmX37mm).
    Please note: Photographs should not be more than three months old, scanned/ stapled, and should not be used in any of the previous visas.

Documents For France Visa from Inviter

  • Invitation Letter from Bangladesh host/ inviting Company on its letterhead stating the applicant’s name, designation, and purpose & duration of the visit. The letter should be duly signed by the authorized signatory with his name & designation and directly faxed (022-66574327) or E-mailed ( to the Deputy High Commission by addressing to – The Visa Officer, Deputy High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mumbai.

Employer’s Documents for Bangladesh Visa

  • Covering-Letter from a company on its letterhead stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, and purpose & duration of the visit. The letter should be duly signed by the authorized signatory with his name and designation and addressed to – The Visa Officer, Deputy High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mumbai.
  • Recommendation letter of the company is required from a recognized Chamber of commerce,

Employee Documents for Bangladesh Visa

  • Company ID card copy of employee.
  • Visiting Card
  • Self Employed: Company Registration (Certificate of Incorporation) or Ownership proof.

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  • Invitation Letter: An invitation letter from inviting Company along with an appointment letter stating the applicant’s name, designation, salary, and accommodation details. The letter should be duly signed by the authorized signatory with his name & designation.
  • Board of Investment: Copy of Approval from BOI (Board of Investment) should be directly faxed (022-66574327) to the consulate & one copy of the same has to be submitted along with the visa application.
  • Certificates: Highest Educational degree has to be Notarized and duly attested by the Ministry of External Affairs followed by Bangladesh Consulate.

For more information on Bangladesh’s work visa, contact Sanctum Consultants.

  • Our Consultants would help you with the Bangladesh business visa status on a periodic basis until the visa is issued. Real-time tracking is not provided.

Bangladesh Business Visa Processing Time

  • Visa processing time will be minimum 7-8 working days, excluding day of submission, weekends and public holiday. It advised to submit the visa application at least 2 weeks prior to the travel date.
  • The Deputy High Commission may ask for any additional documents during the course of the process.
  • Note: Mumbai issue passport Holders are mandatory to make a presence at Bangladesh consulate for personal submission or on his behalf, only company employee can submit the application.

Sanctum Consulting Bangladesh Visa Process and Visa Services

Visa Services

  • Our consultants/vendors will submit the completed application form and documentation at the Bangladesh Embassy.
  • Our consultants will provide all information on the documents to submit as per the Bangladesh visa requirement.
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  • Writing customized covering letters explaining why you wish to visit Bangladesh and give further details on your trip.
  • Assistance on flight itinerary or a round trip flight reservation.
  • We’ll provide you with refundable/free cancellation/book now pay later hotel itinerary links for Bangladesh visa application.
  • We pay the Visa Fee, VAC Fee, Courier, and DD Charges at the respective counters and will submit the application.

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How do I get a visa for Bangladesh?

  • You need to gather all documents, fill the application form online, and submit the documents at the consulate. The invitation letter is the foremost documents you should be having in place.

Is it required that I apply for a visa to Bangladesh?

  • Yes, if you are a citizen of a country other than Bangladesh, having a source of income, and wanted to travel to Bangladesh, then one has to apply for the visa.

What is the visa fee for Bangladesh?

  • There is no visa fee, you need to pay the service fee during the time of submission of your documents.

How long does it take to get a Bangladesh visa?

  • The visa processing time for Bangladesh is 5-6 working days from the date of submission of the documents at the embassy.

Is Bangladesh visa-free for Indian citizens?

  • No, it is not visa-free for Indians. Indian Nationals has to pay the application fee to obtain the Bangladesh visa.

If I don’t have a passport, Can I travel to Bangladesh from India?

  • You being an Indian citizen, it is not possible for an individual to travel to any country without a passport.

Can Indian citizens get visas on arrival in Bangladesh?

  • No, there is no on arrival visa facility for Indians to travel to Bangladesh. It is not even an e-visa. The applicant has to apply through the consulate and get the visa stamped in the passport.

What is the validity of a Bangladesh visa?

  • The length of the validity mostly depends on the embassy to decide. But then, the embassy generally issues the visa for a period of 3 months from the date of issuance.

After I get the Bangladesh application form, what is the next I should take?

  • You need to fill the application form online and submit it, and then need to send the documents to the Consulate for the processing.

Vaccinations requirements to travel to Bangladesh?

  • The medical/vaccination certificate is not required for Bangladesh visa processing.

What is the procedure to apply for a work visa to Bangladesh?

  • The process is simple. One needs to gather the documents as per the checklist and send them to the embassy for submission. The embassy fee has to be paid at the time of submission.

How much is a work visa for Bangladesh?

  • There is no visa fee for the Bangladesh work visa, the visa convenience fee has to be paid. Contact our process team for the details of the price.

Do Indian citizens need a work visa for Bangladesh?

  • Yes, Indian citizen needs to apply for the Bangladesh work visa to work there. The applicant has to provide a copy of approval from the Board of Investment from Bangladesh for applying for the visa.

What is the processing time for the Bangladesh work visa application?

  • The embassy might take 2-3 weeks for the processing of a work visa application to Bangladesh. The applicant is advised to apply for the visa 3 weeks prior to the travel date.
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