An Ultimate Guide to Get Italy Schengen Visa for Indian Nationals

Italy is the most fascinating of the European tourist hubs with gorgeous sights and mesmerizing destinations you can experience in a lifetime. The sheer scope to explore the Italian travel spectacles and fashion shoots off enough reasons to plan a trip here. All you need is an Italy tourist visa to get the ball rolling for an enchanting vacation. The country is ideally brimming with Roman relics and architectural gems all over. A perfect place not only for history buffs but also nature lovers, Italy features some of the best lakeside villages, canals, and scenic mountains. Applying for an Italy visa or Schengen visa can take you closer to your dream Italian holiday.

Italy Schengen visa information

Italy is speckled with fairy-tale villages, dramatic coastlines, meandering roads, and many such attractions to be devoured in wonder. True heaven adorned by amazing beauty and landscapes, Italy never ceases to amaze its visitors. No wonder it has earned the perfect nickname Bel Paese (beautiful country). Hallucinating your time in Italy in the Venetian canals and the historical hubs? Pack your bag for a utopic Italian jaunt. Get your Italy tourist visa by gaining the right know-how for the visa application. Here we have got a scoop on how to apply for an Italy Schengen Visa and what is the list of documents required to complete the Italy visa application process.

What is Italy Visa or Schengen Visa?

Italy visa or Schengen visa is granted to individual planning for a pleasure trip to the country or visit friends and family members staying there. People traveling strictly for tourism must select tourist category while applying for the visa. Travelers intending to visit their relatives must choose visit as their visa category during the application process. Italy tourist visa is commonly referred to as Schengen short stay visa categorized under Type C. The Schengen short-stay visas can be issued by the Italian Embassy in India for a maximum span of 90 days.

Italy Visa Document Requirements

Assuming that you have an idea about the Italy Schengen visa, here we will present a short guide to the list of documents required for Italy visa application. Schengen visa documents are especially known for its complexities. Spare sufficient time to collect the documents and verify them thoroughly. We will quickly run through the documents requirements in this section before moving on to the visa process.

  • Current Passport with a validity of minimum 6 months along with all previous passports if any
  • 3 Photographs 35–45 mm in width, 70–80% of the face visible in white background
  • Overseas travel medical insurance valid for all Schengen-countries. The insurance has to cover travel period + 2 additional days with coverage of Euros 30000 inclusive of a repatriation clause. Minimum 10 days insurance is mandatory from the travel date.
  • Pay stubs for the last 3 months
  • Original leave approval letter on company letterhead authenticated by the HR with stamp and signature
  • Tax statements for the last 3 years
  • Original bank statement for 3 months with stamp and signature. The statement must be provided in A4 size
  • Accommodation proof covering the whole duration of the intended stay
  • Return flight ticket itinerary
  • Marriage Certificate copy if married
  • In case of Minor traveling with anyone parent or with a third party: Affidavit from the parent/s stating that he/she has no objection to the travel of the minor. The affidavit has to be notarized and legalized by the competent Home Department of the State of Residence. The parent/s resident in Italy can make a similar self-declaration with a copy of his/her stay permit and passport.
  • In case of invitation and sponsorship: Invitation letter from Italy (Lettera d’invito) accompanied by a copy of identification along with Passport first, last and visa pages and resident permit card copy. 

Book the Italy Visa Appointment

The moment you decide to apply for an Italy visa, plan to schedule an appointment on the visa facilitation center website. The Italy visa facilitation center handles the submission of Italy visa application lodgement from applicants and collected biometrics. After collecting the documents they send the applications to the Italy Consulate in India for processing the visa. Create an online account with your email ID. After the registration enter your personal details like name, date of birth, passport details and look for slot availability. Book an appointment as per your convenience and generate the appointment confirmation page. Carry the appointment confirmation page to the Italy visa facilitation center on the date of submission. Without the slip, you will not be allowed to enter the center for document submission.

Completing the Italy Visa Documentation

Gather the documents following the official document checklist. Fill up the Italy visa application form with right details and review it thoroughly. Do not forget to sign and put the current date on the application form. Draft a comprehensive covering letter with ample description of the purpose of your travel to Italy, the travel dates, financials etc. Organize all the documents together in order and keep in in a folder ready for submission.

Submitting the Documents and Biometrics

As you reach the submission ate, prepare yourself to lodge the Italy visa application at the center. The agents at the center will call you around your scheduled time and verify your documents. If you have any documents missing according to the checklist your application will not be accepted. If everything is fine your documents will be accepted and you will be asked to provide your biometric data. Next, proceed to clear the visa fee payment at the counter. Collect the receipt of the payment. The receipt is very crucial as it carries your application tracking number.

Italy Tourist Visa – Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to apply for Italy tourist visa holding Indian passport?

Indian passport holders must apply for an Italy visa to gain entry to the country for tourism legally.

How long does it take to get Italy visa?

Italy visa process time at the Italy Consulate in Indian ranges from 12 to 15 working days in general. Certain situations like an in-person interview or additional document requirements form the Embassy delays the processing time for the visa approval.

How can I check my Italy Schengen visa status?

You can check the Italy visa status online on the facilitation center website. Enter the tracking number provided on the visa fee payment receipt on the tracking page. Put your DOB along with that and get the status update online.

How much is Italy tourist visa fee?

The Italy visa fee for a single applicant is INR. 4970/-. Applicants between the age 6 to 12 years must pay a visa fee of INR. 2900/-

Do I need a return flight ticket to apply for Italy visa?

You must provide a return flight itinerary to apply for an Italy visa. Without a return flight ticket, your application may be refused on the grounds of the potential immigrant clause.

How long can I stay in Italy on a Schengen Type C visa?

You can stay in Italy on a Schengen Type C visa for the duration of maximum of 3 months if the Embassy grants the visa for the complete 90 days. In most cases, the Embassy issues the visa according to the entry and exit date of your travel to Italy or other Schengen nations.