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About Sanctum

Sanctum Business Consulting is a Visa and Immigration company based in Hyderabad that loves to learn, discuss and create new pathways for going abroad. We believe in simplifying documentation and their ability to simplify communications between the client and embassy. We engage and inspire people to Travel everywhere.We are one of the reliable, proficient, trustworthy, and distinctive visa and immigration consultants in India, striving to provide the best visa services according to our clients’ goals to travel or migrate to their dream country. 

We’re excited to start a visual or a telephonic dialogue, learn about you, and make travel beautiful for you. Visit India’s Best Visa and Immigration Consulting Company which caters to both B2B and B2C. Established in 2008 have served over 20,000+ happy customers. We also partner with Licensed IATA travel agents. We have dedicated team of qualified visa agents, with knowledge in visa and Immigration domain, keen on capitalizing our experience and energy into creating new prospects for travelers intending to travel abroad for tourism or visiting family members and working professionals planning for immigration in lookout for overseas career opportunities.  

Catering to the various requirements of individuals, professionals, and companies, Sanctum Business Consulting Pvt Ltd is a one-stop solution for different types of visa and immigration guidance. Our efficiency and specialization in processing successful visa and immigration applications has made us one of the most preferred immigration consultants in various states in India such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and many more. As part of our visa services, we provide personal one-on-one counseling to about 400+ individual inquiries every month for Tourist or Visitor Visa, Immigration, Business Visa, Dependent Visa and Work visas.

Why Sanctum?

Do it Once, Do it Right! If you wish to Settle or Work Abroad or Apply for Visa in the least possible time for the least possible expense, it is crucial to present the best possible case in the first time. The best way to present the best case possible is having an experienced Adviser represent your case.


Our Visa Services 

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Tourist Visa – Tourist visa is an official government document that allows travellers to be in the country for a specific duration for tourism and leisure temporarily. A foreign national travelling abroad for tourism requires tourist visa.

Visit Visa – Visitor visa grants a formal consent to visit your friends, family members and relatives, or any other known person who is residing in another country for a restricted time period. An official invitation letter from recognised authorities is required from the inviter who plans to invite family members and friends from India.

Business Visa – Business visa grants an individual an authorized consent to visit a country with a specific business agenda for a limited duration. Business visa allows a person to attend business meetings with clients in another country, to participate in conferences or Expos etc.

Immigration – Immigration Programs enable a potential skilled worker migrate to another country by applying Permanent Residence visa based on their skill set and capabilities to settle in a country of their choice permanently.A permanent Residence holder is entitled to enjoy similar benefits to that of a citizen and can eventually apply for citizenship after a certain period of stay and work in that country of residence.

Work Visa – Enables a foreign worker to work for a particular employer in another country temporarily on work permit visa. The employer is expected to work in a speciality occupation for which efficient workers are not available locally.

Partner Visa – Allows married partners / spouses of a person to migrate to the country where there partners are presently working or settled.

Sports Visa – Designed for sports person to participate and compete in sports events at a high level.