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-Nigeria Visa-


Nigeria Tourist Visa & Visitor Visa

Nigeria Tourist or Visitor visa allows an applicant to travel to the country for tourism and leisure or to visit relatives and family member settled in Nigeria for a stipulated time period. The country has become an untapped tourism delight with long expanses of exotic beaches, breathtaking sights, exciting landscapes, well preserved tradition and culture.

Salzburg Festival in Austria

Nigeria Visa Document Checklist

Applicants Documents for Nigeria Visa 
  • Original Passport [Current and previous if applicable].

  • 3 Photographs 35–45 mm in width Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 60–80% of the photograph in white background.

  • Original Yellow Fever Certificate.

  • Financial statements.

  • Employment Proof and Pay Slips.

  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay.

  • Flight reservation of return or round ticket.

  • For applicants from business background need to carry company letter heads, registration document and seal

Inviter/Sponsor Documents for Nigeria Visa if Invited

  • Passport first, last and visa pages.

  • Pay slips and bank statement if sponsoring.

Our Services for Nigeria Visa
  • Filling Nigeria Visa Application Forms.

  • Customizing Document Checklist as per the applicant’s case.

  • Providing letter formats if required

    • Cover Letter Draft ​
    • Invitation Letter Draft [If Invited]
  • Preparing the complete fixed day wise travel Itinerary.

  • We would suggest you on Fund maintenance.

  • We would suggest you on sponsorship and documents related to that.

  • Mock Interview preparation [If invited for interview].

  • Keeping the documents in order as per the checklist on receipt of all documents from client.

  • Following up with the Embassy if required.

Our Service fee:


Additional Paid Services for each applicant

  • We help you search for 100% refundable hotel booking links for Visa purpose* : INR-250 .

  • We can provide flight itinerary for Visa purpose* : INR-250.

  • Customized day wise itinerary as per passengers travel Plan : INR 300.

  • PS. The Information provided in checklist is partial and we request the applicant to take case specific customized checklist from Sanctum Consulting Consultant.

    * Please contact our consultants for the same

Frequently Asked Questions – Nigeria Visa

Generally Nigeria visa is granted for limited duration. It depends on the request made by the applicant in the application form and cover letter. The final decision of visa validity is taken by the Embassy.

It solely depends on the purpose of a person’s visit to Nigeria.

Applicants are advised to lodge their application as early as possible prior to their intended date of travel. 

The average process time for Nigeria visa is 15 to 30 working days. If the applicant is asked for medicals by the Embassy then the time taken for visa processing is generally higher.

Applicants are not required to take prior appointments for documents submission.

Documentation including your financials, employment, identity cards are majorly needed for Nigeria visa. For detailed information contact us.